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Congratulations on the Day of Russian Students from the strategic partner PJSC ONHP

Exhibition of works by Associate Professor FITIKS – to rational consumption through creativity!

In mid-October, the Textile Eco-Art exhibition opened in the foyer of Building 8.

The purpose of the exhibition is to attract young people to solve the problems of rational consumption through creativity.

The exhibition presented textile panels of the Associate Professor of the Department of Art, Chairman of the Council of Curators of FITC Pastukhova E.I. This exhibition is not the first for Elena Ivanovna. As part of educational work with students at the faculty, she has already held similar events. Previously, collections of postcards dedicated to motherhood, the Great Victory Day, the history of Omsk, etc. were shown. However, she demonstrates her own works for the first time. The plots of the panel are varied! These are images of flowers, plants, fairy-tale heroes, New Year holidays, etc. They are made in the patchwork technique using both new fabrics and patches from old clothes and scraps of sewing production. The works contain elements of machine and hand embroidery, stitches and trapunto.

Through the exhibition exhibits, the author wanted to convey to the audience that rational consumption should be aimed at increasing the efficiency of resource use, including through their recycling. The presented works have become a vivid confirmation of this.

The opening was attended by Vice-Rector for Information Support Kuznetsova O.P., Dean of FITiKS Makarov V.V., Head. cafe IWT Gritsai A.S., Dean of the FTNG Kvasov I.N., acting head Museum of OmSTU Malohatkina I.A., representative of the company SIGMA Yushkov S.N., teachers and students of OmSTU.

Dean of FITICS Makarov V.V. in his welcoming speech to the participants of the event, he noted that the face-to-face format of the exhibition is a breath of fresh air, as live contact between teachers and students is necessary. He also noted that the faculty is always ready to support the initiatives of teachers and students aimed at spiritual and creative development.

Gritsai A.S., Kvasov I.N., Malokhatkina I.A., Yushkov S.N. ecology, including through creativity.

Vice-Rector for Information Support Kuznetsova O.P. in her speech, she noted that active, creative teachers work at FITCs, striving to attract students to new interesting projects and serving as an example for them. Olga Pavlovna suggested continuing work in this direction and holding an exhibition in November within the walls of the OmSTU museum.

Then a master class was held. Its form was also unusual: a description of the stages of eco-shopper manufacture were accompanied by issues from the eco-art leading to knowledge in the field of eco-art. As a result, the two most active participants in the survey who showed themselves as creative, lean and knowledgeable in issues of rational consumption received prizes. The prizes were also in eco-style: a shopper and a cosmetic bag from jeans that served their term.

The sponsor of the event, the representative of the company Sigma Yushkov S.N. In gratitude, a textile panel was presented.

It was very pleasant to meet students and teachers, chat, exchange impressions, start making new plans for creativity.

The exhibition takes place in full -time format and expects its visitors!

In accordance with the Regulation on the distribution of students on profiles and on the basis of students' statements, the following groups of the IVT-211 (ASOIU), IVT-212 (computing machines, complexes, systems and networks) and IVT-213 (software development technologies) were formed

Attention to freshmen Ficks!

By the address:

There is information about first -year groups.

On August 31, from 10.00 in the audience 8-220, a solemn

presenting student tickets and credit books,

Meeting of freshmen with representatives of the dean, departments, curators and assistants to curators on the following schedule:

1) 10.00 Department of IVT and ASOIU

Groups: IVT-211, IVT-212, IVT-213, PE-211, PIN-211,212;

2) 12.00 of the department and Pmifi and Art

Groups: MO-211, FIT-21.212, ATP-211,212, UTS-211

3) 14.00 Department of Mmiite

Groups: PI-211,212, IST-211.213

For students from other states, a link to the online broadcast

We remind you of applications for the distribution in the profiles of the IVT direction must be sent to the Mail Fitics no later than August 27!

The deadline for submitting applications for distribution by profiles of IVT groups until August 27.

Organizational Assembly with students received at the 1st rate of the faculty of information technology and computer systems will be held on August 18, 2021 at 14:00 at 8-220!

