Sports nutrition of Russian production: features and rating of the best

Differences in Russian sports nutrition and foreign. Features of raw materials and manufacturing, the most popular brands and their products.

Modern Russian manufacturers of sports nutrition: the rating of the best with a detailed description

Russian sports nutrition is carried out not on domestic, but on imported raw materials, since it is not made in the country. In this regard, the final product can be called Russian only conditionally. The manufacturers of sports nutrition in Russia is an ambiguous attitude. According to some, products are no worse than imported, others still do not trust it, since this sportpit appeared on the market relatively recently.

Many choose Russian -made sports nutrition only from the goal, but the final choice should be based not only on the price. The image of the manufacturer, features of its assortment and products are important, as well as consumer reviews. Based on these data, a Russian sports nutrition rating was compiled.

Features of Russian sports

The main difficulty in the manufacture of domestic sports is the lack of own raw materials. In Soviet times, the situation was better: in Belarus produced protein, the products themselves were produced in Estonia, and they were engaged in development in the Leningrad region.

After the country's decay, they completely forgot about earnings in the production of sports. They returned to him already in New Russia. At this moment, there were no raw materials in the country, but they were in the European and world market. There, Russian manufacturers of sports nutrition and began to purchase materials.

Now the Danish and Swedish company Arla Foods, which produces dairy products, is the most popular. It supplies a serum protein concentrate. A product such as Whey is made from it, positioning as the most popular type of sports.

It is raw materials today that unites Russian and foreign manufacturers, which allows us to talk about the same quality. The use of European raw materials is a logical output. This is better than hastily trying to organize their own production, since for this there are no narrow -profile specialists and specialized factories in Russia.

General characteristic [edit | edit the code]

Production process in Ukraine

First of all, I must say that we do not have the opportunity to conduct laboratory testing and give an accurate expert assessment of sports nutrition products of domestic manufacturers, as well as Ukraine and Belarus. At the same time, tests are not always useful. For example, recently, our manufacturers refer to certificates and product tests in independent laboratories, but what parameters can be checked using tests? Squirrel percentage, weight, texture, etc.It is believed that the main problem of protein supplements is a low protein content (below the declared one), but at present this practically does not occur.

Why would a manufacturer put themselves at risk of being exposed? After all, more and more often there are people who check Ukrainian and Russian sports nutrition at their own expense. There are other win-win options for cheating:

  • Instead of expensive whey protein, use cheap soy protein.
  • Significantly increase the proportion of casein in complex proteins
  • Buy raw materials in China, of course at a low price. Probably everyone faced quality problems with cheap Chinese products.

The problems of Russian sports nutrition do not end there. In our country, the equipment of workshops lags far behind Western manufacturers, and manual labor often prevails. And this means that the risk of contamination, violation of the tightness of the packaging and other types of manufacturing defects increases. Currently, only one manufacturer can be distinguished, where the manufacturing process is at a more or less high level – LLC ART Modern scientific technologies

. It is she who lets in more than 50% of all domestic sports supplements, the most famous brand is
. However, even the company's management itself admits that they lag behind their American and European comrades in terms of development.[1]

Defenders of domestic sports nutrition say that in many ways bad ratings are associated with stereotypes and prejudices. They say that foreign goods are always better than ours, despite the fact that real data refute this. However, why does no one doubt that our meat is better than American? Who's to say that our chicken is worse than Bush's legs? It is very difficult to assume that diarrhea after taking Russian protein is associated with self-hypnosis, rather, this is due to the use of cheap Chinese raw materials and the low level of technology. It is also unlikely that the Russians are interested in deliberately vilifying our manufacturers. At the end of the article are links to forums where the products of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are discussed. Summing up, we can say that about 90% do not agree to consume domestic sports nutrition.

And finally, we describe the results of our small study. We sent letters to official support with approximately the same questions:

  • Where are raw ingredients purchased?
  • asked for certificates for 2-3 popular products.
  • asked whether there is any independent data on the analysis of products for quality?

In response to more than 15 requests, we received 5-6 responses. Each of them contained counter questions: who are you? Why do you need this information? who ordered the article? Are we professional journalists or just amateurs?

We have repeatedly asked such questions to Western manufacturers, and we have always received clear answers without additional clarifications. So why in this case we were able to get only one intelligible answer from the Ukrainian company Extreme? Only 1 only adequate answer! Elementary logic suggests that if the raw materials were of high quality, from respectable companies, and there were no other problems, then our interest would not be left without attention.

Conclusion [edit | edit the code]

Along with European manufacturers, Russian companies use raw materials produced in the EU, China and the USA. Thus, no fundamental differentiation on a geographical attribute can be made. Product quality is determined exclusively by separate companies.

