Ritter Sport chooses "Taste of Russia"

Ritter Sport chooses the “taste of Russia” in online voting the most unusual options for Ritter-sport-newtaste.ru on weekends. Social networks literally exploded from

Ritter Sport chooses Taste of Russia

The most unusual options lead the online voting

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At the weekend, social networks literally exploded from discussions of the new “patriotic” project of Ritter Sport. The German chocolate manufacturer chooses the “taste of the Russian Federation” using online voting. Unusual options apply for the title of national chocolate: cranberries with vodka, cream brolles, a honey cake and pike caviar.

Most of the votes were gathered by the most non -standard candidate of Shchuchya Caviar – 64% of all participants. To date, about 70 thousand Russians have voted for the national taste. However, whether the chocolate chosen by the Russians will be launched, so far remains a mystery even for the Ritter Sport employees themselves.

With a slight exception, the Russians support two new tastes that can become national: cranberries with vodka and pike caviar. The most taste preferences were discussed on Twitter.