For students from other states and regions of Russia, a link to the online broadcast

Have the following documents with you:
– 5 photos 3×4 (in each photo on the reverse side write a name);
– copies of documents: passport (identity card) Home and registration, TIN, SNILS, honey. A policy, a copy of fluorography, an attributed certificate (for young men), a migration card (for foreign students).
– To fill out documents with you, take a pen with you.

Put the copies of documents to the file and transfer the dispatcher at the meeting

For timely informing students of the faculty of information technology and computer systems, an open VKontakte group was created

According to the order of the rector of OMPI A.K. Mashkova dated 06/12/1967 No. 97/O On faculties and evening departments of the OMPI at our university organized the faculty of automation with specialties:
0531 – devices of accurate mechanics
0636 – automation and complex mechanization of mechanical engineering

The company Gazpromneft – Digital solutions continues a series of regular meetings for IT Start students. The theme of the December session “Digital Transformation and Career in IT: What to do today to be in demand tomorrow”

At the end of the year, it is customary to take stock and set new goals for the future. But what if you do not postpone the most ambitious task for 2021 and find yourself in the profession today to be a demanded specialist tomorrow? On December 18 at 15:00 (Moscow time) the next online IT session Digital Transformation and Career in IT: what to do today to be in demand tomorrow. Let's talk about digital transformation, the best IT projects in the real sector in the country and how to find your role in the team.

We invite all bachelor students and masters to our regular meetings of “It Start”

IT controls, as well as students of mathematical, petrochemical faculties, students
In universities included in the League of Universities. Less theory, more practical tools and real projects from the leaders of digital transformation in Russia-the Gazprom Neft IT Claster.

What is digital transformation? What is the role in this process IT? How to find yourself

In a profession in a turbulent world to a student? Anton Dumin, head of the IT department, automation and telecommunications of Gazprom Neft will answer these and other questions.
And Alexey Polovyukov, General Director of Gazpromneft – Digital Solutions.

Employees of Gazpromneft-Digital Solutions are responsible for the practice of IT sessions, which every day in teams work on products that change the oil industry

in Russia. Students will be able to divide into several flows and better know about roles in IT commands-from analyst to the developer, as well as about life hacks-how to get experience and real results
In conditions of constant timekeeping. In addition, speakers can be asked any questions – curiosity and constant desire to learn a new one – this is what unites us all!

The event will end with a blitz-quiz related to IT Tematics. Winners and most active participants in the IT sessions will not receive virtual, but real pleasant prizes.

Online IT session is held on the Zoom platform. Before entering the Zoom conference

You can download or update from a computer or mobile device to the current version of the Zoom application and follow the link:


Interaction with the OMSTU takes place within the framework of the project League of Universities. This is a single window of interaction with higher educational institutions for the entire company, which includes a digital platform that allows you to form a cross-functional teams with the participation of company representatives and universities for the implementation of projects of any level and scale.

Organizational Assembly with first -year students
Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Systems will be held on September 1, 2020.
At the meeting: meeting with the leadership of the dean's office, heads of departments

Time audience number Specialty (direction) / group
10:00 building 8

09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering
Profiles: Computers, complexes, systems and networks, group IVT-202
Software Development Technologies, group IVT-203

27.03.04 Control in technical systems, group UTS-201
03/15/04 Automation of technological processes and production, ATP-201 group
11.40 building 8
09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering
Profile: Automated systems for information processing and control, group IVT-201
09.03.04 Software engineering, groups PIN-201, PIN-202
05/09/01 Application and operation of automated systems for special purposes, group PE-201
14:00 building 8
09.03.02 Information systems and technologies, group IST-201
09.03.03 Applied Informatics, group PI-201, PI-202
02.03.02 Fundamental informatics and information technologies, FIT-201 group
03/02/03 Mathematical support and administration of information systems, group MO-201

Distribution by groups will be on August 31st.


For the solemn meeting on September 1, all FITICS students should have the following documents with them:

– 5 photos 3 x 4 (write your full name on the reverse side of each photo);
– Copies of documents: passport (identity card) main and registration, TIN, SNILS, honey. policy, a copy of fluorography, migration card.
– Take a pen with you to complete the paperwork.

