RESTAURANT-BREWERY; DONJON; in Novopolotsk: address, photo, description

RESTAURANT-BREWERY – DONJON at the address st. Molodezhnaya, 200, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region. Photo and description of the institution in Belarus


In the restaurant Donzhon you can taste dishes of Belarusian, European, Russian cuisine. Most of the positions presented in the menu are the author's development of a creative chef, which means that you will not be treated to such culinary masterpieces in any other institution. Of course, we also prepare traditional dishes, but we always add zest to them – a piece of our soul, so that our guests come back to us again and again.

Donzhon is the first restaurant-brewery in Novopolotsk and its hallmark can rightfully be considered beer of its own production. We are really proud to be able to offer our guests the best – excellent live beer! In addition to good beer, the Donjon restaurant offers delicious coffee and a bar with a wide range of products.

With us you can always try beer of various flavors, as well as strengths: from light varieties with a low alcohol content to fairly strong. At the same time, having enjoyed fresh beer in the cozy walls of our restaurant, you can easily take the atmosphere of a wonderful time with you, taking a bottle of a wonderful drink!

Now you have a unique opportunity to appreciate the centuries-old traditions of Czech brewing, the unique taste of classic German beer, and also taste the legendary drink of Irish pubs in Novopolotsk.

We invite all residents and guests of our city to taste our beer:

BLONDER BEER PREMIUM – branded light beer of the German type;

BLONDER BEER LIGHT – branded light light beer of the Czech type;

IRISH RED – red Irish beer;

IRISH BLACK – Irish dark beer.

The name Donjon comes from the Latin word dominio – I rule or dominate, as the main tower of a medieval castle was called. This type of tower originated in the 11th century in Europe, more precisely in Normandy (France), and initially it was a rectangular tower adapted for defense, but at the same time being the residence of a feudal lord.

So our “Donjon” will impress its guests with the severity and grandeur of a medieval castle, embodied in its interior with many forged details, massive natural wood furniture, paintings, weapons … But at the same time, it will warm you with the warmth of a burning fireplace, lure you with the comfort and softness of new leather sofas, making time stop while you enjoy a glass of delicious live beer.

The restaurant-brewery Donzhon is fully suitable for holding a grand corporate party or celebrating a chic wedding, anniversary (large hall for 60 people), and for organizing a birthday, a modest family celebration or a business lunch. The Small VIP-hall (for 20 people) is optimally suited for holding small conferences, business meetings and business negotiations followed by organizing a coffee break, lunch or dinner.We will certainly help to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your event, both for a big campaign and for a secluded romantic date.

Today, the restaurant-brewery Donjon is pleased to offer its guests dishes of Old Slavonic, Belarusian and Russian cuisine. Our chefs have tried to combine in the menu both traditional dishes that have long been familiar to all visitors, and exquisite author's culinary masterpieces that can surprise the most demanding gourmet.

Trust me, it's really worth a try! And we guarantee that you will want to come back to us more than once!