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All reviews of the people who visited Alter Ego


A very strong and experienced coach. He selects the program well, explains the implementation technique and monitors the correct execution. Adds unusual exercises to training. The first coach for all the time in which you want to continue training.

Once a year I am in Kazan and on the advice of a friend, I definitely visit the clinic. I am satisfied with the service, clean and quality at the level – a friendly administrator, a warm atmosphere, professionals work, I also like the interior. She did her face cleaning, and her daughter pierced her daughter, Natalya Nikolaevna quickly found an approach to her daughter for 3 years, pierced her ears without a single tear, and also treated them with tea with sweets. After cleaning, I correctly picked up the care where, after the procedure, I bought care cosmetics. And the most pleasant and unexpected attention was – after a couple of days Natalya Nikolaevna called and clarified how her daughter’s ears were. I recommend visiting the clinic!

I like yoga julia coach. He has a lot to do with himself and I will only go to her. She is very polite and pleasant in communication. I like a comfortable class for classes and locker rooms. There is a convenient location and parking, everything is fine.

Good afternoon, Madina! Thank you very much for the review.
We are glad that you liked the classes with us. Come, waiting for you in training.
Sincerely, the administration of Alter Ego.

I really like the coach Natalya Solovyova. I have been going to Pilates for more than a year and is very pleased. Classes are interesting, exercises are changing. Natalia is always in the mood, prepares for classes, pays time and attention to everyone who is engaged in the group.

Hello, Rail. We are infinitely grateful for the warm words. Your words are the highest rating for each of us. We will certainly continue to delight visitors with a high level of service and the professionalism of coaches.
Always glad to you!
Always yours, the administration of Alter Ego.

I go to yoga to this studio. I mainly fall into the classes of the teacher Julia. I like how this coach is conducting a lesson. The lesson passes intensively, a lot of stretching exercises are given. Before that, I visited yoga with other coaches, but I like the most of all, I like the lesson. After her classes, I immediately see an improvement in my posture, I feel how my back is straightened.

For many years I have been going to Aquafitnes to the Altergo fitness club. I want to thank all the club employees. I especially want to note Elena Novikov, Natalia Soloviev and Leysan Fedchenko. These are real professionals in their field, classes always go cheerfully, fervently, the mood is always excellent. I also want to note the deputy general director of Yevgeny Kalinin. This is such a charming and friendly young man, answers all the questions of interest politely, always with a smile. From the bottom of my heart I want to wish great pride for your labors and achievements, joy, interesting ideas and their embodiment! Sincerely, Alfiya Readulova

Scoop.In the yoga center, which from the end, the cloakroom attendant all the time replaces the admin Artem. She chats on the phone, while at the reception there is a crowd of customers. He addresses everyone to you, the manner of communication leaves much to be desired.

The other day I could not get through all day to cancel the appointment. They said later they say the admins can not cope. So solve the issue. 21 century. You can accept orders from customers on sayya and in social networks

Swimming pool – water is changed once a year. And she's cold

At swimming lessons in a small pool, left-handed people are still swimming. By the way, a personal training in swimming costs as much as a month of regular lessons 4 times. At the same time, you swim for 1200/lesson in a pool teeming with people. Pts cool for beginners well done
Subscription is issued for a month. Do you know that women have passes for 5 days? If I can only visit you once a week, naturally I skip 1-2 classes. The subscription was closed although there were still classes. There is no supposedly good reason for missing. Unfortunately, gynecologists do not issue a certificate.
And by the way, they write about boats here. All right. And move the lifebuoy closer to the side. No one will be rescued in the pool

Really it is impossible to make more thoughtful conditions for clients.

I came to painting for the first time for adults … they gave me a Deshman brush painted on one side of an A4 sheet – one – and a Deshman children's watercolor. Nothing was explained at all. The admin on the phone said that the topic of the lesson is not known, but you will be given everything, do not worry. The class was mostly children. For adults is called

I would like to thank the master Dmitry for his magical miracle massage. No pain but with effective promyaniye. Moreover, the clinic after the renovation has become somehow cozy. His hands are soft. I want to try to go to him for a wrap.
But I recommend going to him for a massage.

