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Forum I live in sports

On September 16, in the Gostiny Dvor (at Moscow, Ilyinka St., 4), the exhibition “Sports. Turism. Business” and the forum “live sports” will open. The events will be held at a time in offline and online format.

On September 16, the conference “Golf in Russia: programs, projects, persons” is planned in the business program of the forum and the exhibition.

The golf conference will be held in the amphitheater of the Gostiny Dvor in offline format from 11:00 to 13:00.

Gathering guests from 10:30.

Golf is not only a sport, but also a cultural environment, with many projects, programs and involved in the work and development of the industry. Marketing, sponsorship, project management and much more will be discussed by the conference speakers. A separate conference block will affect a new promising direction-golf tourism, which is developed by: the Criminal Code of the Criminal Code of Golf Estit and the team of the Golf in Russia project.

Let's talk about golf together! See you in Gostiny Dvor on September 16!

Golf in Russia: programs, projects, persons
Conference program

Gathering guests 10: 30-11: 00
Golf session 11: 00-13: 00

Welcome word of the Director of the Association of Golf of Russia Alexander Viktorovich Kochetkov

Moderator-Olga Valova, press secretary of the Russian Golf Association (AGR)

Block 1. Russian. Olympic. Your.
Duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: Olga Valova, AGR press secretary
Topic: Golf in Russia – program statistics, coverage, potential tsaria

Speaker: Ivashin Igor, senior coach of the Russian national team in golf
Topic: Olympic golf: Rio-2016, the potential of the national team

Speaker: Chebin Valery, senior coach of the national team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, vice president of the National Student Sports League Golf
Topic: Student golf: The program we were waiting for!

Block 2. Golf promotion: before and after.
Duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: Olga Ivanova, PR-agent of the participant Rio-2016
Topic: Olympic record. Work with brands before and after games.

Speaker: Berendeeva Tatyana, curator of the YouTube channel Rusgolf, director of films about golf
Topic: The role of cinema in the development of sports

Speaker: Olga Filipenkova, Director of Strategic Development of the Krasnaya Polyana resort. Topic: Winter golf in the mountains

Speaker: Evgeny Svechnikov, Director
Topic: The future of special projects in Russian golf

Block 3. Discussion. Golf tourism is a new vector of sports.
Duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: Julia Shishenkova, Head of Work with Partners of the ANO Project International Golf Tourism Center
Topic: Golf as a new type of entry and domestic tourism. Golf and tourism partners, increase the average check of trips

Speaker: Alexander Slesarev, commercial director of the golf club Peterhof, St. Petersburg
Topic: International standards for taking golf tourists on the spot. Mais-capacity golf clubs