Protein of Russian manufacturers [edit | edit the code]

Russian and Ukrainian protein has the highest demand among other types of additives, but along with this it has the most negative reviews and, according to reports, low quality. The most common complaint is a violation of digestive function (diarrhea), poor taste, inclusion of incomprehensible origin, etc.

Almost everyone who is interested in acquiring Russian sports additives (most often protein) motivates their choice with economic difficulties. Currently, an excellent alternative has appeared for those who do not agree to pay for the taste and are interested only in quality and low cost: raw material protein. Demand for it is growing every month, and at the same time the availability increases.

Russian Gainer [edit | edit the code]

What to do if there is a need for a gainer? Everyone knows that a geiner is a mixture of protein and carbohydrates. Almost every specialist in sports, a consultant or just an experienced athlete will tell you that the gainer contains extraordinary carbohydrates with such unique properties as restoration of glycogen depot, providing the body with energy, stimulation of insulin secretion, and most importantly – they are not postponed in the form of fat.

Ask the same question to an experienced biochemista or physiologist who is well acquainted with the processes of assimilation, metabolism and carbohydrate effects and he will tell you that the biological effect of carbohydrates that are added to the Geiner (most often Maltodecoststrin) is practically no different from ordinary bakery products . We concerned the explanation of this problem in the article about the Heiner and carbohydrates, therefore, within the framework of this article, it makes no sense to duplicate the rationale. If we summarize, then we can say that it is more rational to purchase protein, and consume carbohydrates with products.

Be first

] Be first [/Anchor] began its work in 2008 as a reliable supplier of sportspieces and a manufacturer of sports goods. Today, activities are also conducted in two main directions:

  • Sportpipi release,
  • Sports accessories (shakers, bottles, gloves, belts, bags, tablets).

From sports additives in the assortment of BE First there are:

  • Gainers,
  • Proteins,
  • citrullin,
  • dietary products,
  • caffeine,
  • fat burners,
  • Multivitamins,
  • Carnitine,
  • FIRST BAR protein bars,
  • amino acids,
  • for joints and ligaments, etc.

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Sportpites Be First is produced in the form of liquid, capsules, powders and tablets. It is made on modern production lines and automated equipment. The enterprise operates a quality management system that meets the international requirements of the NASD and ISO. The advantages of products include a very diverse selection of tastes, almost the largest among all manufacturers. You can purchase a sportpita be first with taste:

  • vanilla ice cream;
  • barberry;
  • pineapple;
  • blackberries;
  • caramels;
  • cappuccino;
  • Creme brulee;
  • exotic;
  • citrus mix;
  • strawberry or pistachio ice cream, etc.


This is another Russian sports nutrition brand, known in the domestic market. Skills is a combination of classic formulas, proven for years, and new generation ingredients. This is a sports nutrition that will help pump the so -called skills (skills). For this, the manufacturer’s assortment is presented:

  • proteins;
  • carnitine;
  • amino acids;
  • Gainers;
  • antioxidants;
  • Health additives;
  • Creatins;
  • fish fat;
  • Coenzym;
  • 5-HTP.

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The manufacturer also produces branded shakers for the preparation of various protein cocktails and stirring other types of sports. Skills products at the request of the manufacturer:

  1. Compounds of products with proven formulas and new ingredients. They were developed for more than a year and a half.
  2. Good product digestibility, lack of sugar in the composition.
  3. European raw materials, past laboratory tests and tests.
  4. A large selection of tastes, including unusual ones.
  5. The absence of harmful or prohibited substances in the composition.
  6. Packaging made of environmentally friendly materials that does not secrete carcinogens and does not cause damage to nature, as well as with a sealed lid or in the form of special packs of doi-pack.
  7. A variety of tastes: strawberry shake, forest berries, tropical punch, pistachio, black currants, vanilla ice cream, cream liver.

Serum protein concentrate (WPC)

When highlighting any type of protein, filtration is an integral and one of the most important procedures. In the production of protein, serum is passed through a certain sieve, on which protein fractions are delayed.

The first technology for obtaining a concentrated protein product was to filter serum through ceramic membranes with very small holes. Despite the unimaginably small size, molecules of fats and carbohydrates freely pass through such holes, but protein fractions larger in size settle.The serum protein collected from the membrane was sent at high temperature to dry to the state of protein powder.

The disadvantage of the serum protein concentrate is the cleanliness of the filtration. It is technically impossible to get holes in the membrane of the same cross-section, so the mixed mass settles, in which the proportion of protein is 35-8 5 %, despite honest manufacturers support the content of protein in their products at at least 70-80 %. As a result, the concentrate is not the cleanest protein product, it may contain excess carbohydrates and fats, which can lead to excess gas formation in the body. Serum concentrate is a good way out with limited financing of production, therefore the cheapest in the market. Protein fractions of protein obtained using this technology retain all their beneficial properties.