I want to leave a review about AlterEgo clinic. After the renovation, everything was very nice and pleasant. I was especially pleased with the discount on massage and the appearance of a male massage therapist. I prefer to go for a massage to men because they have a special energy. And I get much more pleasure. I really liked the massage with Dmitry. He has his own special technique, it seems to be very prone and at the same time it does not hurt. I would recommend it to those who can not stand the pain …

I really like the fitness center, I have been doing it for more than a year. Unfortunately, lately, in group classes, the apple has nowhere to fall. I tried to express my dissatisfaction – I heard from Azat – if you don’t like it, go to individual classes. We'll have to change the fitness center.

It's the Alter Ego pool! The administration does not respond to comments. It pretends that everything is perfect with them. The walls of the pool and all horizontal handrails are covered with greasy mud. The sticky mass disgustingly remains on the hands. The fallen off mosaic reminds of the Soviet past. Over the past years, it would have been possible to order and glue the missing tiles. You will not see this in any pool in the city.

Dear anonymous, we are ready to respect your judgments about the pool. Provide hundreds of water tests in the pool and flushing from the walls, handrails carried out as part of the work of the production control program for all 12 years of work, if you call your name. Otherwise, we will consider your opuses paid, not friendly actions that do not deserve attention.

I don’t know who you, Guzel, too! Are you the owner of the club? Have a conscience. We don’t pay that kind of money to swim in the garbage dump! At least the pool users. And just enter the pool water, swim along the walls, hold on to the handrails. And you will understand everything. No need to photograph from the side. We also have such beautiful photos from the side. You take a picture of the walls from the water. And no one takes tests! Why don't you hang daily results on the stand? They float in the water. And that you poured chlorines there in such quantities that it cuts your eyes and breathe, practically poisoned us this weekend, February 25-26, 2017 is a separate proceedings. Conduct with you. And call the Ministry of Emergencies. Compek vapors of chlorine. And there is no connection with the owner of the ego alter, hiding his phone and data, and with the administrators that you have new are new to talk every day, they don’t answer for anything, they say that they don’t even go to the club, and the pool is in the eyes did not see. And read your book of complaints at least sometimes. And place the data of the club owner so that you can at least somehow act on you and contact him promptly. And a month of oral comments to the administrators, as a wall of the pea-nickel reaction! Why is it anonymous here? Yes, because all the names of the indignant visitors of your pool will not fit here. Just stay in their place. Enter the water. Focus on the sides, mosaic. And then even the swimming coach sees the pool only from the side, he never climbs into the water, as he himself claims, does not hold on to these sticky handrails. Follow the pool! Take real tests, today, and do not offer us in 12 years! Do not hide the boats, they will not be stolen! In other city pools, they are in constant use. Your fire extinguisher next to the side will not save the drowning man! Thank you for reading at least a review here. I hope, put things in order. And we will enjoy your club, not negative and disgust.

Dear, anonymous! We continue to respect your opinion, despite the fact that the written text is more like a tantrum. All the full information about the legal entity can be obtained at the stand of the buyer’s stand ”, the owner of the company is in the club daily and personally controls the quality of water in the pool and the quality of the services provided. The body control and conducting production control program is Rospotrebnadzor.Every year in the pool, planned technical work is carried out to replace and repair the walls of the pool. Since during the calendar year, it takes place to deteriorate. Also, according to the schedule, waterline is cleaned. Chlorine -containing drugs for water purification in the pool, today, unfortunately, are the most effective. Their percentage in water and in the air meets the standards. And we sympathize that everything is so bad with us, and you continue to walk) can advise the address of another pool?

