Sportmaster closed its stores across the country from March 27, 2020 | – Yekaterinburg news

Employees are sent to work in partner stores

Sportmaster sent employees to work at Pyaterochka

Sportmaster sent employees to work in Pyaterochka

Employees are sent to work in partner stores

One of the largest sellers of sporting goods, the Sportmaster chain, closed most of its stores, inviting employees to move to Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Auchan. Officially, the company does not talk about the reduction, but for those who cannot find a job in the proposed retail outlets, the network will pay funds in the amount of one minimum wage and say goodbye until better times, as soon as the stores reopen. Kommersant also reports this, specifying that the company plans to make an official comment later.

“Employees can continue to work in partner stores, and then return to their jobs at Sportmaster,” we were told by phone at the Sportmaster hotline.

A source in Tyumen who worked for the company reports that all stores in the city are being mothballed, leaving only two for online orders. Employees are asked to go on vacation at their own expense.

– They pay the minimum wage, but with the prospect of dismissal. That is, there are no direct layoffs, but they advise people to look for work – in Pyaterochka, Auchan. They said that everyone would be helped to get a job, but in reality there are no vacancies or rates, – says the interlocutor of 72.RU.

An employee of Sportmaster in Noyabrsk said that the company really found work for all its employees and even pays employees extra – 5 thousand rubles a month.

– My husband, for example, was offered to work near the house. All wishes were taken into account. We agreed with such companies as Magnit, Pyaterochka, Russian Post, Lenta. Naturally, those who want to stay at home sit at home on the minimum wage. To all employees who are employed temporarily (and do not suck the minimum wage from the company), the company pays 5 thousand monthly incentives. At a temporary job, you get 25-30 thousand plus another 5 thousand. A trifle, but nice, – says the girl.

To date, due to the situation with the coronavirus, 344 chain stores across the country have been closed, you can see which ones at this link. In the remaining 151 stores, you can receive a paid order. At the same time, the company does not exclude that the series of closures will continue. “Try to pick up your orders before the store of your choice closes,” the announcement on the site states.

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– Some stores are completely closed, this is a temporary measure. The client can order delivery through the company's website. The order will be delivered to the door either by an employee of Sportmaster or by a courier service.We also have stores that work for extradition, ”they told the Sportmaster hotline by phone.

At the same time, social media users on the official page of the VKontakte company complain that delivery is significantly delayed.