Skating rink Tavrichesky: address and ticket price

Guests ride on the rink

Skating rink Tavrichesky invites citizens and guests of the city to spend their free time with benefit. Here you can learn to skate, as well as get a lot of good emotions. The service and quality of the ice is always on top.

Skating rink Tavrichesky: address and ticket price

Winter recreation involves not only playing snowballs, but also skating. This pleasant pastime is liked not only by the younger generation, but also by adults. Many couples of all ages find a date at the skating rink very romantic. Thus, the Tauride skating rink allows guests to have a great time and get a lot of positive emotions. Excellent service and attention from the staff are always appreciated by visitors.

Guests ride on the rink

general description

Most of the townspeople and guests of St. Petersburg are well aware of the Tauride skating rink, as they regularly visit it. For maximum comfort, each visitor can count on everything you need. Leave clothes available in the locker room in a personal locker. Your wardrobe is also specially designed for upper things. If the guest does not have skates, you can always rent them. It is only required to leave a deposit without fail. The ice is poured after each session, so it is even more convenient to ride on it. Beginners, if necessary, can seek help or advice from an instructor. The skating rink is of high quality, so it is often evaluated by real professionals. On it, they quite often hone their skills. Among them are figure skating schools, as well as several hockey clubs.

The car cleans the ice

Guests can always turn to the staff for help if they have problems with skates. They can not only make them sharper, but also find a problem if the product does not drive well. In addition, a doctor is available to visitors who can provide the necessary assistance in case of bruises in a timely manner. Not everyone knows that the Tauride skating rink invites you to ride around the clock. It works not only during the day, but also at night. Ticket prices depend on the day and time of day. On average, a ticket to the rink will cost from 450 to 600 rubles. For schoolchildren and students, prices are slightly lower (from 400 rubles).

Where is the skating rink Tavrichesky

The popular ice rink is located quite conveniently. It is located in St. Petersburg in a place with the beautiful name Tauride Garden. It can be reached both by private car and public transport. The metro and trolleybuses go here. From the subway you will need to walk a little. Get off at the station Chernyshevskaya or Alexander Nevsky Square. Almost to the skating rink you can also take a trolleybus (number 46 and 136). Get off at the stop called Tchaikovsky Street. The minibus K76 also stops there.

The address of the skating rink Tavrichesky: Potemkinskaya street, building 4A.

Visitor reviews

The Tauride rink constantly receives positive reviews from visitors. The place is visited by new and permanent guests, which are simply delighted with the opportunity to ride on ice. The first reviews on the Internet began to appear back in 2007. Every year, the rink is becoming higher. Many visitors are striving there in the cold season to make pirouettes under beautiful musical accompaniment.

Ice on the rink

A certain number of visitors notes the moment that the price is often growing. Most of the townspeople and guests of the city put the rink only the highest score.