Why does the administration not respond to comments on the mud in the pool?! On the walls and handrails there is such black fat that the feeling that you are swimming in the garbage dump. Why is no one followed by the cleanliness of the pool? No one takes the sample of water. The smallest pool in the city, and you cannot take care of it. The sanitary and epidemiological station is to call. And further. All boats are hidden under the castle. If someone becomes bad in the pool, someone will begin to sink, there is nothing to help. Everyone will not risk swimming to a frantically grabbing person. There may be no one in the pool, who can help with a qualified manner. This is not an unfounded request. A girl who could not swim nearly drowned in her eyes, but who decided to swim. Honestly, no one dared to swim to her without a boat and be recessed by her. This is where the realization came that there was not a single means of salvation around, and what could be approached by it, so as not to be at the bottom. The depth for a low person is significant. Moreover, the children are also included there. Administration, solve these issues. After all, they do not require financial costs. We pay considerable money, but we get such discomfort. Follow cleanliness. The cleaning lady, apparently, does not cope with the care of the pool. Apparently, you will have to bring the Famii and wrap your fat from the mosaic yourself.

How often do you wash the walls of the pool from fat? And oh! Women! Wash in the shower before climbing the pool! All sweaty from the locker rooms go straight to the pool. The request to hang out a poster with a reminder.

I am looking for those who want to buy an annual subscription for the action 2 unlimited cards and a year for 31840r. 8-905-three1dva-60-Nol5

I want to express dissatisfaction with the constant 15 minute delays in Elena's instructor, not only is it late, but also spends a half-Aerobic classes half a hour, instead of 45 minutes. What kind of neglect of official duties and disrespect for customers. Please replace her with Dasha!

It is a pity that there are no Belly Dance for working with 9-18. At least weekends. ((
I think it would be a lot of people who wanted to, given how much this dance is useful for women))

The guy and I liked everything, at this price everything really suited us. We took the TZ+pool subscription. The coach is attentive, he studied with us. Everything is clean, neatly, simulators are all workers, there are no crowds in the hall

Hatha yoga was engaged in Alter Ego for almost a year by coach Julia.She is great. As soon as I get a chance, I will resume classes. I recommend to everyone!

At Alter Ego, I go to yoga. Classes are taught by the wonderful Julia. Every time she comes up with something new. He does not give concessions to anyone, he always gives advice on how to perform asanas correctly. The hall is designed for 20 people, but basically 15 people are engaged. There are rugs, blankets and bricks. They also give girls hair ties, if you forgot 🙂

Today, in the evening, Yulia has 20-30 people at a time, this is a lot (!!) for yoga, inconvenience arises

Friends! Kazan will host a LARGE EVENT: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: “ONE GRAIN. The game of professionals. SOCIETY. The last chance. We invite all people of good will to join the global initiative that will unite all countries of the world! This unique international event will begin in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and will take place around the globe. In Russia, the meeting is organized in the following cities: Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol, Volgograd, Kazan, Yekaterinburg… IN KAZAN THE EVENT WILL BE HELD ON MAY 11 AT 17:00 AT ADDRESS: UL. FATIKHA AMIRKHAN 1a, HOTEL RIVIERA, CONFERENCE HALL Admission is free by invitation. REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY: Participation online is possible, a link to the broadcast a day before the event will be sent to each participant. All caring people will gather in conference rooms around the world to take part in an event that will affect the fate of all mankind. Everyone will be able to connect through a live broadcast over the Internet. The opinion of each person is very important. This large-scale unique project will also be covered by journalists and representatives of the international media. The people themselves initiate this event in order to raise and discuss topical vital topics that concern each person and all of humanity as a whole. We will openly and honestly discuss the most pressing issues. Why do we have such world problems as wars, international conflicts, racial and religious discrimination? Why is information distorted or hushed up in the media, and how has the consumer format of the development of society become a dead end in the development of our civilization? This international roundtable will provide a chance for all mankind to openly and honestly tell the truth, look into each other's eyes and unite not only in words but also in deeds. This is a turning point, this is our chance to declare what we want: Peace or war, Happiness or enmity? Do we shift our decision to someone else or are we ready to make a choice on our own? This large-scale international meeting will create a solid foundation of mutual understanding between people of different countries, different nationalities, religions, professions, social status in creating a single unifying platform for the world community based on mutual respect, humanity and Love.

