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Without Kevordo, the All-Russian festival-contest of art! On December 20-25, 2019, the second All-Russian correspondence festival-contest of art “Renaissance” was held.

Without Kevordo

All-Russian festival-competition of art!

On December 20-25, 2019, the second All-Russian correspondence festival-contest of art “Renaissance” was held. The organizer and founder of the art festival “Renaissance” is the Heritage Concert and Production Center (Moscow/Habarovsk).

Support for the festival -contest: – the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; – Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation; – General Sponsor: Amalg LLC gold mining company. The choreographic ensemble “Impulse” under the leadership of Osipov Alexander Andreevich took part in this competition and won the diploma of the laureate of the 1st degree in the nomination “Choreographic ensembles, youth group 17-25 years old”.

A pleasant New Year's gift in the piggy bank of the achievements of the choreographic ensemble and the GPOU NPK.

Science – first of all!

On December 19, 2019, a city scientific and practical conference on a healthy lifestyle among students of higher educational and secondary professional educational institutions of Novokuznetsk was held at the Socium Youth Center.

The purpose of the event was to activate research activities among the youth of the city, promoting a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of asocial phenomena in the youth environment. During the conference, the participants provided and defended their work in two directions: – popularizing a healthy lifestyle among young people; – The ecology of the region and the prospects for its development.

The reports and projects submitted to the conference were evaluated by the competent jury, namely: the executive director of the Russian Red Cross T.P. Skorlova, the senior psychologist of the UIIA GUFSIN Russian Bugaeva, the medical psychologist of the Kemerovo region “Novokuznetsk clinical clinical Center for the prevention and combating of AIDS and infectious diseases ”Krasnozh V.E.

Motova Olesya participated from our college-a student of the 3-SDO-18 group under the leadership of the scientific leaders of Vanchugova L.V., Druzhinina I.E.e, the work was devoted to the influence of art therapy on the psycho-emotional state of students. And our student received a degree diploma!

New Year's miracle!

The close cooperation of the college and the Academy from the cradle continues.

Students of the specialty pedagogy of additional education conducted a number of New Year's matinees for children. The holiday turned out!

Beautiful costumes, an elegant hall of the academy and acting of students created a magical mood, brought pleasure to both children and parents!

Christmas for everyone!

On December 21-22, at the Flight shopping center, students of the pedagogical college Morozov Arina and Anisimova Victoria took part in events during the New Year's regional action “Christmas for everyone!”.

As volunteers of the Novokuznetsk local branch of the all-Russian public organization Russian Red Cross, they held quizzes on the New Year theme with the guys who visited the shopping center in those days, guessed riddles.

And among the adult population, they conducted explanatory work about the activities of the public organization, its goals and objectives. The most active visitors of the shopping center, who became participants in the events, received branded souvenirs.

The regional Action Christmas for All started on November 15 and is aimed at raising funds to spend the New Year holidays among children whose families need social support. More detailed information about the Action on the official website of the Kemerovo regional branch of the all-Russian public organization Russian Red Cross


On December 20-25, 2019, the Second All-Russian Correspondence Festival-Competition of Arts Renaissance was held. The organizer and founder of the festival-competition of arts Renaissance is the concert-producer center Heritage (Moscow / Khabarovsk).

– Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation;

– Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation;

– General sponsor: gold mining company Amalgam LLC

The choreographic ensemble Impulse under the direction of Alexander Andreevich Osipov took part in this competition and won the 1st degree Laureate Diploma in the nomination Choreographic ensembles, youth group 17-25 years old Congratulations to the team and leader, we wish you further creative success!


In Kemerovo, an all-Russian record for the mass procession of Santa Clauses was set.

And the Novokuznetsk Pedagogical College took an active part in this, Our Santa Claus adequately represented the south of Kuzbass.

The main Russian Father Frost from Veliky Ustyug led the country's largest procession of New Year wizards in Kemerovo, which was attended by 1,279 thousand people from all over the Kemerovo region dressed as Santa Clauses. The All-Russian record was set in 20-degree frost and recorded by an expert in the Russian Book of Records.

A record was set on the eve of the holiday: 1279 participants of Santa Clauses in caftans in all festive ammunition were recorded, passing through the central square in Kemerovo. There were women among the participants who could be recognized under makeup, Yulia Pronina, an expert in the Russian Book of Records, told reporters , explaining that earlier such a record was not recorded in the country.

She added that the main condition for the participants of the Santa Claus parade was the presence of a full set of festive ammunition – a caftan and a hat, a staff and a white beard. After registration, an elegant column of Santa Clauses passed through the central streets of Kemerovo, where traffic was even temporarily blocked due to the parade.

