Russia – the Netherlands – 3: 1. Review of the match of the male volleyball league of nations on May 28, 2021. Sport-Express

The men's team started in the League of Nations from Victory in four sets.

And one warrior in the field. The daring Dutchman broke with the whole team of Russia!

The League of nations. Men
Russia – the Netherlands – 3: 1 (25:19, 25:22, 18:25, 25:20)
Points in the attack – 51:49.
On the block – 10: 6.
Ais – 10: 6.
The most productive: Mikhailov-24, Volvich-13. H: Abdel-Aziz-29.

Whether the three Nimira Abdel-Aziza in Holland-it would be one of the best national teams. The 29-year-old diagonal is not just a guy who makes the difference. He alone is able to pull out a whole team. Largely thanks to him, Trentino flew to the Champions League finals. Now this volleyball genius is trying to independently pull the entire Netherlands team. At least, against our team, he held an outstanding game. And the third set won almost alone.

Everything rolled to the dry victory of Russia. With a score of 2-0 in parties and 12:12 in the third, it seemed that our team would give up in the end. But at first the point was lost, and then the same Abdel-Aziz came out for the presentation-and gave out a truly cosmic series. Four Ace (!) And two filings of such force that after our reception the ball returned to the Dutch site – and the captain himself scored. Moreover, it is difficult to blame our protection: Nimir shot 127 – 128 km/h, and at times still along the line. I’m not sure that there is at least one player in the world who is able to repeat this. One or two times-and Leon, and Mikhailov, and Zaitsev. But here are six in a row.

It is not a fact that Abdel-Aziza will still have such numbers in the show program of this league of nations. That set became his benefit. After the score has grown until 19:12, everything has already understood everything. He won the party. In addition to wild supplies, Nimir fired the whole match in the attack, scoring 23 out of 37. Almost every second ball in the attack gave him. In total, the diagonal in four sets shot 29 points.

If the Dutch has one pronounced star, then Russia has a crazy set of players. When Abdel-Aziz went to the feed, it became scary. But almost everyone could seriously complicate in the composition of our team. Three Ais at Mikhailov and Volvich, two for Bogdan and Pankov. But there is also a key, underlying, flying, wolves, and further on the list.

The strength of our national team is that almost anyone can solve. The competition is huge both on the block and in the attack. What to talk about, if today Muserky and Volkov – two Dmitry have not been released today, each of which can become an MVP of absolutely any tournament. And was it noticeable?

In the start of the first match of the League of Nations, Tuomas Sammelvuo released Mikhailov, Klyuk, Podlesny, Kobzar, Vlasov, Volvich and – at the position of Libero – Golubev. Pankov and Bogdan received a lot of time. It is difficult to draw some conclusions on one game. It can be seen that the team is assembled and charged. Absolutely no one fell out. Looking at this team is very nice.We are waiting for new game combinations and even more serious rivals. So on Saturday – a match with Iran. Which on paper is quoted much higher than the Netherlands.

The League of Nations is our tournament. Key and wolves will try to win it for the third time in a row

The Great Alekno first came out against Russia. Now he trains Iran – and gave us a fight even youth

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