Russia is Canada. Online broadcast 15 December 18: 30

The Russian national hockey team started at the home stage of the Eurotour – Channel One Cup – a match with Canada. Gazeta.Ru held a text online broadcast of the meeting.

Hockey. Channel One Cup. Russia is Canada. Live

Very interesting, but at the same time a difficult match. The Russian team was able to escape forward in the account and kept the victory, starting with Victoria the home Cup Cup Cup. Thank you for being with us until new meetings. The broadcast was led by Alexander Sedov.

Everything, Siren! The Russian team defeated Canada!

The Canadians almost abandoned again. The timeout was taken by Claude Julien.

Canadians attack very dangerously, but Fedotov fights off with the defenders!

GOOOOOOOOOOOL! Eric O'Dell – 4: 3! Nevertheless, Canadians score. Pausa Mat Robinson and a timely pass on the nickle, from where O'Dell did not miss!

Canadians replaced the goalkeeper with a sixth field player.

Chibisov enters the zone and throws it out of the defender-the stroke in place.

Both teams are looking for exits to the throw, rolling positionally in foreign areas. The Russians eventually abandon twice, but both times are inaccurately, and after the second washer in rounding goes into the middle zone.

Great Russians entered the zone, brought Grigorenko for free space. Michael wanted to give Tolchinsky to touch the far post, but the puck left the hook and stayed in place. As a result, Grigorenko threw himself, while Tolchinsky had already made a “screen” stroke. But the goalkeeper still caught it!

They intercepted the long gear of sorcerers on the border of the Canadian zone. Plotnikov threw the bottom into the far corner after the instant transmission of Semenov – the Canadian goalkeeper reflected with shields.

Fedotov covers the puck bouncing to him in the positional attack of Canadians.

Karnaukhov rolled out onto the gate and He threw it almost point blank, but saved the strokes.

They caught the Russian national team on the shift, and Cody Kunik rolled out at Fedotov at an angle. He clicked, but the goalkeeper reflected his shoulder.

Oh, Josh Curry ran away to a pure rendezvous Randotov and could reduce the backlog to a minimum. But our goalkeeper saved!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Daniel Odette – 4: 2! Canadian hockey players rolled out two to one, and Corben Knight, having paused, made a pass, and Odette easily struck an empty corner.

After the transfer, Shipachev throws Korshkov from afar – he catches the sink, falling on the shields.

Dangerous throw of Canadians from throwing Fedotov retorts the shield.

Plotnikov twists the puck from behind the gate, but gets into the sink shield.

Shipachev caught a rebound from the facial side and threw dangerously. I did not see the puck, but was on his knees and overlapped a significant part of the gate. The puck got into it.

Wow! Anisimov had a clean exit alone to zero on the gate of the sunk. I wanted to beat, but the goalkeeper saved.

Dangerously! They intercepted the puck in someone else's zone, and Grigorenko threw after the program – the sang saved. The Canadians were caught on the road.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Vadim Shipachev – 4: 1! The stroke went out of the gate to stop the puck, but she did not reach him.Andrei Chibisov managed to first and disappeared on a distant nickname, from where Sipachev easily shot empty gates!

Well, we went! The third period has started.

Another good period from the Russian national team, which first allowed the Canadians to equal the score, and then he scored it twice. We are waiting for the third game segment.

The teams were calmly played by the remaining six seconds of the period – siren.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Nikita Nesterov – 3: 1! The Russian team created several points. And if I coped with the throw from Nesterov’s touch, then, after throwing up, a cool draw led to a mighty click of Nesterov in touch and a goal from a ricochet from a Canadian defender.

Cool attack of the Russian national team, and as a result, a two -minute fine was punished for a bandwagon Taylor Bek. True, the Canadian believes that at first Sergey Tolchinsky folts, which is like the truth. But In the most part, the Russian team will end again.

And now Fedotov caught a throw of Hormley, rolled out of the gate.

Two in a row of dangerous throw on the goal of Fedotov, but Both past the seats!

Cool sighted and targeted backy of Korshkov from the left side On a nick -on -rolled Karnaukhov – he set up a club, but the puck passed next to the nine.

A very dense struggle in all sections of the site. Canadians obviously do not want to give in.

The mighty click of Nesterov is next to the nine.

Actively, the Canadian team held a minority and eventually fought off. In full force guests.

Voynov’s very powerful throw in touch after a quick draw from the casting in someone else's zone – I didn’t get into the target a little.

One more Removal from Canada. This time I focused Josh Curry, on the side with his foot, putting the bandwagon of Chibisov.

The attack on the attack is now playing rivals. But the business does not reach the target, although there are many attempts.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Alexander Eleesin – 2: 1! The wards of Zhamanov answered very quickly. Shipachev brought the puck to someone else's zone, where they beautifully played with the conclusion to the throw from the blue line of the defender Eleesin, whose throw was unpleasant, but it seems not the most difficult. I could not do it.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Brandon Gormley – 1: 1! The Canadian national team won the throwing in the Russian zone, Gormli was quickly delivered to the puck, which was a simple but very accurate throw from the brushes to the far corner from the blue line, he broke off Fedotov, restoring his balance in the account.

