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types of rolled metal

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Popular types of metal rolling

types of rolled metal

In any process of construction and mechanical engineering in Khabarovsk, the metal distribution plays one of the key roles. Metal products – black and non -colored – are very popular and indispensable in various branches of activity. They are used each in their field, depending on species and appointments.

What is the metal roll?

According to the material of the manufacturing of metal rolling, it happens from:

  • non -ferrous metals
  • Black metals

Non -ferrous metals, in turn, are divided into:

  • Light (aluminum and magnesium)
  • heavy (zinc, copper, lead)
  • precious (gold, silver, platinum)
  • Rare (neoim, tungsten)
  • radioactive (alloys with stroncia, uranium)

The production and use of non-ferrous metal is many times more expensive than black, and it is used only when it is impossible to use a cheaper replacement due to inappropriate chemical, physical and technological characteristics.

Black metal rolling is made of iron, steel, cast iron and their alloys. The most popular metal products, characterized by special strength, price availability and practicality of use, are:

  • Sheet metal. These are steel sheets that can be galvanized, polymerized, smooth, corrugated. Very popular is a sheet of corrugated board – a sheet metal with a corrugated surface. Sheets of steel as building materials in Khabarovsk can be bought in various sizes and thicknesses, with any coating and texture.
  • Pipe rental. It includes pipes with various geometry and a wide range of cross -section. Their length ranges from 4 to 12 m. The pipes are used everywhere- for the supply and drainage of water in residential buildings and non-residential buildings, as an integral part of oil and gas pipelines, as well as at any public use and industrial purposes.
  • Beams. This is a large -sized metal roll, very in demand in the construction sector. With its help, they strengthen and erect floors in buildings, build bridges and supports, towers and columns, equip highways and railway messages.
  • Armature. It is a rod made by hot skating. This type of metal rolling is used to strengthen concrete structures to make a long service life of the buildings. The reinforcement can be made of various types of steel, have a diverse diameter, as well as the texture – smooth or corrugated.The latter has better adhesion to concrete.
  • Long products. It includes corners, channels, I-beams and other products, each of which has a special look and scope. Long products are used for reinforcement, screeds, and the creation of reliable metal structures in various areas of construction.

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