The procession lasted almost for almost an hour and ended at the New Year tree in the central square of Kemerov.

The Department of Culture and National Policy of the region noted that the youngest participant in the parade was only five years old, and the 70-year-old Santa Claus was the oldest.

Caution, fraud!

On December 13, 2019, the IX regional student scientific and practical conference “Open World” was held on the basis of the GPOU “Belovsky multidisciplinary college”.

The conference was attended by more than 200 students from all educational organizations of secondary vocational education of the Kemerovo region.

A warm, truly cozy atmosphere and a hot take could not leave any of the participants indifferent.

Young researchers put forward various theories and set on the results of their research.

Arina Morozova, a student of the 1-D-18 group, under the leadership of the teacher Dolgov Dmitry Stanislavovich, participated from our college

Her research was devoted to the urgent problems of modern youth and ways to solve them.

The result of the study did not go unnoticed! Arina received a diploma of the III degree!

Special thanks to the director of our college Natalya Leonidovna, who unconditionally supported the undertaking of a young researcher.

The list of scientific topics and sections are given in the program of the scientific and practical conference.

To see what others have done and be inspired by new research – this is the main goal of the annual scientific and practical concertation!

Because the world is open!

Winter fantasy

On December 10, 2019, in our college, the winter living room “Winter Fantasy” was published. The organizers of this event were teachers of the CMC of the disciplines of musical training.

The musical living room was dedicated to Russian nature, or rather, the most beautiful and magical season – winter, with its traditions and the most fabulous holidays: New Year, Christmas, Christmas …

The main goal of the event is to show students of all college departments, especially those whose future profession will be associated with musical pedagogy, the form of the musical living room and the methods of organizing leisure activities of children, develop interest and creative approach to a future profession.

Olga Viktorovna Fikhman became the leading music living room. She was the author of the script. Participants in the concert program were students of the specialty 44.02.03. Pedagogy of additional education:

– Gerasimova Nadezhda – class of teachers Fikhman O.V. and Mikhalkova I.G.;

– Pronyakina Polina – class of the teacher Mikhalkova I.G.;

– Bondarenko Evgenia – class of teachers Fikhman O.V. and Mikhalkova I.G.;

– Maszhava Anastasia – class by the teachers of the I.G.

– vocal ensembles of 1, 2 and 4 courses: the leaders of Askarova F.F., Maryina S.V.;

– Musical works for the piano were performed by teachers Selivanov S.A., Fikhman O.V.

History in events and dates: a new look

On December 6, 2019, the IV regional scientific and practical conference of students and students of educational organizations of the Kemerovo region “History in events and dates: a new look” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was held at the Prokopyevsky Electric Machine College of GPOU.

From our college in the nomination “Culturalities (Culture, Education)”, students of the specialties of additional education of Belov Lydia and Pronyakin Polina took part in it (2nd year, gr. 5-PDO-18) with a performance on “War Songs-Cultural Heritage Russia ”, the leaders of Maryina Svetlana Valentinovna and Karavashkina Tatyana Georgievna and Kaplun Nadezhda (4 course, gr. 5-PDO-16) with a speech on the“ Musical Culture of Mountain Shoria ”, head Levchenko Zhanna Dmitrievna.

The performances of our students were interesting, cognitive, emotional. Lydia and Polina also painted their performance by their own performance of the song of wartime “Sleeping the village”, which was very pleased with the jury, which included: • Komarov Oleg Dmitrievich, Honored Worker of Culture, People's Master of Russia, Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, Director of MBUK “Culturally -dorovka center Vernissage of Prokopyevsk

• Mammedova Svetlana Anatolyevna, Deputy Director for Organizational Issues of MBUK Cultural and EXPLUSIONAL Center Vernissage

• Decina Sania Tabrisovna, teacher of the GPOU Prokopyevsky Electric Machine Building College, the jury appreciated the work of our students. All conference participants were awarded certificates, and Lida and Polina received a degree diploma.

We are proud of our students.

Control lesson at the 2nd year group, specialty PDOs

On December 10, 2019, a control lesson on the folk-stage dance among students of the 2nd year of the group 5-PDO-18 was held.

The show was attended by teachers, parents, college students.

Second -year choreographers creatively opened the period of the winter session in the GPOU NPK.

WSR in our hearts! And yet this is a victory!

From November 28 to December 6, an open regional championship Young Professionals WSR 2019 was held on the basis of the GPOU PDA.

The championship was held in three directions: “Wise skills”, “juniors”, “main group”.

