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Sports equipment for outdoor games for the whole family. In the guest house Karlovy Klyuchi you can find out about the types of rental and assortment.

Sports equipment rental

At any time of the year, while relaxing with us with family or friends, you can diversify your leisure time with sports. Karlovy Klyuchi are glad to provide you with a service – sports equipment rental. You can rent scooters, balls, rackets and sports equipment.

Sports equipment

In the vicinity of the guest house Karlovy Klyuchi there are many sports grounds. Taking with you the necessary sports equipment, you can play football, volleyball, basketball, tennis. For lovers of cycling, we offer walking and sports bikes for rent.

Children's sports equipment

Especially for your children, we provide a service for renting children's equipment. Children will be able to choose the inventory for the game they prefer. Lightweight rackets and balls, rollers of small sizes and sports ammunition will secure sports activities.

Tennis lovers rent a set of 2 rackets and 5 balls 200 rubles. in a day.