Online Olympiads for schoolchildren – go through the Olympics and get a diploma |


Interactive online Olympiads with diplomas and letters for children and letters of thanks for teachers. Olympiads online is an easy way to test schoolchildren and evaluate their knowledge.

Online Olympiads

Modern interactive competitions for students of grades 1-11

Develop non -standard thinking, creative approach and motivate to teach

More than 6 million schoolchildren from Russia and abroad participate annually

How to take part in the Olympics?

To participate, you will need a computer or tablet with Internet access.

The teacher registers students on the website, chooses the class, prints and distributes their username and passwords to the students.

Pupils go to the site with their username and passwords and solve tasks.

What online Olympiads take place on

Formation and entrepreneurship

How is the Olympics on

The Olympics consists of two rounds. Each of them can be passed at any time within the framework of the announced dates.

Test tour

Pupils get acquainted with the types of tasks and train without time limits and the number of repetitions. The results do not affect the main tour.

The main tour

It is given 60 minutes to complete the tasks, without stopping and restarting. A trial tour is not necessary to participate.


After completing the main tour in the personal accounts of the participant and the teacher, the results of the Olympiad appear: information about the number of points scored and an electronic award available for download.

Participants receive diplomas, letters and certificates of the participant, and the teacher – personal letters of thanks and letters to the school.

Examples of olympiad tasks


Water vessels. Zavriki in mathematics, grade 4
Interactive task that develops logical and algorithmic thinking


Cosmow. Zavriki in the Russian language, grade 2
Quest for knowledge of morphology, orthoepy and phonetics of the Russian language


Snails and frogs. BricsMath, grade 2
Game-heading for the development of algorithmic thinking


Skateboard. Young Entrepreneur, grade 4
The task teaches to correctly use time and resources


Location. Olympiad in English, grade 7
A task for knowledge of the cultural characteristics of English -speaking countries.