Recently, I learned about one false teacher of Eastern practices, Yuri Razhev.This charlatan invented all his skill and the history of training in China, he published these inventions in the form of an autobiography in the book “On the Way to Immortality”. However, this book is based on 100% on the material that Razhev stole from many books of other authors. This impudent plagiarism and lies of Razhev are disassembled on the site Razhev point Net.

Hello, Alexander Vershinin – representative of Alexei Sergienko, we have a commercial sentence so that you can get acquainted with him, send you all the necessary related documents here with respect, Alexander

Wonderful new halls, large locker rooms, toilet rooms, a large number of showers with good watering can opened. Everything is great.
But today, after a lesson at 11h, it was not possible to get to the sauna, it did not turn on for a long time and it is not known how much time it needs to warm up (or the staff does not know how to turn it on) and only cold water was waited in the soul, too, it was disappointed.

For your comfort, the infrared sauna is equipped with an automatic timer button. You can independently turn on the sauna at the entrance, it takes only a few minutes to warm up.
We value your trust!

Olga, thank you for your responses! Today, an accident occurred in the boiler room due to which there was no hot water for two hours. The consequences of the accident tried to eliminate as quickly as possible.

Good afternoon, there is sports gymnastics for boys, rhythmic gymnastics for girls. You can also try the kindergarten lesson there, of course, from 4 years old, but is curled from the child.

For the third day I can’t answer how much a half -year subscription costs. And are there any discounts to students ??

Good afternoon, all the information in the link there you can choose a subscription that is right for you

Good evening! Is it realistic to do anything with the musical accompaniment of Hot Iron L? The disk is spoiled (from the first day), when replacing the disk “nervous” the instructor, the pace of the lesson and the score are confused, which begins to strain slowly … to engage in this program for another two months at least. Please take measures, it is not difficult to overwrite the disk;) your regular customer with respect and hope.

Catherine, we apologize, solved the problem, the disc was fed, unfortunately, we still get music from the supplier on the CD, and they tend to deteriorate. Already in October a new plan and new music.

Qualified coaches in all sports areas. Programs for children from 3 years old and adolescents.

Qualified coaches in all sports areas. Programs for children from 3 years old and adolescents.

Good afternoon! The cost of a club card is from 1150 rubles, there is a discount on the card with a validity of 3 months, you can purchase here here

To start changing, it is not necessary to wait for Monday. He, as you know, is already heavy. Let Saturday become your starting point on the way to achieve the goal!

Today I want to talk about those who attend group classes at the Alter Ego fitness club and achieve excellent results. In the classroom, they listen to the coach's advice on exercise technique, and are not afraid to ask questions about training and nutrition. And most importantly, these girls are focused on the result and, leaving the training, do not stop their struggle. The key is not the size of your stride. The key is whether you continue to take steps tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, after-after tomorrow.
Shakirova Milyausha-before and after photos. Thanks to her perseverance and willpower, 11 kg is forever in the past. Attends Hot Iron, Bums Tabs, Abl flex, Super Sculpt, Best Fit, Cycle classes at Alter Ego. I corrected my nutrition, made fitness an integral part of my life … and voila. Now she is a role model for many of her work colleagues. And you can also together
c fitness club Alter Ego, Kazan, Ershova, 16, tel. 2777-999,

GIRLS, ATHLETIC FRIDAY stretch is rescheduled to SUNDAY at 13.00.
Now there is an opportunity to stretch and try out the NEW PLAN on the weekend as well. You are BIG WELL
And we have very little left with you

You can be happy for those who light up in the evening with Christina!)
And it's so sad that in the daytime, after Zarina left the club, those who wanted to attend dance directions were left with nothing. (one lesson of Natasha does not count)
And the issue of postponing Zumba to a time after 11 a.m., so that customers who purchased a day subscription could attend, remained unresolved by the club's management, although it could be resolved in 5 minutes.

Haven't tried yet? TODAY is a great day to start changing. IRON CROSS c v is the next step in your workout. IRON CROSS-constructor of your body.