We sincerely congratulate everyone who has made so much effort, time, skill to participate in the championship. Our winners: Ishchenko Elizabeth (teaching in elementary grades, 2nd place);

Yamshchikova Nadezhda Vasilievna (gymnasium 73, Wise skills, PMK, 2nd place) and her mentor Talnikova Natalya Ivanovna;

Kovaleva Svetlana Alekseevna (orphanage 5, Mezhdurechensk, DV, 3rd place) and her mentors Kropotova Maria Yuryevna, Stefanenko Elena Vladimirovna.

Many thanks and support to the rest of the participants – Klimova Vika, juniors of Kuryumova Sasha and Buravkina Paradise! For us, you are definitely – heroes who worthy of these trials.

Thanks for the endurance, skill and training of the participants Kruchin Olga Nikolaevna, Kropotova Maria Yuryevna, Stefanenko Elena Vladimirovna.

We believe in our students and teachers, we believe that we have the main players ahead, and they will certainly be. !


From December 1, World AIDS Day is celebrated annually, the purpose of which is to attract public attention to the HIV/AIDS problem.

This year, lectures, seminars, and video lectures dedicated to the problem of HIV/AIDS prevention were held in the GPOU. Events were prepared by teachers Kuremova A.V. and Vanchugova L.V. With the help of students of 4 courses 2019

The ensemble of the Russian song Ladushka of the Novokuznetsk Pedagogical College again pleased us with its successes. Participation in the International TV IT competition of art and creativity 2019 ended with a wonderful result. In the nomination “People’s vocals (age group from 16 to 20 years)” the ensemble was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree.

The organizer of the competition was the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. A high appreciation of the creative number presented to the contest (polyphonic performance of the folk song A Capella) is very pleasant, since the jury of the competition is represented by professional musicians, such as professor, artistic director and main conductor of the Academic Great Choir of the Russian State Humanitarian University Boris Igorevich, and composer, member Union of Composers of Russia Zagot Evgeny Mikhilovich.

Singing unaccompanied remains one of the most difficult directions in vocals, so the leaders of the ensemble Krivoshchekova Irina Viktorovna, Karavashkina Tatyana Georgievna and Sviridova Tatyana Valerievna try to transfer all their skills to students, among whom are future educators, primary school teachers, and teachers of additional education.

In the star composition of the ensemble – graduation students Ella Zelenina, Anastasia Nikitina, Elena Fedorovskaya, 3rd year student Yana Vorozhcheva and a warehouse Victoria Afanasyeva. Among the huge number of participants in the nomination vocals, only five groups are put forward by nominees to receive the Grand Prix of the competition, and among them-our wonderful ensemble!

The final of the competition will be held in May 2020 in Cheboksary, therefore, the leaders of the ensemble and its participants are faced with a very important task: not only to preserve the level of their vocal performing skills, but also to continue to improve it, to hone it confidently and beautifully take the next peak.

11/30/19 and 01.12.19 in the city of Kemerovo, the WSR championship Skills of the Wise (50+) was held in some competencies.

The participants from our college were: Yamshchikova N.V. school teacher 73 (competence – teaching in elementary grades);

teacher of our college – Dekon V.N. in the field of labor protection.

And the employee of the orphanage Kovaleva S.A. will be a participant in the competence Preschool education.

Responsible attitude in preparation, worthy participation,

the endurance and professionalism of our contestants are noted by the mentors of the pedagogical college Kropotov M.Yu. and Talnikova N.I.

Competition of readers and translators

On November 22, 2019, the 5th regional competition for readers and translators of works by English poets was held.

The beauty of English Poetry is a competition where you can not only show your knowledge of English, but also prove yourself as a poet-translator. About 130 schoolchildren and students from all over Kuzbass took part in such a competition, which took place on the basis of the Kuznetsk Technical School of Service and Design named after V.A. Volkov.

In this serious event, everything was evaluated: from the technique of pronunciation to the costume. Competent judges worked. The participants of the competition had to learn a poem in English, understand it and translate it beautifully, literary into Russian. A 2nd year student of the GPOU NPK from the group 4-NO-18 – Anastasia Shabalina, under the guidance of Yulia Vladimirovna Chashchina, took 2nd place.