Protein production equipment

Steel Power Nutrition

The next in the list of manufacturers of sports nutrition in Russia is] Steel Power Nutrition [/Anchor]. It was formed in 2014 in Perm. Its products were the result of research athletes in dietetics and sports nutrition. The composition of sports was developed after a survey of hundreds of athletes who took supplements, many research and study of scientific works. As a result, the manufacturers decided to organize their own production.

Initially, the products were produced only for sports federations of Perm, and then already went on free sale. Today it is one of the widest lines, including more than 150 SKU in 3 episodes:

  1. Steel Power Standart Line,
  2. Steel Power Black Line,
  3. Pink Power.

In the range of Steel Power Nutrition, you can choose:

  • Pre -training complexes;
  • Gainers;
  • proteins;
  • amino acids;
  • for ligaments and joints;
  • fatty acid;
  • special health supplements;
  • carnitine;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • Isotonic.

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Steel Power Nutrition sports nutrition has very unusual tastes: milk cookies, arachis-karamel, pine of coola, cream caramel, blueberry muffin, coffee Latte, orange funds, etc. In the assortment there are sportpits in capsules, pills and powders designed to set muscle mass , appearance and health or high immunity.

Russian sports nutrition [edit | edit the code]

Distributed in the list arbitrarily.

  • – official website
  • PureProtein – Official website
  • Frogtech – official website
  • G.E.O.N. – official site
  • Hercules (Super Set) – official site
  • RealPump – Official website
  • Fortogen
  • Actformula – official website
  • Academy-T- Official website
  • Active Generation
  • ATECH Nutrition- Official website
  • Alex Fedorov Nutrition – Official website
  • Anna Nova Nutrition – Official website
  • Binasport – Official website
  • Cybermass – Official website
  • DO4A LAB – Official website
  • Dominant – Official website
  • Dr.HOFFMAN – Official website
  • Genetic Lab Nutrition- Official website
  • Fit-RX Official site
  • Ironman – official website
  • KingProtein – Official website
  • Korona Labs – official website
  • Maximal Nutrition
  • Musclegain Pro – Official website
  • Opti Meal – Official website
  • Prime Kraft- Official Site
  • Rline is an official website
  • RPS Nutrition – Official website
  • Science Nutrition – Official website
  • Sixpack – Official website
  • Superset – Official website
  • Steelpower Nutrition – Official website
  • Sportline Nutrition – Official website
  • SPW
  • Sporttech
  • Zombi Lab – official website
  • XXI Power – Official website
  • ASP Sport – Official website
  • Atom Sports Nutrition – Official website
  • Fitness Formula – Official website
  • LEVELUP – Official website
  • MuscleCraft Nutrition – Official website
  • Muscular Development – Official website
  • Newa Nutrition – Official website
  • Power Gym Product – Official website
  • Siberian Nitrogunz – official website
  • Sportpit – official website
  • Strong Stuff – Official Site
  • Watt-N-Official website
  • Quick Progress Nutrition – Official website
  • Protein Company – official website
  • Be first – official website

Sports nutrition from [edit | edit the code]

At first glance, it may seem that there are a lot of brands in Russia, but most of them have the same. This company was founded in 1998 and currently manufactures more than 200 types of sports supplements. Sports nutrition workshops are located in Russia, Moscow Region, Solnechnogorsk district, the village of Golikovo, the KFN Nadezhda.

All of the following brands have one manufacturer:

  • Hercules (Super Set) – official site
  • Ironman – official website
  • XXI Power – Official website
  • Fit-RX
  • LadyFitness – Official website
  • Junior (young athlete)
  • MD
  • Artlab
  • Shaper
  • Leader (Leader)


Russian sportspit from] Geneticlab Nutrition [/Anchor] appeared on the domestic market also in 2014. Its founder was a coach and nutritionist who has the appropriate diplomas, Ruslan Khaletsky. In the production of raw materials, several stages of cleaning and filtration, as well as numerous testing, which allows you to get a clean and high -quality sportpit. Its quality level is confirmed by numerous certificates.

Geneticlab also tests selective specimens and only on the basis of test results decides whether to allow the product to mass release. Most additives are designed to suppress catabolism, accelerate muscle growth and increase strength. The most in demand today the BCAA PRO amino acid complex and the Whey Pro serum protein. The assortment is also presented:

  • Isotonic;
  • energy;
  • Gainers;
  • proteins;
  • fat burners;
  • carnitine;
  • dietary products;
  • Health additives;
  • energy;
  • additives for ligaments and joints.

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Types of protein and market trends

Modern protein production plants produce four main types of it:

  • Whey (Whey Protein).
  • Soy (Soy Protein).
  • Casein Protein.
  • Egg protein (Egg Protein).

