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Offsidebet is a relatively new online bookmaker. The office started its activity on the Internet in 2008. Over the 8 years of its existence, the office has managed to establish itself in the gambling market, but it has not yet been able to enter the camp of the best betting shops in the world. Legally, the bookmaker is a product of Offisde Gaming. And bookmaker

Offsidebet bookmaker review

offsidebet is a relatively new online bookmaker. The office started its activity on the Internet in 2008. Over the 8 years of its existence, the office has managed to establish itself in the gambling market, but it has not yet been able to enter the camp of the best betting shops in the world.

Legally, the bookmaker is a product of the company Offisde Gaming. And the offside bookmaker is not the only product of this consortium. Over the years, the company launched such offices and projects as Inkabet, Lsbet, Forverbet and others. For the bookmaker Offsidebet, a Curacao license was obtained, which allows the bookmaker to accept bets from residents of most countries of the world.

Previously, the office operated on the territory of the CIS countries. Initially, the bookmaker belonged to the company entertainment international group. This group also owns the well-known exchange Betdaq. In the 90s and early 2000s office offsidebet had land-based betting shops in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. But due to changes in legislation and a change of owners, the office had to curtail its activities in the CIS.

According to free online statistics, this bookmaker is most popular among bettors in Portugal and Bulgaria. According to the website top100bookmakers, Offsidebet is ranked 166th in the world in terms of incoming traffic. The position is not outstanding, but not bad for a young bookmaker.

The office can be attributed to international gambling entities. At some stage, the office even had a Russian-language version of the site – But after 2016, significant changes took place in the policy of the office, which we will discuss below.

Office website

Web site bookmaker offsidebet located at For a long time, the corporate color in the design of the portal was green. At this stage, the design of the site is dominated by gloomy tones – gray, dark and black.

Outwardly, the resource resembles dozens of other betting sites. However, if you take a closer look at the portal, you can understand that at this stage it simply does not accept sports bets. At the bottom of the website, you can find a menu item called sportsbook (bookmaker), and next to it there is a Live betting point. However, when you try to go to these sections, you will still remain on the main page of the site.

From this we can draw a simple conclusion – bookmaker's office offsidebet simply stopped accepting sports betting. Today, the site serves as a place to play poker online. Here you can find a number of poker tournaments, a school of poker players. There is even a client for the game. For registration, new users can receive a bonus of up to 2,000 thousand dollars.

Offside betting

At the time when the office took the rates on sports, it had a line that was not much inferior to the best bookmakers in the world. The emphasis was on team sports (football, basketball, hockey, volleyball), as well as tennis and British disciplines. Some sources indicate that BC Offsidebet I used a line similar to the office of 10bet.

The current situation in the office

After unsuccessful attempts to gain a foothold in the CIS market and as an online bookmaker, the OffSidebet management decided to stop taking bets in general. The first problems in the work of the office appeared back in 2012. The players began to “cut” the accounts and simply block after several successful bets. And those who managed to hold out in the office for several months, They could not normally withdraw funds from the bookmaker.

The next step was a modest line. The office ceased to cover some important sporting events, and the level of maximum bets was constantly reduced. Finally, in 2014, registration in Bookmaker Offsidebet was closed. Some time itself existed the possibility of sport bets, but already in 2015 the office actually completed its work. Only the poker section did not close. And you can become an offsidebet client only by invitation.


Despite the difficult situation in the bookmaker OFSAIDBET, she still has a valid license and a functioning site. The limited registration of new customers and the closure of the bookmaker speak of the financial difficulties of Offsidebet at this stage. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that over time the work of the BC will be restored. Perhaps a more eminent and large office will redeem the Offsidebet client base. Another option is the creation of a new bookmaker, which will work according to the offsidebet sublocess. If this office would not be the future, then it would simply be closed. But this does not happen, it means there is a chance that it will restore its activity.

Reviews Offsidebet

Although Offsidebet Not included and was not one of the most popular bookmakers, bettors from different countries actively discussed it for many years. In 2008-2010, the office was characterized as a classic middle peasant. But almost always customers noted that the office offered too small maximums. What is in the PPS, that on the site they rarely exceeded several thousand rubles. Then numerous errors began when setting a line and processing bets, as well as massive delays with payments. Ultimately, the office stopped taking bets through departments. Some clients lost their money.


Offsidebet is an example of an office that could not realize itself, despite numerous attempts to gain a foothold in the market. One of the main problems in the work of this office was financing. Because of this, the bookmaker could not conduct large advertising campaigns that would help to attract enough customers into their ranks.The PPP network on the territory of the CIS countries could not compete with more powerful local offices that offered higher maximums and simply had a better understanding of the intricacies of the local market. As a result, after 17 years of operation, the bookmaker ceased to exist. Today Offsidebet is an online poker room.