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City m

You take aim at a glance, squeeze the void in a fist.

Do not be afraid, this is your city beats in hysteria.

Dear Wendy. The little Prince

© A. Natarova, 2021

© Pubes Gorodets, 2021

Alexandra Natarova was born in Russia, but grew up in Japan, in Tokyo, which significantly affected creativity. I wrote since childhood, at sixteen years I released the first book – a collection of mystical stories. In 2007 she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, for a long time worked at an advertising agency, continuing to write books. In 2017, she received the “Writer of the Year” in the “Debut” nomination, released the second collection of stories “Hi”.

“To write an affair with the child as the main character, but so that it is interesting to adults is a sign of real literary abilities.”

Olga Slavnikova


Our man -made habitat, a metropolis, sometimes seems to us alive and even reasonable. Not a set of streets, buildings, transport, but one huge organism, and we are its symbiots. The metropolis can hurt, hack, and this always affects us. The opposite is true: our negative affects the city. One has only to succumb to black thoughts, as shadows will reach for us. And someone invisible will eat us …

A good fantasy book is always based on strange insights prompted to us intuition. We seem to guess a little about the secret, in any case, we feel its presence. And then the writer comes and excitingly tells the reader what is actually lies behind his vague guesses. A special, warm trust in the book arises. And the heroes are remembered for a long time. They become not just images, but people from our lives.

This is the novel of the young writer Alexandra Natarova “City M”.

According to Natarova, in the city of M, people also live, not similar to us. Do you think crows and pigeons are just smart birds who have learned to live next to a man? And rats are just rodents? What about stray dogs? Once, Zhenya, working as a courier, sees in a warehouse, like a girl who looks like a gypsy, gnaws at the corner of a cardboard package box. No, it did not seem to her. Zhenya is special. Where an ordinary person observes a rat or cat, the heroine sees people. The wife will have to find out that the communities of four -legged and winged city inhabitants, who have human guises, are organizations of guardians who have taken care of the health of the metropolis. And that they, more than ever, are difficult to resist shadow. And that clouds are thickened over the city …

Who is the closest to the land of the metropolis, and therefore, to its homeless dog-koshachy-thorough animals? Homeless people, homeless people. We, standard citizens, reflexively turn away from them.Meanwhile, this is a separate subculture, with its social hierarchy, survival technologies and even folklore. One of the heroes of the book is an old man, nicknamed Dersu, in the past an intellectual, now a bum-bibsur, collecting books in garbage dumps. Not only his comrades in homelessness come to the garage to Dersu, but also the inhabitants of the neighboring five -story buildings, and even the district police officer – behind Pasternak. In addition, Dersu is conducting a video blog about street animals, whom he loves very much. It is not surprising that his fate and paths of the Guardians crossed.

But the main character of this novel is a child. Boy Lesha, left without a mother and without housing, wanders with a drinking father at stations and homeless people. For the first time we see him when he tries to make a coffin for his father who died at night: not from the boards, but from the imagination. As beautiful as my mother was. It turns out that Lesha is the main person for the city of M. The one on whom the well -being and health of the entire complex organism depends. Anyone who can speak with houses. The one who stops the shadows. Is the burden hard? What happens to a person if he grows too early and too fast? Boy Lesha – yes, a fairy -tale character. At the same time, he is very real, alive, understandable.

Writing an affair with the child as the main character, but so that it is interesting to adults is a sign of real literary abilities. Alexandra Natarova studied with my CWS workshops, and I immediately realized that this author had the future. Now, introducing the first book of Alexandra to the reader, I am already sure that a new writer has come to us, combining fantasy with realistic psychologism, plot ingenuity with artistic language.

The dying day quickly fucked up-everything around became equally blue, only the red lanterns tried to somehow amuse the world around him. But these were miserable attempts. The houses looked sleepily at the streets tortured by the rain, pedestrians with harsh faces jumped up huge puddles, which turned into seas in some places. Heavy waves of dirty water fought against the curbs, the new storms could not cope with such a stream.

I grinned on granite tiles, hardly dodging the passers -by striving towards to meet. My sneakers were spinning vigorously, soaked in water, soaked clothes in the body, not allowing to warm up. I cursed the weather, I wanted to smoke terribly, and also bleeded with blood.

Pedestrians, not too busy with their thoughts, cast short sympathetic glances at me. Another day, I would allow myself to use someone else's kindness. For example, I would have made some old woman so that she would treat me with bread. But now it was necessary to hurry, and I was in a hurry as best I could. The injured leg prevented, at every step, which spoke with a pain impulse of such a force that it surrendered in the temples. I would fly if I could, but the beaten ribs did not allow.

