Perm train timetable. Perm train timetable Can I pay for a ticket with a card? And it's safe

Perm train timetable. Perm train timetable Can I pay for a ticket with a card? And it's safe Specify the route and date. In response, we will find information from Russian Railways about the availability of tickets and their cost.

Perm train timetable. Perm train timetable Can I pay for a ticket with a card? And it's safe

Specify the itinerary and date. In response, we will find information from Russian Railways about the availability of tickets and their cost. Choose the appropriate train and place. Pay for the ticket using one of the suggested methods. Payment information will be instantly transferred to Russian Railways and your ticket will be issued.

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Can I pay for a ticket with a card? And is it safe?

Oh sure. Payment is made through the payment gateway of the processing center All data is transmitted over a secure channel. The gateway was developed in accordance with the requirements of the international PCI DSS security standard. The gateway software has successfully passed the version 3.1 audit. The system allows you to accept payments by Visa and MasterCard, including using 3D-Secure: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. The payment form is optimized for various browsers and platforms, including mobile devices. Almost all railway agencies on the Internet work through this gateway.

What is an electronic ticket and electronic registration?

Buying an electronic ticket to the site is a modern and fast way to issue a travel document without the participation of a cashier or operator. When buying an electronic railway ticket, seats are redeemed immediately, at the time of payment. After paying for boarding the train, you must either go through electronic registration or print a ticket at the station. Electronic registration Not available for all orders. If registration is available, it can be completed by clicking on the appropriate button on our website. You will see this button immediately after payment. You will then need your original ID and a printout of your boarding pass to board the train. Some conductors do not require a printout, but it's better not to risk it. Print e-ticket you can at any time before the train departure at the box office at the station or at the self-registration terminal. To do this, you need a 14-digit order code (you will receive it by SMS after payment) and the original ID.

Perm is the third largest city in Russia. For almost 200 years it was the official capital of the Urals, and in 2008 it celebrated its 285th anniversary. The word Perm comes from the Finno-Ugric Pere Maa (or Parma) and is translated as Far land or Land beyond the Volok. Perm is trying in every possible way to maintain its image of the cultural capital, if not of all of Russia, then at least of the Urals and the Volga region. Perhaps the city deserves this title.

How to get to Perm

Perm can be reached by train from Moscow from the Yaroslavsky railway station: most trains traveling along the Trans-Siberian Railway and to the north of the Tyumen region make a stop here. There is a direct train Kama Moscow – Perm.The fastest is the train Russia, which follows the route Moscow – Vladivostok. On average, the train on the road takes 20-22 hours.

From St. Petersburg: trains to Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil and further to the east.

And, of course, air traffic. At 18 km southwest of the center is the Big Savino International Airport. “Aeroflot” from Sheremetyevo-1, S7 from Domodedovo flies here from Moscow. From St. Petersburg-Aeroflot Nord. Also: “Tyr Airlines” from Baku and Surgut, “KD Avia” from Kaliningrad.

From the airport to the center of Perm you can get by bus No. 42 (20 RUB) or minibuses of route No. 1t, which follow to the bus station from 6:00 to 23:30. Taxi is much more expensive – in the area of ​​600 RUB.

There is no distant river passenger message by Kama, only suburban and cruise.

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Transport Perm

The city has 11 tram, 12 trolleybus and 78 bus routes, as well as 31 – minibuses.

The fare in buses, minibuses, united electric transport is 20 RUB.

Popular Perm hotels

Tourist safety

Prikamye and the entire Urals are the area of ​​the spread of tick -borne encephalitis. The southern regions of the Perm Territory are most disadvantaged in this regard. Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from visiting forests in May-June.

Weather in Perm

Perm kitchen and restaurants

Perm is the birthplace of dumplings (a dish of Permyak cuisine, although they are not much different from the dumplings of any other region of Russia).

To date, the city has more than 120 cafes and restaurants. So there will be no problems with the catering.

Entertainment and attractions of Perm

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration Cathedral (Komsomolsky Avenue, 4) in the style of provincial classicism with a high bright yellow bell tower (height-67 meters, a symbol of the city). Inside the cathedral, an art gallery is currently placed with a valuable collection of Perm wooden sculpture, a unique phenomenon for Orthodox architecture.

