Notifications on Mi Band 4, 5 do not come: the notification service is not available

If notifications do not come to Mi Band 4.5, you need to check a few points. If the notifications came earlier and stopped, the reason can lie not only in the settings.

Why do not come or stop coming notifications to Mi Band 4?

Users of fitness bracelets often face a situation where notifications on Mi Band 4 do not come. The reason may be the last update, incorrect settings, physical removal of the device from a smartphone and other points. Below we consider how to act in such a situation, and how to correctly configure the notification on Mi Band 4 for their proper operation.

Why an error occurs, and how to fix it

At the interests forums, the owners of fitness scraps often ask the question of why notifications on Mi Band 4 ceased to come. This problem often manifests itself after the Android updates to the tenth version. At the same time, the Whats App, We Chat and a number of other software suffer. At the same time, google or chrome is in no hurry to eliminate the malfunction, so in the situation, if notification on Mi Band 4 does not come, the problem has to be solved by yourself.

If you are faced with the mistake of Pair First Mi Band 4, then for this we have a separate material by the link.

If notifications come to Mi Band 4 or 5, the problem can be eliminated in a few steps. Do the following:

  1. Enter the settings.
  2. Enter the word to search for a notification or notification in the presence of English firmware.
  3. In the results, select the rights to use notifications.
  4. In the window that appears, select Mi Sport App and open it access to notifications.

In a situation where notifications on Mi Band 4 from WhatsApp do not come, you can use another instruction.

  • remove the fitness bracelet from Mi Fit;
  • Delete the program from a smartphone;
  • Clean the mobile device using standard cleaning software, for example, CCleaner;
  • make a reboot;
  • Install the MI FIT application again;
  • Connect the bracelet;
  • Set the necessary parameters.

Make sure the notifications come as usual. If they do not work, as before, take additional steps:

  • Turn off the mode do not bother. In a situation where Mi Band 4 does not show notifications, the cause may be incorrect installations. In this case, enter the bracelet menu, go to the section additionally and turn off the mode not to disturb.

  • Check the settings. There are situations that warning does not come due to the lack of necessary permits. Enter the settings of a mobile device and make sure that access for warning is open. If not, put the mark.
  • Enter other permits, and there select a background launch, and then set there are no restrictions on activity control. OS users with iOS also need to deal with setting.
  • If notifications from messengers (Viber, WatsApp) do not come instead of Mi Fit, put the Tools Mi Band application.The problem in this case is solved independently.

  • Make sure that the distance between a fitness bracelet and a smartphone is not more than 10 meters. Often notifications do not come, and the smartphone does not vibrate due to banal removal of devices from each other.

Sometimes it happens the other way around that Mi Band 4 vibrates every minute. You can also read how to fix this problem with us.

In many cases, the next algorithm of actions can help:

  1. Enter the settings for Android 10 or Miui 11.
  2. Go to the notifications.
  3. Find Mi Fit.
  4. Activate the option to show notifications.
  5. Go to the Mi Fit application and go to the profile.
  6. Click Mi Band 4 or 5, and after notification.
  7. Disconnect the option and turn it on.
  8. Allow the MI FIT application to work in the background.
  9. Make sure android 10 does not block the program in the background. To do this, enter the settings, and then notifications and MR FIT, and then select automatic and important in the locking screen and display mode.

How to setup

Often, the notifications service are not available to Mi Band 4 due to improper tuning of Chinese smart hours. In order to avoid such problems, you need to do mood work manually. The algorithm of action involves the implementation of several stages.

Turn on the alerts on Mi Band 4:

  1. Install the MIF and connect the fitness bracelet to the smartphone.
  2. Open the MIR FIT and click on the profile.
  3. Select the connected device from the list of available.
  4. In the menu that appears, press the notifications
  5. Allow the program access to notification by clicking OK.
  6. In the new window, click allow allowing.
  7. Add any messenger to the list. To do this, go to the application management and place marks in the right fields.

Knowing how to establish notifications on Mi Band 4, you can configure the receipt of information taking into account the tasks. If the notification does not come, make sure again that everything is done correctly.

Turn on the notification of incoming challenges:

  1. Go to Mi Fit and profile.
  2. Choose a bracelet.
  3. Go to the incoming call section.
  4. Click on the phone access.
  5. Give the application permission.
  6. Click on ready.
  7. Activate the item to warn about the incoming call.

Set up the background work of the program:

  1. Go to the security section.
  2. Click on the application item.
  3. Enter in Mi Fit and turn on the autostart.
  4. Go to activity control and click there are no restrictions.

If the warning does not come from time to time, make another trick. Enter in the program menu by pressing on an screen icon in the shape of a square. If there are touch buttons on the phone, click on the key with three horizontal stripes. After opening the menu, click and hold your finger on Mi Fit. After the image appears, click on the castle symbol so that when cleaning the RAM, do not constantly close Mi Fit.

Now you know how to correctly set up and receive notification, if for some reason they do not come to Mi Band 4. In most cases, all issues are solved by setting the correct parameters and solving problems related to the transition of a smartphone to the latest version of Android.

Notifications on Mi Band 4.5 do not come: one commentary

  1. Adeline07/19/2021 at 00:46

Good night, from an iPhone to my clock, they stopped moving notifications from VOTSAP
I updated everything, restarted, dumped the settings, the notification permission is also checked, everything is as before
But sharply stopped with Votsap. Please help you solve