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Online store of headphones depicting a black girl who is happy to listen to music

Wix's comprehensive eCommerce platform lets you create your own online store. It includes hosting, integrations, ready-made templates and SEO settings.

Create an online store and develop your favorite business

Online store of headphones depicting a black girl who is happy to listen to music

The Wix platform is an effective solution for entrepreneurs who are creating their first online store, as well as for already successful brands. The advanced features and capabilities of the Wix builder allow you to launch, grow and scale an online store for any business.

An online store of cosmetics and care products, with the image of a hand soap and a beautiful girl with freckles.

How to open an online store

A few steps to create an online store

Sign in to your account or sign up for Wix.

Choose from over 500 professional templates.

Edit the design of the future store.

Add products to the catalog.

Connect payment methods and set up delivery.

Publish your site and start selling.

Online store launch

Create a complete online store with powerful Wix tools and start selling.

Online store launch

Choose from over 500 professional templates designed with every little detail in mind. With Wix, you can create an online store with a custom design, as well as set up a product gallery, checkout page, shopping cart, and personal account.

Show off your personality with Wix's business tools – create a memorable logo in Wix Logo Maker and connect your own .

Doing Business

Upload unlimited catalog items, manage your inventory and get updates from suppliers. Set up shipping options and automate tax calculations.

Get paid online

Accept secure payments online. Choose a convenient way to receive payment from our list of available payment solutions and payment methods, which includes all major credit cards, as well as YuKassa, Fondy and Robokassa.

Online store of glasses with customizable shopping baskets

Create your dream online store

Choose from 500+ professional templates and customize your design.

Hair and eyelashes store

Sports clothing template

Plant boutique template

Online grocery store template

Template for women's accessories

Sports nutrition store template

Hair and eyelashes store

Sports clothing template

Plant boutique template

Online grocery store template

Template for women's accessories

Sports nutrition store template

Hair and eyelashes store

Sports clothing template

Plant boutique template

Online grocery store template

Template for women's accessories

Sports nutrition store template

Hair and eyelashes store

Sports clothing template

Plant boutique template

Online grocery store template

Template for women's accessories

Sports nutrition store template

Hair and eyelashes store

Sports clothing template

Plant boutique template

Online grocery store template

Template for women's accessories

Sports nutrition store template

An online store that sells a subscription to coffee beans with an image of the product.

Offer your products through multiple sales channels at once

Grow your online presence and expand your product offering with dropshipping and print-on-demand.

Sell ​​products anywhere

Place your products on all available platforms – website, Facebook, eBay, Instagram and Amazon. Manage sales from the Wix dashboard.

Offer paid subscriptions

Increase your income with subscriptions. Sell ​​weekly or monthly merchandise newsletters and delight your customers with themed boxes created especially for them.

Use dropshipping

Expand your product offering with dropshipping or custom print designs to boost your earnings.

Go online

Grow your business and sell products online. With an online store for your business, there are no boundaries in terms of location and time.

Manage your business from a single control panel

Follow the website operations and effectively manage your projects.

Execution of orders

Train the movement of goods and execute orders from one control panel, from the purchase stage to delivery. Manage the delivery and execution of orders or add suppliers, 3PL and the SREVIS Droopshiping you work with.

Payment management

Control all business operations from one management panel. Automatically accept online payments and control transactions, returns and payments.

Statistics and analytics

Make decisions based on data and research. An integrated analytics panel allows you to track sales, optimize marketing campaigns and create individual business reports.

Lead a business where it is convenient

Manage your site with the Wix Owner mobile application, regardless of where you are. Add new products, random reserves in stock6 execution of orders and delivery. Print the labels, send accounts and much more.

Online ceramics store with a mobile version of the product catalog, shipping label and sales analytics.

An online sneaker store with Facebook Ads, Google Ad optimization, and an Instagram store that showcases the products.

Develop your business online

Determine the target audience and optimize the marketing strategy with professional advertising and promotion tools.


Increase traffic from search engines using advanced SEO settings, which can be applied to all pages of the site to reduce work time and improve issuing indicators.

The target audience

Advertise your products with automatic advertising campaigns Facebook and Instagram, and Wix will take on optimization and maintaining the relevance of campaigns.

Increase in sales

Promote your business with professional marketing tools, for example, postal mailing, promo-video, original or pre-written posts, reminders of a forgotten basket and much more.

International expansion

Open sales anywhere in the world. Create a multi-lined online store optimized for search engines and add currencies converter to display prices in the local currency of customers.

