Pajero Sport (Mitsubishi Pajero Sport) 2021 at the dealer

Pajero Sport 2021: an unusual test drive of an SUV

The fact that Pajero sport on the off -road is good, no one doubted. But Pajero Sport shows the economical fuel consumption and feels great in the city.

Pajor Sport 2021: an unusual test drive of an SUV

Pajero Sport 2021: an unusual test drive of an SUV

Often motorists acquire SUVs not only for conquering impassable mud and mountains. Today, many want to buy Pajor Sport as a universal car: in order to go fishing or for a picnic to the forest, and for everyday needs. Moreover, the spacious interior and trunk allow you to use it as a family vehicle: there is enough space for everyone!

Therefore, it is not surprising that drivers set out to conduct a test drive of a new crossover in the urban environment. How does the price of its maneuverability, dynamism and controllability on the highway justify on Pajero Sport justify? And Russian roads, especially in winter, is also a serious test! Therefore, today's review and test race precisely along the city streets.

The first thing you can safely say is that the third generation of the SUV popular in Russia met a hundred percent expectations. The updated Mitsubishi Pajero Sport received the improvements that motorists asked for. The use of a single -style brand Dynamic Shield announced for all models is expressed in more stringent forms and elegant lines.

What has changed in design:

– the front LED headlights became wider and joined the radiator grille;
– the hood was raised, and the chrome details of the front were made more massive;
– The rear lights were divided, the fog lights were moved to a new bumper;
– The SUV received new disks and body colors.

That inside Mitsubishi Pajero Sports

Inside, the updates are much larger and the bulk of them directly affects the convenience of driving in the expanses of the “stone jungle”. The eight -inch touch display serves not only for the management of multimedia, but also as an informant of various applications and assistants of the driver Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. In the screen format, the dashboard with all the data is now made.

Despite the fact that many shelves and pockets appeared in the cabin where you can put a lot of useful little things, the main already loved functions remained in the usual places. The niche on the central console became much more spacious, at the same time decreasing from behind, giving passengers of the second row more space. The front line of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport have a settings electric drive.

During movement, the SUV now does not bother the hearing at all-this is the merit of updated sound insulation again for the “townspeople” who loves the comfort. The rebuilding of the suspension system was thinner, so that the car passes significantly softer, road joints and other small irregularities pass. And this is again curtsy towards the urban use of the machine.The gears shifted more smoothly.

Pajero Sport 2021 also received the following improvements:

— Heated steering wheel and all seats;
— Power windows are equipped with a closer;
— There was a warm option for the wipers below;
– Improved automatic handbrake.

Engine and fuel consumption Pajero Sport

But in terms of power and running equipment, the latest modification basically remained the same. And this is also the result of positive feedback from the drivers: the car is exceptionally fond of its parameters and reliability. This allows the Pajero Sport to feel great off-road, but we are now in the city. How does such a powerful and massive machine behave here?

SUV-station wagon fully justifies this name. In the city, due to its relatively small width, it maneuvers perfectly, making auto turns that would seem unimaginable for a cruiser. And some assistants are designed exclusively for the stone jungle – a signal in case of a threat of a collision while moving backwards and a visual warning when leaving your lane.

Fuel consumption is also important, which is always higher in the city. But even here the car pleases: the consumption of Pajero Sport consumes no more than eight liters per hundred kilometers of metropolitan highways. By the way, now both versions based on diesel and gasoline internal combustion engines (2.4l / 181hp and 3l / 209hp, respectively), which are equipped with an SUV, are produced at a car company in Kaluga.