Pelot Ortmann SolaPro ARC Beige – Buy in the Orteke online store at a bargain price

Pelot Ortmann SolaPro Arc, beige photo 1

We offer to buy the Pelot Ortmann SolaPro ARC at a price of 1 192 rubles. Available in Orteke salons. Quality guarantee and operational delivery throughout Russia.

Pelot Ortmann SolaPro Arc

Pelot Ortmann SolaPro Arc, beige photo 1

SolaPro ARC pelots are designed to unload the feet with longitudinal flat feet1-2 degrees. Great for use in all types of shoes, including in open summer shoes with heels of any height.

The latex frame with the layout of the longitudinal vault protects and supports the internal longitudinal vault and effectively absorbs attacks when walking. The upper pelot coating is made of genuine vegetable skin of the highest grade.

The skin of vegetable tanning and uniform thickness is used. The skin of plant tanning is a completely natural product of the highest quality!

Pelot effects:

  • The Latex frame supports the longitudinal set of stop and redistributes the load over the entire area of ​​the sole;
  • effectively absorb strokes when walking;
  • reduce the load on the spine, hip, knee and ankle joints;
  • prevent the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • increase stability when walking;
  • Improve blood circulation, prevent the fatigue of the feet and improve overall well -being.