Or wounds. Sukhachev Nikolay Leonidovich

N.L. Sukhachev

Nikolai Leonidovich Sukhachev Nikolay Leonidovich Sukhachev – philologist -novel, translator; Ph.D. (1978), S.N.S. (1992). Specialist in the field of Romanesque philology and Balkanism. Born in with. Bogdan

Nikolai Leonidovich Sukhachev

Nikolai Leonidovich Sukhachev – philologist -novelist, translator; Ph.D. (1978), S.N.S. (1992). Specialist in the field of Romanesque philology and Balkanism.

Born in with. Bogdan of Teleormmansk district, Romania, November 15, 1942 in a family of employees from the peasant environment, in which Slavic, Romanesque and Turkic roots were intertwined. In 1944, the family repaired in the USSR to the homeland of her father – in the city of Bolgrad, and since 1947 it settled in the city of Reni of the Izmail region. (now Odessa region, Ukraine).

He received secondary education in Reni (1949-1959). After graduation, he worked at a construction site in Chisinau (Chisinau, Moldova), at the Vinogradar state farm in the Reni district. In 1960 he entered LSU (now St. Petersburg State University) to the Department of Romanesque Philology Philology. the faculty, the Romanian branch of which he graduated in 1965. In 1965-1974 he first served in the seaport (at the Soyuzvneshtrans representative office), then as a translator, patenting, editor of technical literature in the information departments of a number of design and industrial organizations of Leningrad. He combined the service with library classes in the field of Russian-French cultural ties, to the study of which V.A. Tunimanov, – Publ.: Dostoevsky on the French stage (Lit. Nasl. 1973. T. 86), comment. To Roman F.M. Dostoevsky Demons (Full. Sobr. Op. 1975. T. 12; Op. In 15 volumes, 1990, vol. 7) and others in 1969 M.A. Borodin attracts Nikolai Leonidovich to work on the publication of the archival manuscript V.F. Shishmareva Romanesque settlements in the south of Russia (L., 1975), as well as to studies on linguogoographic themes (Publ., Starting from 1971). In 1974-1977 – graduate student of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow). In Dec. 1978 defends his thesis on the topic On the problem of linguistic variability (on Retoromanian material), the supervisor – Acad. G.V. Stepanov.

N.L. Sukhachev
August 1999, Bucharest. Prof. Emil Leaf (chapters. Ed. Publishing House Encyclopedia by Academy of Sciences of Albania) and Sukhachev.

With Dec. 1977 Nikolai Leonidovich – M.N.S., then S.N.S. the study of the Indo-European languages ​​and areal studies of the Lengrad branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now or the Russian Academy of Sciences); He acted as a scientist secretary of the department (1981-1992).

September 2002, Lids (Great Britain). Sukhachev and Vick Mout, prof. Geography of the Houston University (Texas).

He participated in the organization and publication of materials of the II-V All-Union Conferences on Area Research in Linguistics and Ethnography (1971-1985), made reports at conferences, seminars, readings, organized or wounds, IA RAS, St. Petersburg State University, and IV Conf. International Society for the Study of Shamanism (Chantilly, France, 1997), VIII International Congress on the Study of Southeast Europe (Bucharest, 1999), interdisciplinary international conference Siberia: Earth and People (Lids, Great Britain, 2003).He took part in archaeological expeditions in the territory of South-Western and Eastern Turkmenistan (1984-1995), in linguistic expeditions in the areas of residence of the Udegeans in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories (2000, 2003).