The city left after pouring rain, dozing, exhausted, like a patient after an attack.Therefore, he did not even try to make my journey easier. Only anger gave strength to the road. I was angry for stupid autumn, on my clumsiness, but most of all – to Boris.

Why did he suddenly attacked me?

I scrolled the morning events in my head again and again, trying to find at least some tips.

So, in the early morning the sky did not bode thunderstorms, it was warm and sunny. I flew out of the theater in a wonderful mood. He flew in advance, managed to settle a couple of minor affairs along the way, on the fly he picked up a uncurried cigarette from the cafe. He arrived at the meeting place exactly by the appointed time.

I flew alone, I thought that there was no need to strain my guys. I had to meet with the head of the friendly order. What could go wrong?

Everything went wrong.

A meeting with Boris was scheduled for me in the center, between the streets, once the most quiet in the center. But in recent years, many fashion institutions have opened here, and life has scored with a key. To the joy of lovers of night parties and to the horror of local residents, now living thresholds of different instances, demanding to stop disgrace.

Boris was waiting for me in that part of the street where there were not so many cafes and bars. Between two red houses, looking at each other with a slight neglect. The narrow path that ran between them rested on a football box, at which time of the day is empty.

Boris also came alone – he was sitting on a narrow side of the box. He was gloomy, however, as always. Therefore, I did not suspect something was wrong. As usual, he was dressed in his beloved worn leather leather, worn over a sweatshirt. The hood of the sweatshirt was pulled onto the cap so that it would not fly during the run,-so he once explained to me. The visor of the caps will be infused on the left side of the face, covering the scar, flaunting in the place of the eye. The knocked down knuckles stuck over the edges of the pockets of old jeans.

– Hey Ya! – I shouted to him on the approach.

“Hello, Caravax,” Boris nodded briefly.

– Well, tell me, who is our new Savior?

Boris did not appreciate the joke – he only creaked with his jaw, which barely noticeably squinted to the right.

– Okay, seriously. – I lit a cigarette cigarette butt and made a long -awaited puff. – Who is he? – My words were covered with smoke.

For some reason, Boris hesitated with an answer, and then I decided to joke to somehow discharge the situation. But as soon as I opened my mouth, Boris rushed at me. I did not even have time to really realize what happened, as in my cheeks, cheekbones, chin stuck claws. Second – and he hooked me. I crashed, painfully hitting my back, Boris hung over me with a formidable shadow.

“You won’t get a gray-haired boy,” he hissed, glancing briefly somewhere to the side.

What? But the thought was interrupted by sharp pain, – Boris's fists were drumming along my ribs. From severe blows, from confusion, from the absurd of what was happening, I fell out of reality. And when I woke up, I realized that I was still lying in the lane. A thunderstorm sky frowned over me.I looked around, feeling the blood flowing across my face. Boris was nowhere. I could not say exactly if I was defending. I think yes – looking at my hands, I saw blood and abrasions on the knuckles. I rolled over on my stomach, crawled out of the path and lay down on the lawn against the brick wall.

For a while I was just lying, trying to calm the pain that broke the body in several places at once. Carefully felt the sides – it seemed to be nothing broken. This gave confidence. I got up and trudged along the wall from the alley. In the middle of the journey, rain collapsed at me.

The situation came out unpleasant.

Boris, of course, was never a gift. On his mind, the unsociable, rude, in short, for an amateur. But the head of the Kedi Order, one of the most respected keepers – and suddenly a traitor? Something did not stick here.

And now I had to somehow tell Maye about all this, to meet with whom I was so desperately late. What could I tell her?

That her adoptive father saved in the face of a common danger, sorted out me to negotiate and was that, not saying a word about who … Stop!

Awareness overtook me so suddenly that I stopped right in the middle of the road.

Moron. Gray! Boris said: a gray -haired boy! A gray -haired child, therefore. Or did I misunderstand him? But he would hardly have said the “boy”, referring to an adult. How many gray -haired children could be in the city? Fortunately, in peacetime – a little. Some kind of hint. Perhaps it will go for the good news, I decided and added a step.

Approaching the meeting place, I suddenly realized that I was madly worried. Suddenly Maya is not there? Suddenly something happened to her? In the end, she was the organizer of the morning meeting, maybe she got it? After what happened, I was ready for any surprises. At the bottom of the soul, other thoughts like “What if she is with him at the same time?”, But I immediately drove them away.

