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Orlando GIULIANO: Sambo is a sport that requires strategy, like in chess

Orlando Juliano: “Sambo is a sport that needs a strategy, like in chess”, the legendary Italian journalist Orlando Juliano is known as one of the leading authors “La Gazzetta Dello

Orlando Juliano: Sambo is a sport in which a strategy is needed, as in chess

Orlando GIULIANO: Sambo is a sport that requires strategy, like in chess

The legendary Italian journalist Orlando Juliano is known as one of the leading authors of La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the largest sports publication Italy and the world, in which he has been working for several decades. Its assets also have 4 world sports bestseller, the most famous of which is the book about Rocky Markiano. In mid -May, Orlando visited the European Sambo Championship in Spain to make a report about a new sport for himself. In an interview with Fias, he told what sambo attracted him, appreciated the chances of the sport at Olympic recognition, and also shared the idea of ​​writing a book about sambo.

– Orlando, why did you choose sports journalism with your profession? Have you played sports?

– Yes, I really went in for sports. At first it was a motorport, then a cycling, but since I got a lot of injuries as a result of falls from motorcycles and bicycles, I chose a less traumatic sport – running. When I started running, I decided that I had to run a lot and began to participate in marathons. In my sports career there were 36 of them, of which 20 were abroad.

– That is, you chose sports journalism because you love sports?

-Not only because of this. I chose this profession in my youth. However, in order to write about sports, you need to understand it, and in order to understand sports, it is advisable to deal with it, since there is a big difference between theory and practice.

As for Sambo, in my interest in this sport, my daughter Christina (laughs), who lives in Russia and loves this country, is “to blame”. I also became interested in Russia, including such a sport as sambo, which was born in the USSR 80 years ago.

– You first visited sambo competitions – the European Championship. What are your impressions?

– Indeed, this is my first visit to the Sambo tournament, and I really liked it. Despite the fact that I am no longer young, I am interested in getting new experience, plunging into a new topic. I would like to better understand the rules, understand all the subtleties and nuances of sambo, features of the calculation of glasses.


– How can you evaluate the entertainment of sambo? How much, in your opinion, Sambo relate to this indicator with other martial arts and martial arts?

– Of course, the first impression is very strong. This is the highest level of competitions, many athletes, a lot of competition, they are well ready. I understand that sambo is a sport in which a strategy is needed, as in chess.An athlete participating in SAMBO competitions must be very smart – smart in a sports way.

What about entertainment?

– This is a 100% spectator sport, and you can see it right away. Despite a certain sense of danger, which, looking at the athletes, arises at the first moment, later it becomes clear that it is wrong. This is not a cruel sport at all, as it may seem, it has good control. For me, as a sports journalist, and as a person, this is very important.

– Sambo strives to get into the Olympic Games. How do you assess the chances of this sport? And what do you think are the reasons for this?

– From the height of my experience, I can say that this is a very good sport, and I do not understand why he is still standing in line and waiting for an invitation. I know quite a few sports that are inferior to SAMBO both in terms of their sports component and in terms of entertainment, but are Olympic. It is not clear to me why Sambo was given recognition with such a delay.


– Orlando, you are known as the author of the bestseller – a book about the outstanding boxer Rocky Marciano. If you decided to write a book about SAMBO, where would you start and what would this book be about?

– During my career I have written 4 books, and all of them have received international recognition and awards. Choosing Rocky as the hero of my work, I proceeded from the fact that Rocky is not just an outstanding talented boxer, but also a very popular person. Rocky came to the USA as an immigrant, and his story is an example not only for sports, but also for life. By his example, he showed everyone how he lived, how he trained, how he did not give up before the difficulties that arose along the way, how he won. The choice of a book about Rocky was largely due to its enormous popularity in the United States.

As for SAMBO, I can say that I already have a reason to take up a book about this sport (laughs), since my beloved daughter, Christina, approached me with this idea, saying: “Dad, why don’t you write a book about sambo? This is an interesting challenge that can bring you new success.”

But I, of course, must be sincere, and I can say that in order to take on this work, I must fully understand the topic, know all the features and nuances, there should be no blind spots. Only then can you take up the pen. I don’t know whether I will take up a book about SAMBO or not, but I have an incentive, and a perspective too!