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Voyboy joined Curse Author: alx_n @ 02.11 11:41 Comments: 0

After Voyboy was kicked off the team CLG.Primeto make room for a South Korean player Locodoco, the American player announced in his video blog about joining the team Curse Gaming.

In his blog Joedat'Voyboy' Esfahani says he's joining curse, with whom he will train very hard for the third season. VoyBoy also said that recently Curse.NA had problems on the toplane and the player said that it was he who would be able to quickly solve them.

In the new line-up Voyboy will perform with his former teammates – Elementz'om and saint vicious'om. A few hours ago Trevor'Salce' Salce has left the Curse Gaming organization and thus Curse.NA currently consists of six players and it is not yet clear who will play in the top five.

  • Joedat'Voyboy'Esfahani Top Laner
  • David'cop' Roberson AD carry
  • Cody'Elementz' Sigfusson Support
  • Jacky'Nyjacky'Wang AP carry
  • Brandon'saint vicious'DiMarco Jungle
  • Jon'Westrice'Nguyen Top lane
Tt.Dragons moved to H2k-Gaming Author: alx_n @ 02.11 11:02 Comments: 1

The other day it was announced the closure of the League of Legends organization Tt.Dragons, after not the most satisfactory results. There were many questions about the future of the team, whether it will fall apart into small particles, or whether it will continue the work it has begun – to enter the European top, because even if the team does not get into the list of the best, then it is clearly somewhere near this list.

Today the fate of the team became known: it will continue its performances in another organization – H2k Gaming, which has recently begun serious activity in the eSports market, taking over ShootMania, CS:GO and other rosters. Thus, H2K got a full-fledged, more or less well-played roster, so we expect these guys to defend the colors of H2K at various tournaments.

Note that, nevertheless, there was one replacement, because Maurice Necaderp Hensel has already announced his intention to leave the team. Belgian Frederik replaced him Skullomaniavan Gucht.

  • Bram wewillfailer de Winter Support
  • Frederik Skullomania van Gucht Jungle
  • Johannes Puszu Uibos AD Carry
  • Jakob YamatoCannon Mebdi Solo Top
  • Erlend Nukeduck Holm AP Mid
IEM Cologne will take place in December Author: alx_n @ 31.10 20:10 Comments: 0

ESL today announced the League of Legends championship in Cologne, Germany in mid-December, where eight of the best teams from around the world will compete.

The event, which has a prize pool of over $50,000, will feature eight teams: four from Europe, two from North America and two from Asia.

As usual, in addition to the prize pool at similar stops in the seventh season IEM a quota for the final championship of the seventh season will be played, which will again be held in Germany, in the city of Hannover, as part of the exhibition CeBIT, next March.

Information on regional qualifiers, as well as other details, should come as soon as possible.

World e-Sports Masters 2012 Author: alx_n @ 28.10 13:25 Comments: 8

Major tournament starts today World e-Sports Masters 2012 in the city of Guangzhou, China, formerly known for its leagues and tournaments in Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft 3.Alas, neither discipline was included in the official list of disciplines for objective reasons, but the most popular game in the history of computer sports – League of Legends appeared in the list of disciplines.

In total, eight teams came to conquer the prestigious event, of which one team from Europe and the United States – Team Acer and Curse.Na respectively, which, by the way, hit each other in the first round of the playoffs. The remaining brigades are from China, South Korea and one team from Singapore.

The prize fund is 69,000 dollars, so there is no need to talk about the degree of importance of the event. The teams will start their performances immediately from the playoff bracket, which will be held according to the Double Eliminaton system. In general, as usual, Counter-Strike connoisseurs should remember. And again, the games will be held in the Best-of-1 format, that is, up to one victory, which means that there is no right for even the slightest mistake, which will add even more entertainment and a little bit of randomness. The event will take place over four days.