Slutsky tries to play in a new way, but loses to young debutants. Dismantication of the match "Rubin" – "Krasnodar" | Sports for business online

Slutsky tries to play in a new way, but loses to young debutants. The analysis of the match “Rubin” – “Krasnodar” “Rubin” lost in eight of the last nine matches. Unrestrained fall down the table

Slutsky tries to play in a new way, but loses to young debutants. Dismantication of the match Rubin – Krasnodar

Rubin lost in eight of the last nine matches. Unrestrained falling down the table continues and the team Leonid Slutsky In maximum proximity to the area of ​​butt matches-a separation of just one point from the 13th line. The head coach is desperately trying to build a team according to new realities without legionnaires – he even changed the scheme during the match with Krasnodar, but this was not enough.

The defeat in the last game is not entirely fair, because for 90 minutes the bloodless team looked better than Krasnodar and coped with the onslaught of young players hungry to playing time. The ridiculous ricocheus left Rubin without scored points in his native lawn.

Alexander Lomovitsky / Photo: Rubin press service

Replenishment in the composition

Rubin approached the match with Krasnodar in the most optimal composition. Returned after disqualification Vitaly Lisakovich and Alexander Lomovitsky. Moreover, the Belarusian striker went to the match with the captain's bandage, although this is just his fifth game in Kazan. Rubin rivals lost their team leaders due to injuries and diseases Matvey Safonova, Eduard Spertsyan and Alexei Ionovthat forced the mentor of the team Alexandra Storozhuk Use a new attacking trio in the fracturing-Olusegun-manins. Their three during the match was changed more than once, but Krasnodar began in this combination. For Jonathan Pronkovo This was the first match for Krasnodar, for Olakunle Olusegun – second. Irakli Malelov This is not the first time in the start at the right edge of the attack.

Broadcast screenshot

According to the head coach of Krasnodar, Ionov missed the meeting due to the injury received in the match with Dynamo, Safonov did not play because of the coronavirus, and the sterlet received a fracture of his finger. “He (Ionova) has an injury after playing with Dynamo. Unsuccessfully landed. We are waiting for him. We not only did not have him, still Edik and Matvey, we need them, team leaders, ”said the watchman at the post-match press conference.

In the midfield, Lomovitsky is more successful than in the defense

Rubin began the game with a standard 4-3-3 scheme for himself, where Lisakovich took a place on the tip, and Lomovitsky first in the Rubin came out on the right edge of the attack. Slutsky used Lomovitsky as an extreme defender in previous matches, although the extreme midfielder was according to his native role. But such a solution is a forced measure, since in the “Rubin”, in principle, a short bench of players and some positions are in short supply.“Now there is not such a rich choice of people, and we are not based on where and who is better to use. Now the logic is completely different. We have full-backs, and flank attacking players have a greater deficit with them. With CSKA, for example, he played in the central three, because there was a shortage of players in the middle of the field. Now we have players – universal, used according to the situation, ”Slutsky commented on Lomovitsky’s transfer to the attack.

Alexander Lomovitsky / photo: Rubin press service

For Lomovitsky, the last match is one of the best in Rubin's line-up, even despite the fact that he did not score with a goal. Oleksandr made three key passes under attack and delivered two shots on goal himself. On the right side, he was opposed by a 22-year-old debutant of Krasnodar Oleg Isaev, and the Rubin player took advantage of the defender's inexperience. After a series of unsuccessful matches, it is extremely important for Lomovitsky to perform unsuccessfully, and the transfer to the attack helped him in this.


Despite the fact that in the first half Rubin had less possession of the ball (41% versus 59% for Krasnodar), Slutsky's team was more active at the opponent's goal, inflicting 8 shots, including 4 on target. There was a bright moment Konstantin Kuchaev. In the 10th minute, the midfielder burst into the penalty area and struck into the near corner of the goal, hitting, however, the post.

Krasnodar tried to attack through the right flank, but acted flawlessly in defense Ilya Samoshnikov. In the rivalry with Manelov, Samoshnikov came out the winner over and over again, having made three selections of the ball. In the video below, Samoshnikov interrupted the protracted attack of Krasnodar, confidently taking the ball away from Manelov.