I am looking for a second person to buy an Unlimited card for the promotion: 2 Unlimited cards for 1 year with a 20% discount = 33,440 rubles.

I have so often written rave reviews about the fitness club that I have been attending for many years, about wonderful trainers, about dance styles that distinguish it from many others … And now disappointment has come … After leaving the club, the excellent coach Zarina, the management did not find or did not want to find a worthy coach who can replace her in dance classes. As a result, a large group of clients attending these classes were left without them ((((
Many have bought subscriptions for a day visit to the club, and now there are simply no favorite dance classes at this time. It turns out: the money was spent, but the declared service was not performed by the club.

Alter Ego Kazan is a fitness club, and I am also very upset and fully agree with Olga's words. Yes, it's natural that a coach can leave, that's normal, but when you choose a club, you choose it because of a certain format of training as well. TBS was removed from the schedule, the hall was always bursting at this lesson, there was always a demand for a lesson, a lot of people are upset.

Olga, we really appreciate your choice and cherish it.We understand your affection and love for a particular coach. It happens that coaches end their careers at the club, they are replaced by a worthy replacement. Please leave your wishes on the formats and hours of the lesson, they will be considered. All previously announced lessons are included in the schedule.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the fitness club Alter Ego, and in particular to note the coach Dashenka Shuvalova. A true professional in his field. And for her sake, you even get up at 7 in the morning to sign up for group classes! Very pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the classroom!) Any question will be answered! Super man! Thank you for such BEST COACHES!) p.s. Pregnant women are crazy about you

Good evening! We want to express our deep gratitude to our beloved gymnastics coach Alsu! Thanks to your efforts, high professionalism and personal qualities, our daughter became more interested in a sports lifestyle, which immediately affected her achievements in gymnastics. show to your students. We wish you all the best, success and victories in your teaching career!

I would like to share my impressions about the fitness club with beginners and potential visitors)) Visiting the club is a great pleasure. The main, in my opinion, the pride of the club is its excellent coaches, many of whom have been working in it for a very long time and with great dedication.
The dance direction is what distinguishes Alter ego from a huge number of fitness centers. A great coach, a wonderful specialist and just a good person – Zarina. In her classes, both beginners and those whom she has already managed to teach to dance feel comfortable) As a result, the group is full and in a good mood.

The Body Revolution project is gaining momentum.
The participants of the project achieved, in just two weeks, an IMPRESSIVE RESULT!
The total amount of excess weight shed was 7.5 kg.
For 2 weeks we have already managed to get acquainted with such programs as:
-in cycle
-Port de Bras
– functional training
YOU CAN STILL JOIN us and prove that willpower and a great desire to change your life for the better work wonders.
Timetable of classes:
Monday 19:00
Wednesday 19:00
Friday 19:00

For several years now I have been attending Alter's fitness club. We are all like one big friendly family, from the staff to visitors and coaches) I especially like the dance direction of the club, this is what distinguishes it from an infinite number of others! Choreographer Natalia Solovieva is a true professional! Thanks to her, I got acquainted with folk, oriental, Latin dances, and you can’t list everything. ))) A varied program, taking into account the wishes of clients and, as a result, the full occupancy of the group in the classroom.

Olga, thank you so much for your kind words.Natasha is truly a great professional. We really appreciate your choice.

Good sports morning everyone! Pre-registration for group programs for your convenience is made two days in advance!

I want to sincerely thank the management and the entire staff of the club for all the innovations and positive changes that have taken place in the club over the past year: new halls, training formats, equipment, trainers, promotions. A lot of work has been done, a big leap forward has been made – it's worth a lot. I sincerely wish you success, prosperity and development! Of course, there is much to strive for, especially in the field of customer service, but as they say, there is no limit to perfection! You are great!
I wrote and spoke more than once about how much I love, respect and appreciate Alter Ego coaches. Once again, I want to express my deep gratitude to the coach Safiullina Zarina for her responsiveness, attention, disinterestedness and motivation! Her faith in me allowed me to achieve results that I am proud of. Thanks a lot!