On the way to the square, I noticed a familiar white silhouette on the bench.

Came! So there were?

The figure in a snow -white coat in the light of red lanterns seemed a ghost. The trees around threw carved shadows on her porcelain face. She sat with her hands in the castle, and such tension emanated from her that I almost heard numerous thoughts in her head rushing about. Maya did not immediately notice me when I came up. I coughed, and she looked at me. Amber eyes rode over me with a scanner, and she turned away sharply.

“The dirt flows from you,” she threw it somewhere in front of her, but I flew to me with a ricochet, and I involuntarily began to be invited and shake.

Maya was only half Kedi, and on the second half – home. I was sure that it was the second half that sometimes made it a real despot.

– Sorry. – I sank down next to the bench. Not too close to not get dirty.

And then he felt like an idiot.

I did not understand how she did it every time. As soon as I spoke with Maya, I immediately lost most of myself, my knowledge, experience, became insignificant and even ridiculous. Because the Maya is Kedi, though half.But most likely due to the fact that Maya is Maya. Always collected, concentrated, she always talks – as if she is scolding. And that look of hers. Sometimes it seemed to me that he could kill if Maya really wanted it.

At the same time, her determination inspired, always awakened in me the often forgotten desire for something beautiful.

“You failed,” she snapped me out of my thoughts.

– Failed? I? Yes, they almost beat my soul out of me!

– Almost doesn't count. You learned something.

I didn't understand if she asked or approved.

“Boris said that the new Guide is a gray-haired child,” I said.

– Child! Maya squealed. – Few. Too bad, I was hoping you'd have better luck. More than me.

He hasn't said much lately. Not to me, not to anyone else in the family. She rubbed her fingers, as if wiping away invisible dirt.

– Come on? I raised an eyebrow.

Doesn't look like a caddy. They lived as a whole – no secrets from each other, no secrets. Boris introduced this rule and strictly adhered to it himself. No wonder they called their order a family.

“So he alone learned something very important, but he didn’t tell any of you?”

Maya nodded, still not looking at me.

“He has been very reserved lately. Nobody knows what happened to him. Even surprisingly, he agreed to a meeting. Too bad it ended so easy.

“I would argue with that,” I chuckled.

I even felt a little offended: Maya did not show me any sympathy, but she herself noted that I looked lousy. However, Maya has never been particularly sentimental, at least not with me.

“Well, what if he just snapped?” – I suggested, in order to somehow continue the subsided conversation. – Everyone breaks down sometime, your work is nervous …

Then Maya gave me such a derogatory look that I immediately fell silent. And mentally scolded himself for what all the same blurted out stupidity. There was a pause again. Maya thought hard, clenching her hands to whitened knuckles. I didn't dare interrupt her thoughts.

Could it be that you were being watched? Maya suddenly asked. And she froze, shocked by her own conjecture. What if that's how he tried to warn you?

– Yes! – Maya clung to me with her eyes, I involuntarily crawled away. – Then everything is logical! You could be eavesdropping, and he could know about it! Then he found the only available way to tell you at least something!

I had a hard time believing this theory. Rather, it seemed that Maya was looking for excuses for her father in every possible way. But was it appropriate? Maya seemed to be counting my doubts, and her eyes became cold and stern again.

Do you have any better explanations?

– I don't know! – The peaceful course of the conversation crunched like spring ice on the river. It needed to be fixed urgently. – Let's say you're right. But who could eavesdrop? You don’t think that you dragged yourself there…” I broke off: evening was approaching, and it was somehow uncomfortable to talk about those who were closely associated with the coming darkness.- In short, it's too cunning! And they have never done anything like this before, where to start all of a sudden?

– No idea. Maya turned away again. – But our Guide has never changed so quickly. And besides, this version is the best we have so far, isn't it?

I nodded, still considering her words.

– Well, in principle, yes, the attack is a distraction. In a fight, you can easily exchange a couple of phrases so that outsiders do not hear. But then again, very clever. And risky! After all, I could not hear, misunderstand, run immediately to complain to the Council, after all …

So the situation was very serious. And Boris understood this. It may have been the only way to help us without drawing Their attention.

The city responded to Maya's words with a heavy sigh – a gust of wind tore yellow foliage from the branches, a sheaf of sparks shot up in the rays of lanterns.

Maya shook her head.

