Olympics-2020 in Tokyo. Which of the Olympians is a husband and wife. Sport-Express

The stories of spokesman spouses, who together went to perform in Tokyo.

Ten married couples of Olympians, for whom Tokyo-2020 is a family business

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held under the conditions of strict adherence to anticoronaviral restrictions – the delegations of the countries are cut, communication is minimized, everyone has a preliminary quarantine. In such a situation, the support of relatives and friends becomes valuable. And the most convenient way is when family members perform in one tournament.

Everyone knows about the twin sisters in the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team Dina and Arina Averin, who together won the world and European championships. In Tokyo, they will also be – between them, as always, the fierce struggle is expected, but at the same time they have each other's support. Another example is that several pairs plan to speak at the Olympics, which have already married some time ago or are preparing to do it. It may also be easier for them to be close to a loved one and thus tune in to the fight. We talk about the most famous pairs that are going to perform in Tokyo.

Sofia Pozdnyakova and Konstantin Lokhanov

Sofia’s father Stanislav Pozdnyakov won the Olympics four times, and now he heads the Olympic Committee of Russia and is worried about all athletes. Especially for the daughter, who has already managed to win the world championships twice. In the fall of 2020, the fencer married Konstantin Lokhanov, the owner of four titles of the Junior World Cup.