Julia, we are very pleased to receive such feedback, and especially from you. You are a big guy! For more than a year, successfully taking care of yourself, you motivate many by personal example. Thank you for all your wishes to our club, including the comments that help us to become better.

We inform fans of the Hot Iron program – from April 1, a new training plan and the most incendiary music from the world's dance floors.

Every month we make one best price offer for an unlimited club card of our fitness club. Offer for APRIL — 5 months + 30 days of prolongation for only 12,990 rubles. Hurry up! You still have time to prepare for the holidays, and train all summer to be in your best shape. Prolongation will allow you to suspend the validity of the card for the duration of your vacation!

Health is the first component of Happiness. Joseph Pilates Today is Monday, which means there is a chance to start a new life again. And we will try to help you become healthier and happier. Your Alter Ego.

Hello. Please tell me, is there a service in your club for compiling an individual diet?

Good afternoon! Yes, you can contact an Alter Ego trainer for an individual nutrition plan. For more information, call 2777-999. We will be glad to help you

Hello! Tell me how much does a one-time visit to the pool cost, do you need certificates and can children under 1 year old visit?

Good afternoon! If you have never been to us, then the first trial visit will cost you 250 rubles, no certificates are required. Children can practice in the pool from the age of 5 in group classes or personal training.

I am looking for a couple to buy a subscription for a promotion – 2 unlimited cards for 1 year with a 20% discount It turns out 16720 – a year, 1400 – I'm really looking forward to a month!

I love these workshops! You begin to look at the world from a different angle, relationships with people and not only with clients, but also with relatives and friends, I advise everyone to smile more often and do things that are not usual for you!

Friendly staff, free training and good conditions! 🙂
(all details in the picture)

Happy Russia Day, dear friends! Spend this weekend with benefits for the soul and health! 🙂

Your holiday Alter Ego!

An open fitness class in Gorky Park has just ended! Our coach Elena Novikova held the most groovy and rhythmic lesson for everyone

All those who came received an excellent physical activity, a charge of positive energy, vivacity and strength for the next working week! This is how you should spend your weekend 🙂

Come to no less energetic classes to our club, we are waiting for you!

#alteregokazan #greenfitness #zelfi #zf

For all questions on the cost of classes, please contact the administrators or managers by phone. 2777-999, 537-91-84. They will tell you everything in detail and tell you about our promotions.

Good afternoon friends!
We invite you to Rishikesh in April for a 200-hour course for yoga instructors with full translation into Russian, training at the OM SHANTI OM school, in the best traditions of Indian classical hatha yoga. At the end of the course, a certificate of the International Yoga Alliance is issued.

Hello, do you have joint classes (mothers + children), I want to go with my daughter, she is 5 years old, or simultaneous for both children and adults? do you need a recording? if not, perhaps redirect somewhere, do you know the majority of Kazan yozhiks? Thanks in advance.

Good day! Administrators, please tell me how much it will cost 12 visits (Gym) per month? I mean a club card with a fixed number of visits 🙂

Many thanks to the girl who found and left my earrings at the reception. Thank you so much! Thank you.

The price depends on the number of visits per month. You can call tel. 2-777-999, 5-37-91-84 and get more detailed information

Increased the price of the annual card to 19 thousand. Made an installment. If you buy without installments, you pay 1000 rubles. for a neighbor's installment. Razvodilovo.

Increased the price of the annual card to 19 thousand. Made an installment. If you buy without installments, you pay 1000 rubles. for a neighbor's installment. Razvodilovo.

You are an obese, useless fat mass. You just eat and do nothing, you bastard, creature! Throw a loaf of bread, throw sweets, tea! Go to the gym you lazy ass!

You are an obese, useless fat mass. You just eat and do nothing, you bastard, creature! Throw a loaf of bread, throw sweets, tea! Go to the gym you lazy ass!

The best beautician – Lilya! Professional in his field, very delicate, always give advice on care and health in general!

The best beautician – Lilya! Professional in his field, very delicate, always give advice on care and health in general!