Examples for inspiration

Crystal Etienne | Ruby Love, CEO

“For two years, my business grew up from me and the WIX site up to 40 employees, my own warehouse and income of $ 22 million.”

Top Seller on Wix and the homepage of her website

Functions that every online store needs

Beautiful Gallery of Products

Custom -made basket and payment page

Advanced solutions for payment

Unlimited settings using API

Automatic calculation of taxes

International business opportunities

Statistics and analytics

Powerful Ecommerce applications

Reliable dropshiping services

Learn more about how to create and scale an online store

We publish expert materials and training article on design, marketing and SEO.

How to create an online store

9 Examples of the Best Online Stores to Consider

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What is the Ecommerce site?

The ECOMMMERCE website is an online store where you can buy or sell goods on the Internet. The Wix Ecommerce platform provides a professional designer of online stores, which will help you quickly and successfully launch your own online store.

How to choose an online store designer?

There are several factors that should be taken into account when choosing a platform for creating online stores. To create a professional site, check whether the designer provides beautiful galleries of goods, a safe acceptance of payments and other important functions. Next, think about the price. Most designers offer acceptable prices, so choose the one that is right for you.

Where can I create an online store?

Create your own online store with Wix. There are all the necessary functions for creating a successful online business, from a thoughtful design to important functions of e-commerce.

What products are best sold on the Internet?

Today on the Internet you can find almost everything. From original works of art to feed for pets, electronic books, T -shirts, board games, food products, cosmetic products, hair extension and much more – the possibilities are truly limitless. What you decide to sell on the Internet should be based on market demand, your target audience and electronic trade trends. The goal is to satisfy the needs of online users.

What is the best way to sell on the Internet?

There are many great ways to successfully sell on the Internet. The first is quite simple: sell your products on the Internet using your own web site of e-commerce. As an option, use the print service on request to create original products with your own design. Using direct delivery, you can receive millions of high -quality products without hassle for managing stocks, execution or delivery.

How to launch an online store without inventory?

You can easily open an online store without worrying about reserves or advance costs.

Dropshipping allows you to find and sell an unlimited amount of goods on your e-commerce website. Create the website of the online store and choose the goods you want to sell on a direct delivery trading platform, such as Modalyst. When the client makes a purchase, the order is sent to your suppliers, and they take responsibility for the delivery and execution of the order. The “Printing on request” function allows you to personalize hundreds of products using your unique works of art and design. When an order comes, your supplier will print it and send it directly to your buyer. Another option is the sale of digital products, such as electronic books, music and stock images.

Which online business is best to start in 2021?

2020 significantly influenced the global trends of e -commerce, so the business that you decide to start depends on demand and proposals today. Despite the fact that the Covid-19 has made its own adjustments to the economy, the Ecommerce sphere is on the rise-ordinary stores go online, the usual business models are rethought.

Can I earn a living by selling on the Internet?

Yes, you can definitely! In fact, our global community, numbering more than 500 thousand WIX sellers, is relied on daily on its online stores. Check out some of our best -selling sellers and be inspired to start sales on the Internet today.

Which type of online business is the most profitable?

The Ecommerce sphere is growing every day, so there is definitely potential for profitable online business. We recommend that the audience analysis and needs to understand how successful your goods or services can be.

How to create a successful online store?

The creation of an online store begins with the definition of a niche and the target audience. Then select the appropriate domain name, which will be combined with the name of your brand or display the scope of activity. After preparing photos of the goods, add a description for each of them, indicate the necessary characteristics. Set the SEO, optimize the site for search engines and start engaging in store promotion. You can find out more about how to open and develop an online store here.

What online services are in demand?

Today, companies seek to reach their customers everywhere and at any time. This led to the transition from personal services to convenient online services. From virtual fitness classes to online therapy sessions, culinary courses and much more.

How to create an online store for free?

Some developers of online stores offer a limited free trial period. However, for the sale and receipt of payment on the Internet, the majority require a paid subscription plan.

How much does an online store cost?

The cost of creating an online store and management to them depends on several factors: the selected designer of sites, the necessary functions and additional tools for marketing and promotion.

On WIX, you can create a site for an online store for free. To start receiving online payments, you need to switch to one of the paid premium plans for business.

Do online stores need a license?

Each country has different laws and rules regarding the licensing of commercial enterprises of e -commerce. To sell your goods on the Internet, make sure that you follow local laws and electronic trading rules. We recommend consulting with a lawyer before opening your own business.