Damir Sharipzyanov For a bandwagon at the side in his zone, he went to a penalty box. That's The first Canadian majority.

A good response attack of the Russian national team with a sharp throw – The strokes dragged, taking it tightly.

The rivals forgot a little about the gate, but in the end, Canadians conducted a good attack with the pass under the gate and transfer to the nickle. True, in the end they were never given to quit.

Plotnikov burst with a puck into someone else's zone and flew to the defender. He tried to throw from under him, but the throw did not pass.

And now a great shift from the Canadian national team, which squeezed us in our zone.True, it did not reach the downward moment. The Russians also fled 2 in 1, but Tolchinsky fanned in the program.

Great crushed the Russian team for the remaining minute of the majority. Once the mighty click of Voinov reflected the poggi, and then The Canadian goalkeeper pulled out Sipachev’s throw from the right circle of throwing. The puck bounced on the nickle -up of the goalkeeper with an empty angle of the goal, but it did not work out. In full force, the national team of Canada.

Well, we went! The second period has started.

Bright first period. The Canadians began very cheerfully, but in general it was the Russian national team who crushed and dominated. Well, the wards of the debuting as head coach of the national team Alexei Zhamanov were able to open an account. We are waiting for the second 20-minute.

Siren Assimits the end of the first period. The second will begin with the minute of the majority of the Russian team.

Sipachev after entering the zone showed a throw, and he gave it under the blue Kadeikin, whose click hit the defender of Canada. But the puck bounced to Wojanov, Which was powerfully charged from the left circle – above the crossbar.

A cool attack was held by Alexei Zhamanov's wards, and Trevor Murphy He could not stand it, hitting the opponent in his zone at the side with a club in the back. The second majority of the Russian team.

The Russians really entrenched in a foreign zone only in the last 30 seconds of the majority, but We managed to create a moment after the gate was transferred. True, the emphasis from the heel did not work out, but the struggle beat the puck. In full force Canadians.

Nikita Nesterov got a club in the face, and what Daniel Odette, The playing very inaccurately, went to the penalty box for two minutes. The first in the match most of the Russian team.

Fedotov Reflected a whipped throw on his goal, And then Russian hockey players ran together for one defender. Chibisov did not share a puck with a partner and abandoned himself – strokes in place.

The team of Canada held an unpleasant and quite long positional attack, but the matter still did not reach the real threat.

The Russian team looks very good. Quickly passes from defense to attack, Canadians are not easy.

Korshkov was in the shock position in the Canada zone on the right and Hlester charged from the hands, but next to the distant bar.

Kirill Marchenko ran away alone to zero, let the defenders hung on his shoulders, but The poggy reflected the first throw, and finishing the same Marchenko!

The poggi drags a powerful click on Voinov from the blue line after throwing! And Kayumov was not allowed to add from the heel.

Fedotov makes another siv, managing the boute shot, but The first to finish the first to finish – our goalkeeper is good again!

Fedotov Pancake reflects the unpleasant throw of Odette. The strength was not enough shot to deliver more problems to our goalkeeper.

Anisimov’s link held a good attack, but the puck after the shift passed through the goalkeeper, and no one corrected it.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Egor Korshkov – 1: 0! Anisimov won the throwing, Kayumov redirected the puck to the nickle, and from there from the poggy he figured out the Kakes!

Tolchinsky corrected the puck after a click from the blue line, but the projectile went above the crossbar.

Canadians fled two into one, but the Russian captain Yakovlev smartly put the stick on the ice and interrupted the transfer.

Beck's very dangerous throw under pancake Fedotov, but he dragged. And then there was another breakthrough O'Dell, but his shot, also dangerous lacked precision.

The Canadian team is starting very powerfully. Energetic hockey.

Let's go! The match has begun.

at the gate Ivan Fedotov and Justin Poggy. The Russian national team plays in the Soviet retro uniform.

Here you can see the composition of Canada for the tournament.

Meet the 26 players who will wear the with Canada's National Men's Team at the Channel One Cup in Moscow this week.

The composition of the Russian team for today's match.

There is a squad for the opening match of the First Channel Cup! Getting ready to support the team and watch the game – from the stands, on the First and on #russiainmyheart

— Hockey of Russia (@russiahockey) December 15, 2021

On the one hand, this seems to be just a Eurotour, on the other hand, today's match is very important. The coronavirus situation is still very fluid and has escalated in recent weeks, so there are no guarantees for NHL players to travel to the Olympics. Actually, that is why the Russian team at the First Channel Cup will appear in such a combat line-up – this is a review. And Canada keeps in mind the possible refusal of the NHL, and therefore asked for a tournament in order to run a potential Olympic team here.

Good evening, dear hockey fans! The match between Russia and Canada will start at 18.30 Moscow time.