– Okay. She jumped off the bench, light and graceful. – I'll try to find out more. If anything, let me know. She paused. “Anyway, we finally knew who to look for. It's your turn, edges, to do some work.

Maya was about to leave, but at the last moment she turned around and looked at me again.

“Just be kind, get yourself in order before this. And then how foci slop.

“I would still call it cheesecake …” I chuckled sourly. – Why are you so me, I'm the injured party!

– Of course, you are still far from the level of that crow with the fox. But I know you can do better, Caravax! – Maya threw over her shoulder and disappeared into the glare of the evening Street.

A man drinking beer on a nearby bench grinned – he was watching a most amusing picture. A crow and a white cat with a bell on a collar sat on a bench and seemed to be talking – the cat was meowing, the crow was croaking in response. And when there was only a little left at the bottom of the bottle, he heard, he was ready to swear that he heard the cat advise the crow to clean up. The drinking buddy, who arrived in time with the addition, at first burst out laughing when he heard the story of a friend. But he abruptly stopped laughing when the eyewitness of strange events decisively refused a new portion of alcohol.

“I’m going home, I’ll put myself in order …” he muttered and wandered away.

The cigarette burned his lungs with a long-awaited smoky poison. I couldn't resist – I lit a cigarette right in Linda's office. And although she was against my smoking, now she did not say a word.

– This is some nonsense. Linda's eyes flickered across the table, knocked together from old scenery. Hands could not find a place for themselves. Either they grappled with each other, melodiously hitting large rings, then they began to nervously twist strands of gray hair that had come out of a complex hairstyle. – Some nonsense. Boris attacked you! Our Boris?

“I understand, I don’t really believe it myself. It just hurts so much. I breathed another puff of smoke into the air.

Linda ran her hands over her face, which was lined with lines but still attractive.Linda was far over seventy, for the edge it was a lot. I knew this gesture-she decided on something.

– Meeting? I suggested.

“The meeting, yes …” Linda was silent for a while, as if listening, how her words sound. – Yes, fast. -She got up from the table, and began to measure their small room with steps, the walls of which were also collected from what was found behind the scenes. – You need to inform the detachments as soon as possible and send everyone in search.

– Guide or Boris? I specified.

– Boris will take care of Kedi. So far, the most reasonable. We will deal with the guide. Maya is right. This is our work. – Linda was silent for a while. – A child … sky, a guide – a child! Was there really no other options?

“Apparently, his predecessor decided that this is an okhoretic idea,” I answered, but by the reaction of Linda I realized that this was not a question for the answer. – At the dawn, I am ready to advance with the guys. – I put out a cigarette in the porcelain bowl that the ballerina embraced.

“Maybe you will show yourself Foti?” – Linda looked at me. “They patch you, what is bad?”

– Yes, nonsense, said. It wasn’t he who healed. I will wash, the sod of coffee – and an invigorating!

Linda shook her head vaguely.

– I will appoint a meeting for four in the morning – you will have a little time to sleep. I hope at least you will not argue with this?

Linda stood at the far wall of the office. The knight drawn on her unnaturally cried his face in an attempt to portray courage. He waved his crooked sword on a dragon, squinting at his killer. It seemed that both were not enthusiastic about the awkward situation, in which they were forever imprinted by a not too skilled artist. I didn’t like the picture, Linda, too, but none of us would have dared to do something about it. It was part of the theater scenery, part of the last theater, before it fell asleep. We have already used this past to arrange all kinds of amenities – walls, tables, chairs, shelves. Nobody wanted to show even more disrespect.

– And you also need to find out what happens to … them. – Linda was not superstitious. Rather, I did not consider it reasonable to use a word that causes a not too fun reaction in all. – I will talk with the Hunda, I will find out the last reports.

I nodded and left her office, which occupied the niche behind the scenes of the former wall.

The theater was our home. Not all the edges lived in it, but everyone was here at least once – at Linda in the office, at a meeting, visiting friends or just a span.

The place of power with blue walls and white columns, reliably hidden among the trees of an abandoned park.

Time left its mark on the theater, but did it delicately, without taking beauty, but rather transforming it into something new, more suitable for its age. In this sense, the theater was very similar to its owner – Linda. Always elegantly dressed, always with a straight back and a calm look, Linda, unlike other edges, rarely left the walls of the theater.She was first of all the Keeper of our house, and only then everything else – the head of the region, the Owner of the Keys to the City, my mentor. Once upon a time, it was she who took up my upbringing, and no matter how I was shaken through life, no matter what troubles I got into, she always accepted me for who I am. And one of the few things I held on to that I feared losing more than anything else was her faith in me. On some days, especially when I was young, this was the only thing that kept me from terrible nonsense. In any case, from the majority.