All these are dietary, natural, 100% assimilated high -white products from organic raw materials with a low content of fats and carbohydrates.

The last trend in the market for protein food additives is the unification of several protein preparations in one product. One of the options is the combination of serum protein with casein. The latter is slowly absorbed by the body and serves as a source of blood amino acids for a long time.The combination of casein and serum protein is suitable for both daytime reception and before bedtime. This makes it possible to avoid catabolism, which can be provoked by a long break between meals in connection with sleep.

Recently, in the production of protein to the final product based on serum protein, soy concentrate began to add more and more often. It is also absorbed quickly and contains a large amount of glutamine, arginine and amino acids VSAA (a complex of three amino acids with branched chains). In addition, soy protein accelerates recovery.

The inclusion of egg protein, which is completely devoid of carbohydrates, increases the activity of the secretion of anabolic hormones.

And yet, having performed a number of comparative tests, the researchers determined the best protein product to stimulate intracellular protein synthesis and muscle growth serum protein.


Russian-made sports fit-RX is presented in several episodes:

  1. ATLETIKA. A line of products for professional athletes that need an additional impetus to go to the next level of physical development. Designed for actively training athletes.
  2. Fitness. Products for people leading an active lifestyle. They help maintain a high life rhythm and achieve their goals. Suitable for those who regularly engage in fitness.
  3. Vitalife. Goods to maintain the body in good shape. Strengthen health and improve the quality of life.

Fit-RX brand products have been produced, which since 2001 represents the interests of many Russian sports nutrition companies. After long years of work in this area, the company decided to launch its brand. They became FIT-RX-a product of numerous innovative developments, comparable in quality with foreign analogues, but not so expensive. The assortment of the company has proteins, creators, gainers, energy, BCAA and other popular types of sports, as well as accessories and clothing.

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Protein Myprotein Impact Whey Protein (1000 g)

Protein Myprotein Impact Whey Protein (1000 g)

Photo: https: //

Further, the rating included serum protein of the famous brand from the UK, specializing in the release of available sports nutrition. Impact Whey Protein helps to build mass and rapid restoration, has a prolonged effect, improves physical condition and increases endurance at intensive loads. A huge selection of pleasant tastes will allow everyone to purchase protein in their preference. Base: banana, chocolate, apple, cookies, vanilla and others. One portion contains 21 g (80%) protein and has an energy value of 103 kcal. Protein is recommended to be taken before and after training, as well as to accelerate the increase in muscle mass and during the day.

Protein Myprotein Impact Whey Protein (1000 g)


  • A large selection of tastes
  • The rapid formation of muscles
  • Suitable for training any intensity
  • contains all essential amino acids
  • High -quality protein


  • not detected


Another representative of the rating of Russian manufacturers of sports nutrition -] Optimeal [/Anchor]. She began her activities in 2010. Then in production there were only a narrow specialization for athletes-professional. This was the reason for the search for the highest quality raw materials. The following products became:

  • serum protein concentrate from Switzerland, produced by ultrafiltration;
  • amino acids from Germany;
  • Dry sublimated juices from South America, etc.

Thus, the composition of each type of Optimeal sporting was carefully selected. Among them, they gained the most popular:

  • proteins;
  • Gainers;
  • fat burners;
  • Pre -training complexes;
  • Health additives;
  • amino acids;
  • Carnitine.

Thus, the modern Russian sportpit today has become an excellent alternative to foreign. It is not inferior to him in quality, but at the same time it costs somewhat cheaper, which can be considered one of the main advantages of domestic sports nutrition.

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What serum protein is the best among domestic manufacturers

In this article we will not tell anything, but simply show data on popular Russian producers of serum protein. The table turned out to be massive and the columns “Taste”, “Solubility”, “Source of protein (raw materials)”, as well as the “sweetener” did not fit. But when calculating the rating, these columns were taken into account.

How the rating of Russian protein was calculated

  • The rating of each column was considered to be 1 result of the best indicator and then up to 7 points
  • Further, the rating was multiplied by the importance of importance (for example, the taste was considered by subjective standards, therefore, it was estimated “weakly”, while the price of 10 g. The protein was one of the most important criteria and was estimated “more expensive”)
  • After that, a rating of all the speakers took shape and rounded to the whole. Respectively, the smaller the final rating, the cooler the manufacturer
  • You can see the result of these testimonies in a green column.
  • Note: Sorting can be done on any column (except “packing”) for this click on the heading of the column, by default the sort is made on the “Rating” column

Price for protein

Prices (see the red columns) for protein were taken from the calculation of packages as close as possible to 1 kg, prices were taken from the office. manufacturers' sites (where it was possible) on 03/01/2017

Other designations

* – based on packing as close as possible to 1 kg

? – manufacturer, information on the package is not indicated

Grase discharge – average value, because Data is changed depending on taste