The mosque (Osinskaya street, 5) was built by the Orthodox architect at the beginning of the 20th century. Around – the development of the old Tatar settlement.

Theodosievskaya (Ascension) Church (Bolshevik Street, 170) is an eclectic church of the early 20th century. From afar, a red -killed church with green tents can be taken for stylization under the Moscow Kremlin.

Perm cards

Other attractions: Petropavlovsk Council of Perman Cathedral, Holy Trinity Service Church, House of Gribushin (on Lenin Street 13, the house is the prototype of “Houses with figures” in the novel by Boris Pasternak “Dr. Zhivago”, and the whole of Perm is the city of Yuryatin), old buildings on Siberian street, as well as the Office of the Internal Affairs Directorate, nicknamed the people Tower of Death. In addition, one of the most remarkable buildings in Perm is the former hotel “Royal Rooms” (Siberian, 5), in which Tsarevich Mikhail Romanov, brother and heir to Nicholas II spent the last days of his life.On the night of June 12 to 13, 1918, with the approaching the city of Kolchak’s troops, Tsarevich Michael was shot by the Bolsheviks, and his body was burned in the melting furnace of the Motovilikhinsky plant.

The train schedule at the Perm station displayed on this page is informative and does not contain operational changes related to repair work and other circumstances. When planning a trip, it is recommended to clarify the schedule at the reference station.

Trains at the Perm station

To date, the train schedule at the Perm station includes 70 railway flights, of which 2 are made daily. The minimum parking time is 0 h 20 m (the composition along the route St. Petersburg-Ladozhsky-Petropavlovsk), and the maximum 1 h 0 m (flight along the route Moscow-Yaroslavskaya-New Urengoy). Most of all in the train schedule arrives from settlements: Petropavlovsk, Moscow, Beijing, St. Petersburg at 04:33, 12:32, 19:28, 00:00, respectively. The compositions departing from the Perm station follow the routes – Perm – St. Petersburg, Perm – Beijing, Perm – Moscow, Perm – New Urengoy, Perm – Petropavlovsk departure at 05:00, 22:01, 19:49, 13:12 00:20, 00:00, 00:20), 068, Moscow-Yaroslavskaya-Abakan (00:10, 00:30), 072e St. Petersburg-Ladozhsky-Yekaterinburg-Pass. (00:20, 00:43) They have a special schedule of movement, Therefore, it is recommended to clarify the schedule for a specific date.

The convenient geographical position of Perm made it possible to connect the city with transport highways with various regions of Russia. You can get to Perm on an airplane, train, on personal vehicles.

Bus routes are organized to neighboring regions. Many cruise motor ships go to Perm along the Kama River.

Air message

Big Savino International Airport is located 17 km from Perm near the village of Savino. The air gates of the cultural capital of the Urals are accepted by airliners of all types.

You can get to Perm by plane from Moscow, Peter, Yekaterinburg. From all the capital's airports, flights to the banks of the Kama are sent daily. The flight lasts 2 hours 10 minutes.

Railway message

You can get to Perm by train from three directions:

  1. Gornozavodsky (Nizhny Tagil, Ugreluralskaya, Privoy).
  2. West (Moscow, Kazan, Peter).
  3. East (Yekaterinburg – Vladivostok, Kungur).

Trains connecting the Volga-Vyatka, Central and North-Western regions with the Far East, Siberia and the Urals pass through the Perm II station. You can get to Perm by train following from St. Petersburg to Astana.

The new railway station of the main station Perm-II is located on the street. Lenin, 89.

Intercity bus communication

Not only suburban bus routes run to Perm. By bus you can get to Perm from:

  1. Yekaterinburg.
  2. Izhevsk.
  3. Kazan.
  4. Naberezhnye Chelny.
  5. Magnitogorsk.
  6. Nizhny Tagil.
  7. Neftekamsk.
  8. Orenburg.
  9. Tolyatti.

The address of the bus station: st. Revolution, 68.

River cruises

Tourist routes from Moscow, Peter, Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod pass through Perm. During the cruise, other cities of Russia can be examined.

Automobile transport

Perm with neighboring regions connects several tracks. There are direct exits to the Republic of Bashkortostan, Sverdlovsk and Kirov regions, Udmurtia. From the capital of Russia to Perm, the road takes 22 hours. The route passes through Yaroslavl, Ostrovskoye, Afanasyevo.