75th anniversary

11/22/2019 GPOU NPK celebrated its 75th anniversary in the large hall of the Administration of the city of Novokuznetsk. At our holiday there were the most welcome and dear guests: veterans, teachers, graduates, students of the GPOU NPK. For all the people who came to us were organized: photo exhibitions, a fair, photo zones and a concert program from the best numbers of the college. Many warm and sincere wishes were dedicated to our college. The special atmosphere of the holiday was felt, it was clear that everyone: graduates, teachers, students and honored guests of our educational institution is a single educational space imbued with a common history. Words of gratitude were said to all those who stood at the very beginning, at the beginning of the opening, the creation of the then pedagogical schools. At the event, one could see more than one video sequence from photographs of past years that describe the history of two pedagogical colleges, their merger and presentation now as a single whole. By the 75th anniversary, great changes have taken place in our educational institution.

And behind all this is the huge work of the entire team, the great perseverance and desire of the director. It became noticeable that the territory of our college is being ennobled, not only the external appearance of our educational institution is changing, but also the internal one. Redecoration, technical equipment and even the teaching staff – everything changes and does not stand still. So, organizing our solemn event, in which each member of the staff of the SPOU NPK took part. And only thanks to well-coordinated work, creative initiative and a great desire to arrange a holiday – our anniversary concert was a success!

Smarties and smarties

On November 11, 2019, the regional intellectual game Smarts and smart girls was held, in which students from 54 professional organizations of Kuzbass took part.

The jury of the competition included: Associate Professor of the Department of General Education Disciplines V. Krirpo Trofimov, Vice-Rector for educational and methodological work Krirpo L.A. Bogdanova, teacher of public disciplines of the technical school of information technology, economics and law of the Kemerovo Institute of the branch of the REU named after G.V. Plekhanova A. S. Baturin, chief specialist of the department for the exercise of the rights of participants in the educational process of the Department of Education and Science of the Kemerovo Region O.S. Samutin. The intellectual competition took place in three directions:

75 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War; 300 years Kuzbass; The 200th anniversary of the opening of Antarctica.

Olesya took part from our college in the competition under the leadership of Polyakova Lyudmila Anatolyevna, a teacher of history.

Project Ticket for the Future 2 day

11/13/2019 In our college, a professional quest was held in competence 44.02.01 Preschool education, as part of a forious project.

At an organized event, 20 students from MBOU Lyceum 27 and MBOU Secondary School have been tested and some knowledge in the field of preschool education was acquired.

Such measures are aimed at early career guidance of students, where through testing of schoolchildren, professional preferences and the current level of awareness of students about modern promising industries and demanded competencies are determined.

And with the help of various types of practical events, high school students are better versed and easier to choose the future profession.

Project Ticket for the Future 1 day

11/11/2019 in the GPOU NPK started the career guidance project Ticket for the Future.

To our practical event of the introductory stage of the Federal career guidance project, students of grade 8-9 from MBOU Lyceum 27 and MBOU SOSH 49 were invited.

Students, consisting of 21 people, plunged 1.5 hours and learned more about competence 44.02.02 teaching in elementary grades.

Through various games and fascinating forms of organization, they tried their strength as an elementary school teacher at school and have a benefit of time.

Parent meeting

11/08/2019 and 09.11.2019 In our educational institution, parent meetings of all courses and specialties were held. At a meeting with parents, the director of the GPOU NPK – Zakharova N.L. conducted a report on the use of voluntary donations;

Deputy Director for Express – Vorozhcheva Evgenia Valerievna consulted on issues of additional educational services; Deputy UR – Krivoshchekova I. Ruscated about state certification and some educational moments of students; Head of the Department – Stefanenko E.V. I informed my parents about the rules of the internal routine, and the deputy. According to BP – Zapalova A.S. I introduced all the parents to the educational work of students of the NPC.

After the administration’s speech, the group curators talked on pressing issues with parents.

Parents asked their questions and each of the speakers tried to answer them, invited individual consultations.

Cabbage party

11/06/2019 In the NGGTKI FKOU, a wonderful event called cabbage party took place. On September 12, our college at the city parade of students received an invitation to the cabbage party at the NGGTKI FKPOU.

No one assumed what event we were invited to. It turned out that at this holiday, students' teams compete in the salting of cabbage.

Our students decided not to go to the holiday not by the audience, but by the direct participants. GPOU NPK for this event sent a team of students of the 3-SDO-17 group.

Our students armed themselves with a recipe for salting cabbage, put on aprons and scarves. The holiday was fame! Thank you for the invitation and organization of such an event.

Career guidance

In our college 10/13/2019 and 18.10.2019, a meeting of the 4th year was organized with representatives of universities in Novokuznetsk.

A focused conversation was held with graduates and career guidance was provided in the process of choosing a learning profile and a sphere of professional activity.

First of all, our students were invited to pedagogical profiles, explaining the socially significant motives for choosing a profession.