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Review from the buyer on the product DVB-T2 receiver MYSTERY MMP-70DT2: photos, description, opinion, review

Review on DVB-T2 receiver MYSTERY MMP-70DT2

How often do you find yourself in front of the TV? How often do you want to see an event in all its splendor, in detail, in every detail?

Does the picture quality on your TV not suit you? Everyone must have experienced this, because the transmission of a television signal over a distance faces problems caused by distance and interference. Often these reasons become an insurmountable obstacle to the movement of images and sound in space. Most often, with the distance from the TV signal tower, these problems only increase and, as you move away from the tower, the image quality deteriorates to the point of unacceptable.

The natural solution to the problem was the development of digital television. The DVB-T2 standard adopted in our country allows you to transmit a high quality image without losing this very quality. To date, two packages (so-called multiplexes) of channels have been formed, with a complete list of channels in both packages, as well as a digital television coverage map on the territory of the Russian Federation, can be found on the official website, but I will try to move smoothly to the essence of this review.

Despite the fact that in urban conditions all houses have long been firmly entangled with cable television networks, the image quality is not always sufficient (however, a person will always find something to complain about), I purchased a set-top box for receiving digital television. Why, you say, in the presence of cable and pay TV, buy an additional set-top box to receive free TV, you ask? Yes, because free TV gives a higher quality picture! How so? It's simple – when transmitting a signal from a receiver in a cable television office to a TV in the end user's apartment, several transformations, attenuations, amplifications go through, and all these procedures do not affect the signal detail in the best way.

Of course, it's hard to see the difference. It is difficult, but quite possible, especially if you are a sports fan, in which, in addition to the sport itself, additional information in the digital dimension (speed, time, distance) is displayed on the screen.

In addition to home urban use, the set-top box, which is also a receiver (to use the terminology of the English language), due to its compactness and compactness of the antenna, can be used during field sessions in the country, where, as everyone knows, there are serious problems with television reception. Meanwhile, a dacha is an event, some football match cannot be postponed, but it can be combined.

All problems of poor TV signal reception are solved by buying a set-top box.

What is good about MYSTERY MMP-70DT2?

Review on the DVB-T2 receiver Mystery MMP-70DT2-Image 1

All prefixes of this type have the same dimensions and the same functionality. The difference lies in the details.

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This receiver is able to independently supply the supply voltage to the external antenna (when the appropriate menu items are turned on) and this is a very useful function that reduces the number of devices included in the electrical network.

In addition, the prefix practically does not heat up during operation, whether it is a television reception, go play films from a USB carrier or recording a television channel signal on a USB carrier. Yes! This is an indispensable function, especially if it was impossible to cancel the exit to the cottage, and you have not yet purchased the TV. You can configure the recording of your favorite match and see upon returning in excellent quality in their free leisure time. For example, at night, when everyone gets fired.

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The set -top box includes a control panel and a composite cable for connecting a console to a TV. Naturally, in addition to analogue, there is a digital exit.

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The prefix knows how to let the antenna signal through itself, and you can install one antenna and several prefixes, which will allow you to watch different channels on different TVs.

However, let's move on to the menu of this device. Unlike some other digital television receivers, the menu here is convenient and quite understandable, without errors in Russification.

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On the first screen there is an editor of the channel location and the recording installation schedule.

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The prefix allows you to set a whole list of the recorded programs, the limitation is only the size of your USB medium. By the way, the prefix, the prefix correctly recognizes the hard discs. When installing the program for recording, you must be careful and not miss the last item in the menu – mode. Installing the View mode gives the prefix the signal only switch to the desired channel upon the event of an event, to record it (when the TV is turned off and the person sleeps), it is necessary to indicate the Record mode.

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The prefix allows you to choose several operating modes, adjusting to any TV with any working permission and the ratio of the parties.

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Searching for programs is possible in both automatic and manual mode. By the way, it is here that you see that the prefix supplies power supply for the external antenna (I use RAMO Mini Digital).

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You can install your region, but the prefix is ​​synchronizes automatically after turning on through the air, which is very convenient – even if at night the electricity will disappear at your cottage for a while, after its restoration, the prefix itself will set the correct time and your record will be guaranteed.

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These settings are related to the language in which you prefer to communicate with the TV.

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Here you can make hardware settings. Thanks to good Russification, everything is transparent here.

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The last menu item is related to the reproduction of digital video and audio from external media.Including a video recorded by the receiver itself.

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Having fallen into the subparagraph of the Multimedia menu, you indicate the type of files that you intend to view you, after scanning your USB medium, will offer a full list of files that this device can play.

For those who are interested in what is inside this little black box – nothing interesting.

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The microcircuit under the radiator is the main chip engaged in the processing of the video stream. Soldering and assembly is quite high quality.

The control panel is the most common, non -ergonomic, but in general it performs its functions. Unfortunately, he has a very narrow angle in which he directs his signals and to get into the receiver you need to aim well. Given the size of the receiver, sometimes it causes some difficulties. However, as far as I know, all compact receivers have such problems.

In addition to the remote control, the channels can be switched from the front panel with the buttons, which may be useful if the grandfather stepped in the kirsa boots on the remote control, and the dog grabbed the rest and carried the rest in an indefinite direction.

Otherwise, this is a regular device for one function – to ensure the reception of digital television and it copes with its task perfectly. I can safely recommend it as the subject of the purchase: the possibilities are great, the disadvantages are insignificant.