Fold the documents into a file and hand over to the dispatcher at the meeting.

Students with benefits (orphans, disabled people) must submit documents confirming their status to the dean's office for processing the due payments. Go to Deputy Dakana Kobernik E.G. (after September 1, room 8-324).

Dean of FITIKS:
8th building, room. 8-324, tel. (3812) 65-22-08. working days from 9.00 to 17.00
Dean of the Faculty: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Makarov V.V. (room 1-356 a)
Deputy deans: room. 8-324, tel. (3812) 65-22-08

Registration on the OmSTU website: register on the website, select Personal Account in the column on the left, select Student Portal in the column on the left, select My data from the top, fill out the data verification sheet ( change red crosses on green ticks ), indicate current phone numbers, fill in SNISL, TIN. honey. policy, migration card, information about family members.

Join the official VK group for FITiKS students https://vk. com/vr_i_sv_fitiks_omgtu

For the first physical education lesson, you must bring with you a medical certificate of belonging to a functional group (basic, preparatory, special medical group A, special medical group B).


For foreign students of the 1st year who need a hostel:

it is necessary to fill out an application for settling in a hostel and send a scanned copy of it by August 27 to the mail [email protected] with the subject Checking in a hostel to be included in the order for settling and clarify (after August 30) a room and a hostel for settling in.

Responsible for the settlement of students – Deputy.Dean of FITIKS for BP and SV Kobernik Elena Georgievna, tel. +7(913)6079570, e-mail [email protected]

Solemn presentation of diplomas to graduates of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Systems

On July 9, 2020 at 10.00 in the assembly hall of OmSTU, a solemn presentation of diplomas to graduates of the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Systems took place.

The presentation took place with strict observance of all sanitary standards. The photo report can be viewed at the link
Video in the report of the TV channel Antenna7


A meeting with students traveling on weekend trips to Raduga from November 29 to December 1 will be held on November 28 at 17:00 at 8-220

Working profession at the base department

On November 13, 2019, students from the UTS-191 group took classes in the discipline Working Profession at the base department. This time, the students fully felt like employees of an industrial enterprise. The children were accompanied in their “immersion” into the profession by Associate Professor of the Department of Art Pastukhova E.I., an employee of Avtomatika-Service JSC Golubkina S.A. and a representative of the press service of the ONPZ Anatoly.

The guys got acquainted with ONPZ from the checkpoint. Each employee of the enterprise must not only be an effective employee, but also comply with the regime and rules of conduct at the enterprise. Putting on protective helmets and passing through the checkpoint, the students experienced a slight excitement. Once on the territory of the refinery, everyone felt the scale of the enterprise. To move workers around the plant, there is a transport with real stopping pavilions.

The guys saw a large-scale reconstruction carried out at the enterprise. The old installations are being replaced by modern high-performance ones. Solar panels are placed on the freed up areas, which not only save electricity, but also make production more environmentally friendly. The joint control room was of particular interest to future automation specialists.

And of course, the guys visited the household block, where each employee can rest, recuperate, relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by living plants.

It became possible to get acquainted with the history of the ONPZ, as well as to feel like a leader in the museum of the enterprise.

Attention students of 1-4 courses!

From November 29 to December 1, full-time budgetary students of 1-4 courses will leave for the Raduga recreation center. For travel questions, please contact Mrs. Dean of FITIKS for BP and SV Kobernik E.G.

Rest in the Political Department

From November 8 to 10, the traditional departure of students of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Systems to the recreation center Politotdel took place.

Students of 2-4 courses have prepared an interesting and informative recreation program for first-year students. As part of the program, students replenished their knowledge with the basics of infographics, gained teamwork skills, and tried their hand at oratory.

The availability of an aqua park and a modern gym at the recreation center allowed the children to gain strength and vigor.

With On November 8-10, students of full-time budgetary form of education of FITiKS will leave for the recreation center Politotdel. The organizational meeting for the departure will take place on November 6 at 18:20 in the room. 8-220. Attendance is required!