I went up to my room on the second floor, which had been made into a dressing room. There were only two dressing rooms in the Theater, but with the help of scenery they were divided into as many as eight. Small but cozy. Only the heads of the detachments were allowed to own such a room. Luckily, I was one of them. I got a wonderful part of the room – with a window overlooking the park. At this time of year, through the balding trees, one could see the river and the embankment far ahead.

I pushed behind me the hardboard back of the throne, which played the role of a door. He shook the cape off his shoulders and threw it on the cot. He lit a kerosene stove, which he found in one of the attics last year. The room immediately warmed up – the yellow flame instantly warmed the slate darkness of the night, which was not yet ready to give up its rights to the approaching dawn. I opened the window, letting the coolness of the park into the room. The shrunken frame rattled menacingly with glass, but I knew it was just that. The glass was firmly seated in an unreliable-looking eye socket. I leaned over the repeatedly bleached window sill and carefully lifted a bucket filled to the brim with rain from the gutter. I washed myself, there was even enough water for a quick wash.

I bandaged it, made the kerosene stove brighter, and finally collapsed to take a nap. The dream came quickly, I did not even notice how all sorts of nonsense flashed before my eyes. I woke up at dawn when there was a noise outside the door. The edges flocked for the Assembly.

I went out into the hall. By tradition, not everyone was present at the Assembly, only the heads of the detachments and their closest subordinates. Mine were already here – the most responsible, as always.

The theater hall was small but cozy. It seemed to me that he retained everything that is usually associated with theaters, even if he was slightly battered. Scarlet velvet armchairs, on which you could still make out the numbers. Balconies and columns with ancient monograms, a heavy curtain on the stage, slightly decayed along the edges. Lighting also added to the atmosphere – candles and a system of mirrors to reflect the light and distribute it evenly.

Each leader in the hall was assigned certain places. As Kryshnik, who is in charge of everything that happens on the roofs and attics, I was given a higher place – on a column, knocked down on the mezzanine bed.

– Well, you look, boss, – Horace grinned, when I awkwardly sank into my seat – sleep returned strength for the flight, but the dislocation did not contribute to a soft landing.

– You talk to me.- I got comfortable, extended my leg so that my knee would not strain so much.

“Is it true that the head of Kedi has finished you?” – my subordinate did not let up. – Well this is in any framework!

“Tell me that not the whole order is in the know.” – I looked into the hall, gradually filled with other edges.

– No, boss, what, only we are, here's the word! – Horace burst out. The impudent, but talented young man, who recently joined my detachment. I liked him: executive, always with a couple of sharpness ready. I just smiled at him in response.

When the hall was already buzzing from the number of votes and discussions, Linda came out onto the stage-like a prima, swam from behind the curtains with his head raised high. In the rays of the “natural spotlight” – holes in the ceiling – its necklace sparkled. A bunch of silver -plated master keys. Keys from all doors.

Linda patiently waited for everyone to break and calm down, but I already wanted to start quickly. Therefore, I raised my hand up, showing that I was ready to listen. The Horace's hand took off. Then – Grett and Mary, my guys. The rest were repeated behind them. Linda looked around the hall – the sea of ​​hands dressed in black and silver. She nodded – we dropped hands.

“My dear ones,” Linda's voice poured. – The keepers became exactly known: there is a new guide!

A reverent exclamation swept across the hall. Linda slowly raised her hand, calling for order. Homon verse.

“Alas, it's not so simple,” she continued. “Despite the fact that we managed to confirm its existence …” Linda's gaze lingered briefly on me and moved on, “the guidebook has not yet been found.”

I was always delighted with how confident she performs. For a long time, I was convinced that it was a natural talent until I found her in the office rehearsing every word before the next meeting.

From the words of Linda, a disappointed sigh swept through the hall. She only calmly raised her hand, again urging everyone to calm down.

– I'm sure this is only a matter of time.

– That would now have been the guide to us, from the edge! There were no guides with us for so long! – there was a voice from the hall bypassing the strict order of Linda – all questions only on his raised hand.

– The main thing is not with Foti! The rest is tolerant! – grinned another.

Linda frowned – such a chatter at the meeting annoyed her, but she was silent in anticipation that the wards themselves would form. In vain.

