Slovakia – Russia: coefficients and rates for the World Hockey World Cup on May 24, 2021

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All about the match of Slovakia – Russia: forecast and betting on the game, team statistics, selected bookmakers' coefficients ➡ Read in Legalbet material May 24 2021

Slovakia – Russia: bets and coefficients for the match

The Russian team May 24 at 16:15 Moscow time will hold its third match at the 2021 World Cup in hockey. Slovakia will become an opponent-the team with ambitions to enter the playoffs of the tournament. A traditional review of the coefficients for the match Russia – Slovakia and the forecast for the game from Legalbet journalist Maxim Pogodin.

The favorite of the meeting, according to bookmakers, is obvious – this is the Russian team. The quotes for the victory of the team of Valery Bragin are barely exceeded 1.20.

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Russia did not lose Slovakia in regular time since the 2006 Olympics. However, in the last nine matches between the teams of the Russian team, it was required once to win a series of shootouts twice. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to study the coefficients for the victory of the national teams according to the results of the entire match.

Who will win in the match of Slovakia – Russia on May 24, taking into account from and a series of shootouts?

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Both teams started from victories at the World Cup 2021: Russia in a beautiful style beat the Czech Republic 4: 3, and Slovakia was stronger than Belarus 5: 2. At the weekend teams will hold matches of the second round against the UK (both). It is possible that by a full -time meeting on May 24, Russia and Slovakia are suitable for the leaders of group A.

But Russia's ambitions extend much further than going to the quarterfinals. After the game against the Czech Republic and the sensational defeat of the Canadian national team from Latvia (0: 2), the Red Car strengthened its status of the chief favorite of the World Cup 2021 in Riga.

The coefficients for the match of Slovakia – Russia

The confident victory of Russia over the Czech Republic did not affect the assessments of the bookmakers of the match Russia – Slovakia. The team of Valery Bragin was originally a favorite, and the first tour did not change anything.

But the quotes for the total in the match of Slovakia – Russia were adjusted by bookmakers after the first round. The Red Machine looked so powerful that now in the game with the Slovaks on May 24, BC is waiting for productive hockey with six washers at least.

How many goals will be scored in the match of Slovakia-Russia at the World Cup 2021?

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Betting on Russia: Bragin believes in the attack

It will not hurt a little abnormality to the modern world, they decided in the Russian national team, and issued in the match against the Czech Republic on May 21 the show is scrolling than any “dancing on ice”. Three times the team of Valery Bragina led in the account, passed the return washers three times, and when a little less than 20 seconds remained before overtime, Mikhail Grigorenko created a small masterpiece and won the match for the Red Machine.

With such an attack, no Canada and Sweden are terrible, not to mention the Slovak national team on May 24.

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True, the defense of Russia continues to scare. The Czech Republic inflicted 25 shots on the goal of Alexander Samonov and scored three goals. At the same time, it cannot be said that the Czechs showed some kind of ultra-speed or megaravoy hockey-the scored goals were born from the mistakes of Russian players out of the blue.

Slovakia has already played muscles in a match against Belarus, throwing five goals. Undermate hockey is quite possible on Monday.

Russia and Slovakia, starting in 2010, regularly intersects at the world championships: seven full -time meetings for 11 years. The Red Machine has a serious advantage not only according to the results – six victories in the main time and one in overtime – but also by the difference in the goals. General score 28: 9 in the Polish of the Russian team.

In the last two full-time games, Russia twice defeated Slovakia with a “dry” score: first 6: 0 at the 2017 World Cup, then 4: 0 for the World Cup-2018. Before playing the mundial in Riga, bookmakers offer a head start (-2.5) washers for Russians.

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Betting on Slovakia: dangerous first link

To the World Cup in Latvia, the head coach of Slovakia, Craig Ramzi, brought far from a star composition. However, this did not prevent the Slovaks from outplay Belarus in the starting match with a score of 5: 2. The victory could be larger if it were not for relaxation in the last period, when the Belarusians abandoned both of their goals. Perhaps the fatigue that will have a cumulative effect for the match against Russia also affected, because Slovakia with Great Britain plays on May 23, and on May 24 – the Bragin team.

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In the game of Slovakia, much is tied to the first link. Here the name is more or less starry – Marek Chryvik from the Nizhny Novgorod Torpedo – and it is they who go to the implementation of the majority.

Belarus paid for removing 2+2 in the first game against Slovakia. Russia, even in a match with the Czech Republic, earned only 4 minutes of a fine. If you avoid the game in the minority, then Slovakia will have few chances for goals.

The last two full -time meetings against Slovakia Russians won confidently. But before that, since 2010, for the seven official matches, the Red Machine won with a difference in more than two goals in only one case.

Surprises on the World Cup 2021 began on the very first game day. So you should not relax and throw Slovakia on May 24 with caps.

Forecast for the match Slovakia – Russia from Maxim Pogodin

As if the Balzam liked the Russian national team in the first game against the Czech Republic at the World Cup 2021: an aggressive attacking hockey with constant focus on the gate and a throw. At the same time, a combination game is already visible, despite the composition that has not yet been unsettled. By attacking Valery Bragin and his guys there are no questions.

But with the defense trouble. The Czech Republic scored three, and forgave at least three more. Only two removals, but the Czechs realized one of them (though in the minority and they managed to score). In the end they were allowed to build a storm at their gate, it was not possible to leave the zone correctly. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper's problem point was also revealed – Alexander Samonov did not help out, and he missed the first puck even stupid. So work in protection and work.

However, the group stages, as you know, wins the attack. Slovak goalkeeper – Julius Gudacheku or Branislav Konrad (whenever Ramzi chose) – will have a difficult day. And it is unlikely to end with Slovakia positively.