Section with statistics of matches of the official website of BC Fonbet

How to work with the Statistics section in Fonbet?

Statistics is a true friend of bettors, helping them in making predictions for matches. The Fonbet bookmaker offers a large amount of statistical information to everyone absolutely free of charge.

How to work with the Statistics section in Fonbet?

If you ask bookmaker customers what they rely on more in the game – information or intuition, then the first option will be preferable by a significant margin. Paying tribute to inner intuition, otherwise there would be no big wins when betting on notorious underdogs, one should recognize the obvious fact. Information is not a guarantee of success, but it is a great help in choosing a betting option or an acceptable degree of risk.

Employees of BC Fonbet offer their customers a huge amount of constantly updated information on various sporting events that took place at different times and in different places. You can get acquainted with it in the Statistics section, the link to which is located at the top of the main page of the bookmaker's website.

How to work with the Statistics section in Fonbet?

There is, indeed, a lot of information. A kind of library of goals, points, seconds, past victories and failures. Includes data for 24 sports. From popular football and hockey to exotic squash and field hockey. However, simple and clear navigation allows you to quickly get used to the service and find the most useful at the moment.

On the first page of the Statistics section, a menu with a transition to a specific sport in two subsections:

  • Fonbet statistics;
  • Statcenter.

How to work with the Statistics section in Fonbet?

Fonbet Statistics has detailed data on four sports: hockey, football, basketball, volleyball. We select a sport, then, in the left column, a specific tournament and the required form of information. It can be presented in different ways.

1) Chess. The current standings, with all the outcomes that took place. When choosing an account, we see all the confrontations over a long period between two specific teams. When choosing a team, we see all its results for the specified period (we also choose it ourselves);

How to work with the Statistics section in Fonbet?

2) Table. The current standings with an additional division into home and away matches;

3) List of games. All matches of the tournament in one table. It is also possible to switch to the match history of the two selected opponents;

4) Series. Here we see all the current series of all teams – who and how much did not lose, who won, the matches with whose participation were distinguished by their effectiveness. And other curious series;

5) Totals. All information about the performance of teams and their opponents in general for the tournament, and divided into home and away matches.

The Statcenter subsection contains even more information both on individual teams and certain matches, and on the tournament as a whole. You can find a lot of interesting information that will tell:

  • On the dynamics of the team's movement in the standings, its performance in home and away matches;
  • Individual performance of the players involved in the tournament;
  • About the statistics of the tournament;
  • About the facts related to the work of arbitrators in the tournament, and in relation to individual teams.

And a lot of other interesting information. It will not only help players in choosing priorities, but is also curious in itself.