– And not with the cedo! -someone else picked up in the hall. – Last time there were cedi! Better with Foti!

– Not better at all!

And then everything was arguing in vain. Versions sounded from all sides, as if it could change something.

-Come on, quiet! – Linda's voice made everyone instantly shut up.

Usually soft, she rarely switched to a scream. Therefore, when she raised her voice, there was no doubt – it was very serious.

When silence reigned again, Linda's facial features smoothed out and a polite penny appeared on his lips again.

– No matter how we wanted the new guide to be from the region, we should not forget about the rules! – She looked strictly into the hall.- As soon as the guiding expert is found, as it should be brought to a meeting of the Council, which will establish, who will become a guardian depending on its abilities. We, Fotsi or someone else.

“Not Foti …” the clear opponent of the silly whispered quietly again, but Linda led it unnoticed.

“However,” her face was darkened, “as you probably guess yourself … They also went out in search.”

In the hall there was a dead silence, gradually covered with goosebumps of disturbing whispering.

“Shadow,” Linda said quietly.

The hall involuntarily shuddered. The shades were afraid of everyone, without exception, even if someone was brave. Unlike the darkness, thoughtlessly staggering in places of someone else's pain, sorrow or anger and did not cause special troubles, the shadow were human. There were few of them. Sometimes one is one shadow throughout the city. But they were incredibly voracious, and therefore incredibly active. At their disposal there were always shadows, stupid creatures, but with the right guidance, they became faithful hound, for the sake of the owner ready for anything. They poured into the streets with sunset. Only the hundes who guarded the city from shadows at night were not afraid of them. And shut, but for completely different reasons. And we, the edges, Fotsi, and even more so, were almost defenseless. Understanding this sword hung over us, and in the evenings it sometimes became very creepy from it. The closer the sunset was, the more often I saw the edges, the meaningless look of contemplating something in front of me. It lasted only a few seconds, usually everyone quickly pulled themselves together and returned to business. But I knew what was behind these short abstract glances. Fear. And the memories of him. Everyone had them. In the afternoon, they were hidden in a black basement of memory, but closer to the night, as if someone weakened the lock on the door and the memories seeped into a narrow gap, sticking out all thoughts with a sticky slurry, interfering with concentrating, giving rise to a nervous cold in the chest.

The shadow almost never hunted themselves, usually for them they did the shadows. But not during the search for a new guide. Then they were ready to stain their hands, and therefore the search for a guide turned into a race. Where the price was both well -being of the city and our own lives.

– I understand that it scares. But we have passed through it more than once. Until now, they have not managed to overtake us. This time it will not work out if you remain calm and act according to the established rules, ”Linda continued. – The rules have been worked out for years. If you adhere to them, everything will be fine and no one will suffer.

– Then what are we waiting for? -suddenly someone jumped up in the hall. It seems that one of the people of the barn. – We need to urgently advance in search!

“Of course,” Linda agreed. “But I want to call you to be caution again.” Yes, we have been dealing with shadows for a long time, but you all know that this is an enemy who cannot be underestimated. A separate request for the heads of detachments.Follow your subordinates, especially the recruits, and do not expose them in vain risk.

The hall was buzzing.

– Act carefully and help each other. – Linda took her breath. – So, about the new guide. He is gray -haired. And he is very young. Yes, this is very little. But let's hope that such a modest amount of information will not prevent us from finding it very soon.

The larger the city, the more strength is required to comb it. But when you have an action plan, honed for years and a clear system of distribution of detachments, the organization of searches is not difficult.

The entire order of the region was divided into detachments. One leader, several deputies and a bunch of subordinates. Well, recruits, where without them. Each detachment has its own area of ​​responsibility.

The barn and his detachment took over the outskirts of the city, smoothly and imperceptibly flowing into the villages.

The balcony habitually chose sleeping areas.

The garage and sheds, who preferred to work in pairs, joined him, taking on a lower height.

The basement, who communicated well with Shushu, was called to examine everything from the ground.

The workshop with his huge army, however, pretty much thinned in recent years – people got used to demolishing the buildings of factories and factories – of course, went to their favorite industrial zones.

It was more difficult for the guys with geography. Roofs that had access to the attic or other “roof” zones were full throughout the city.

– Let's start with the center? In order not to push with the workshop, ”Horace suggested.

The plan was not bad.

I was about to fly away when Linda came up to me and took aside.

“There is something else,” she said, lowering her voice. “Something only for your ears.”