Turning off the right flank of the attack from the game, the central midfielder of Krasnodar Alex Matsukatov under pressure, he made a large number of mistakes, and after the next one he was replaced already in the 38th minute of the meeting by Alexandra Chernikova. Matsukatov made a mistake in the transfer, giving the ball Soltmurad Bakaev, who dealt a dangerous blow to the Krasnodar goal.

“At the beginning of the game, the initiative was generally ours, as it seems to me. There were moments. They just didn’t convert the very first one and then it got harder,” the striker said after the match. Herman Onugha, who started the match on the bench. The teams went to the break with zeros on the scoreboard.


In the second half, the head coach of Krasnodar made a change: instead of debutant Okoronkovo, he went on the attack Vladimir Ilyin, and Olesegun (black circle in the screenshot below) was moved from the left flank to the right edge in rivalry with Samoshnikov (red circle). But the Kazan right-back had no problems with the new opponent either.

Broadcast screenshot

Rubin changed the scheme 10 minutes after the start of the second half. Onugha paired up with Lisakovich, going 4-4-2. Kuchaev and Musaev remained in the center of the field, and Alexander Zuev He was moved to the right flank. This is the first time in the season when Rubin switched to such a formation. Slutsky said that this was a necessary measure. “We also went to this from hopelessness, because Bakaev was already tired. There were options to release the young Kuznetsov to save the scheme or switch to 4-4-2, releasing Oneughu. For a long time we could not decide which of the options would be better to use. We leaned to the option with a more experienced player and a change in the scheme. It didn't work. Would something else work? Don't know. This transition did not give us any tangible quality, ”said Slutsky.

Broadcast screenshot

In this combination, Rubin was able to score one ball, however, from an offsay. At the time of transfer to Lisakovich, the striker ran to the position of outside the game, so Onughi's beauty had to be canceled.

Rubin, which scored only 3 points in the last 9 matches, did not force events and controlled what was happening on the field in the second half, because any point gained is worth its weight in gold. Despite the fact that the percentage of the ball in Krasnodar increased and reached 67%, this did not grow into attacks on the goal Yuri Dupin. Kazan had a dangerous exit to the gate in the 75th minute. Rubin ran into a counterattack after the unsuccessful actions of Krasnodar on the half of the opponent’s field, but Lomovitsky struck much higher than the gate.

Six pupils of the club played in the match at Krasnodar and is currently a team record Sergey Galitsky. One of the main roles in the match was played by a 19-year-old debutant Sergey Volkov, going to the right edge again in rivalry to Samoshnikov. Volkov (black circle) created the width of the Krasnodar attack and the midfielder was in free space, as can be seen in the screenshots below.

Broadcast screenshot
Broadcast screenshot

Self -Schoolnikov did not make mistakes against the emerged midfielder, allowing only once to beat himself from five attempts by Volkov. But it was this only passage in the 84th minute that led to an absurd goal. After a ricochet from the leg Montassar Talby The ball flew off at the opposite angle from Dupine.

In the remaining time, Rubin tried to rectify the situation – even Dupine was connected twice to the standard provisions at the opponent’s gates, but this did not lead to a pig. The removal of Chernikov in the added time also did not save the command of Slutsky from the defeat. In an equal game, Rubin again did not have enough good luck and the head coach has no complaints about his players in the match. “These even matches do not develop in our favor as with Rostov, as with Khimki. There is no margin of strength and where it is thin – it breaks there. Everyone is upset, suppressed, because so much strength is given in order to finally gain these glasses, and we lose them quite a shame. To make a complaint to the guys what for today's match, that after the Himkim in terms of dedication I can hardly. In terms of quality – yes. But this is difficult when you reformat the team during the season and demand quality from it, ”said Rubin mentor.

According to statistics, the XG Rubin played a clogged ball, but scored Krasnodar, inflicting only three blows on the target of Dupine for the entire match. Even despite the lost goal duel with Volkov, the Self -Schools were chosen the best player in the match according to Whoscored. The defender made 8 successful selections, turned out to be stronger than 3 of his rivals, but does this matter if the team lost in of course?

In the next round, Rubin will go to Moscow for a game against Spartak. Red-white are also in the best form, being on the 10th line in the table of the Russian Championship. Slutsky returned to the initial stage of his reign in Rubin – he fights for survival. Then he did it, can he now?