SOCLE-an innovative approach to color and tightness

News in the world of LED lighting Arlight. SOCLE-an innovative approach to color and tightness.

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The assortment of the CSP LEDs has been updated. Models with a different number of diodes (378 and 544 pcs/m) appeared in the line, as well as the ribbons in the airtight performance – Nano (IP65) and PS (IP67).

The update of the model range is accompanied by a decrease in prices!

Color Cob tapes

The tapes of a radically new design that work not on diodes, but on CSP crystals. This made it possible to get a continuous light line without installing the scattering. The minimum distance between crystals (1.84 mm), as well as a continuous pouring with phosphor, create an uniform, soft and comfortable glow for the eyes without visually distinguished LED points.

The ribbons are offered in three color options: green, red, blue. The power of the product is 11.5 watts; when installing it, it is necessary to use the profile.

Supervisors are well suited for locking and decorative backlight, design of trade windows and advertising structures. For operation in the open space or in high humidity conditions, models are designed in a sealed (IP67) performance with red, green and blue CSP criticles.

Hermetic co-lines with lenses

Products with an IP65 protection class are made in an extrusion tube of transparent or matte sealant. The glow angle is 60 or 90 degrees, this is a good option for arranging uniform continuous lighting in the open space or in rooms with high humidity.

The line contains models with a capacity of 11.5 W/m, with a high (CRI 90) index of color rendering and different color temperatures: 2400, 3000 and 5000k.

Supplies are suitable for backlighting, creating advertising structures and linear lamps mounted on an aluminum profile.