Bad coach Galia! I don’t understand why they changed the schedule so that Natasha has few classes in the evening! Dissatisfied!

If you like going to Natasha's classes, then go. And to speak badly about the coach, just because he conducts the lesson in a different way is wrong. Galiya in the classroom will always correct the technique, if something goes wrong.

Bad coach Galia! I don’t understand why they changed the schedule so that Natasha has few classes in the evening! Dissatisfied!

There are all professional simulators for all muscle groups, but a small area and a lot of people, especially in the spring, when the snowdrops appear. Sometimes there are not enough cabinets. Overall, not bad.

There are all professional simulators for all muscle groups, but a small area and a lot of people, especially in the spring, when the snowdrops appear. Sometimes there are not enough cabinets. Overall, not bad.

See where the training takes place. If the dance hall: it's stuffy and cramped. Natasha had a great abl + flex lesson and everyone had bums + tabs and hot iron!

See where the training takes place. If the dance hall: it's stuffy and cramped. Natasha had a great abl + flex lesson and everyone had bums + tabs and hot iron!

Yoga teacher training courses in Kazan.
Yoga training. Training of qualified yoga teachers and instructors with the issuance of state documents. Further employment of teachers who completed the courses.

Tatiana Jordanskaya posted on Vkontakte on March 11, 2013 at 13:21, edited on August 1, 2017 at 7:45

SEMINAR ON ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA with Dmitry Baryshnikov in Cheboksary April 6-7, 2013 WHAT IS ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA? This is the traditional style of yoga, known to us thanks to the efforts of the Indian master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his teacher, the great modern yogi Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. For more than 30 years, this system has been developing in the West, where it has gained great popularity, especially among residents of megacities. By keeping the body healthy and the mind calm, Ashtanga Yoga increases personal efficiency and resilience.
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is based on balanced sequences of asanas, which are performed in a special mode – entry and exit from each asana occurs through vinyasas (dynamic ligaments). Throughout the practice, concentration of attention (drishti) is maintained, uniform breathing is maintained and a rational collection and distribution of energy (ujjayi, bandhas) is ensured.
The first sequence is called Yoga Chikitsa, which means “yoga therapy” in Sanskrit. She got this name because her regular performance leads to body cleansing and release of toxins, as well as the development of basic flexibility, stretching and general endurance, i.e., to recovery.
WORKSHOP HOSTED: Dmitry Baryshnikov. He began to study in 2000 with the masters of the Moscow AIC: Olga Bulanova, Denis Zaenchkovsky, Mikhail Konstantinov. After studying various approaches to the practice of hatha yoga, in 2005 he settled on teaching the style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Passing an annual training at the school at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute K. Pattabhi Jois (Mysore, India), Dmitry continues to study this direction deeper, including through the practice of leading Ashtanga teachers: Lino Miele (Italy), Petri Ryasyanen (Finland), Mark Derby and Joyan Pelletier (Canada). In 2009, he completed a course of Ashtanga Pranayama with B.N.S.Iyengar (Mysore).
Received authorization – the right to teach from R. Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute of K. Pattabhi Jois (Mysore, India) in 2010.
April 6, Saturday: 11:00-13:00 Ice class (at the expense of the teacher)
15:30—18:30 Analysis of the asanas of the first series of Yoga Chikitsa
April 7, Sunday:
9:00-12:00 Mysore (everyone is engaged in a given sequence of asanas in his stream, and the teacher corrects the students)
13:00—16:00 Backbends: features of practice.
when registering and paying before 03/15/2013 – 3500 rubles.
when registering and paying from 03/16/2013 to 04/01/2013 – 4000 rubles.
when registering and paying from 04/02/2013 – 4500 rubles.
One-time visit to any class 1300 rubles.
For non-residents, free accommodation is possible.
The participant is considered registered at 100% payment for the seminar.
VENUE: yoga center Practika, Cheboksary, Lenina avenue 25/1. QUESTIONS AND REGISTRATION FOR THE SEMINAR:, [email protected] (Tatyana [email protected] (Julia)