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Hockey for the blind is a new and little -known sport in our country. On the formation, development and essence of hockey for the blind – in our material.

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The author is a student of the school of a young journalist of the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity Anastasia Trukhanova

There are various adaptive options for all your favorite sports. Hockey is no exception. Only if many have heard about the trail after the Paralympic Games in Sochi, then many hockey for the blind-a new and little-known sport in our country. On the formation, development and essence of hockey for the blind – in our material.

Hockey for the blind – what is it?

Hockey for blind – a special type of hockey for people with visual impairment. According to international classification, the athlete’s vision should vary from a complete absence to 10 % of the ideal.

Hockey players are guided by the game using the sound of the washer. In size, it is twice the usual. Inside the washer and has eight balls. When moving the projectile on the ice, they beat against the walls and create a sound guide for hockey players. The sound is similar to the beating of balls against the walls of the canbank. The washer moves due to its design is slower than usual, which is done specifically for the convenience of players.

The rules in hockey for the blind are adjusted to the specifics of the players and for their convenience. One of the most important is the rule of one touch. The hockey player cannot enter the opponent zone and throw it right away. According to the rules, first he must give a pass to the partner. After the transmission, a special electronic judicial whistle sounds. He gives a sign to the team and goalkeeper that the attack can be made. This is necessary so that the players hear the upcoming attack and have time to react. If the puck is at the gate without observing the rule of one touch, it is not counted.

Similarities with classic hockey and from it

Outwardly, hockey for the blind is very similar to the usual. Yes, the rules are somewhat changed, but the orders remain the same. There are records and provisions outside the game are recorded. There are removal. In the case of a draw result, a five -minute overtime is prescribed to the first abandoned washer, and then penalties. It is possible to even replace the goalkeeper with a sixth field player. All these rules can be seen in almost any Russian and foreign league.

But there are differences. Power techniques are prohibited here. For them you can go to the bench or even in the locker room. They play in hockey for the blind three periods for 15 minutes each (in ordinary hockey, recall, the period lasts 20 minutes) with breaks of two minutes (in classic hockey it is 15 minutes).

The application does not have four fifth players familiar for an active hockey fan. Here are usually limited to two. Moreover, one of them is on ice more time.The rest of the players periodically replace the main composition when it gets tired.

Leonid Tishkin, The trainer of the Fortune team spoke about the differences in the training process in classical hockey and hockey for the blind:

– The training process is built in the same way as in classical hockey. The only difference is that you need to explain everything in more detail, more coaches and volunteers on ice to help children with a complete lack of vision. Well, patience – both the guys and the coach. Everything will come, the main thing is to train.

Absolutely blind goalkeeper and equalization of vision

The goalkeeper in hockey for the blind must not see anything at all. To guarantee this, they put a bandage to the hockey player's eyes. Imagine: he can only navigate by ear and his tactile abilities. To facilitate the goalkeepers, the gates in this type of hockey are made below the usual by 30 cm.

Many hockey players are guided not only by ear, but also on colored silhouettes. Therefore, according to the rules of Jersey, there should be bright contrasting colors. White is not allowed, it merges with ice.

To ensure an approximately equal level of view, both groups have been invented by a point system. Each team has a maximum of 14 points for six players at the same time on the site from one team.

Each player, depending on visual acuity, has a classification and “weighs” from one to three points. The lower the vision, the less points are given for the player. During the game, the hockey player class is determined by the color of the helmet: B1 – Red, B2 – White, B3 – Black. The goalkeeper is always classified as B1, since according to the rules it should not see anything.

How did the most hockey country create a hockey for the blind, and Russia picked up?

Hockey for the blind appeared in the 70s of the last century in Canada. Until 2008, this species existed only at an amateur level. The first official match took place in 2010 between teams from Montreal and Toronto.

In Russia, hockey for the blind appeared after a trip of Russian activists coaches to North America. There they adopted the successful experience of organizing such a large -scale project.

– I needed experience, understanding and methods in hockey for the blind, – told Leonid Tishkin. -Therefore, it was decided to go to the delegation of the children's trace-Hockey league first to Canada, and then to Chicago. We visited several training, took part in them and talked with coaches on the topic of hockey for a very long time. Until now, we are in touch and communicate with them.

Leonid Tishkin was one of the participants in the internship in North America, after which he created and trains the Fortune team. This is the first hockey team for the blind in Russia.

Development of the species in Russia. Why did only one team celebrate the first birthday?

In Russia, hockey for blind is a very young look. It is represented only by children's groups. The first team (Fortune) was created in October 2019.The first match in the history of Russian hockey for the blind took place between Fortune and Human in December 2020.

Three teams have already arrived at the All -Russian festival of adaptive hockey, which took place in April 2021: Yuman (Cheboksary), Fortune (Moscow) and Izhstal (Izhevsk). Three more teams from Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk and Khabarovsk already existed at the time of the festival. They were not yet ready to come there because they had just begun to train.

The role of hockey in the life of blind children

For children with visual impairment or its complete absence of hockey, not only the game. This is a way to socialize, maintain physical form, become more disciplined and even rehabilitate.

– The most important thing for us is emotions, the physical and sociological rehabilitation of the child. Since the beginning of the season, we have been conducting a social and physical research. There are progress in the health of players. System lesson in any sport fades – told Leonid Tishkin.

Financial issue

Classes in the sections are carried out absolutely free. Teams from the presidential grants and third -party sponsors are financed. It happens that the teams are included in the system of large hockey clubs. Then the leadership takes part of the expenses or gives free ice.

– Yes, there are such phenomena, – noted by Leonid Tishkin. – For example, the Ak Barce Stew team. The help is different: financing, provision of ice, buying a form and so on. There is a team “Spartak Song”, it is part of the structure of the sports school of the Spartak Academy.

Hockey for blind side on the outside

Outwardly, hockey for the blind is very similar to the classic. Often the pace of the game is quite dynamic. True, while the difference in the level of teams is clearly visible. There are completely balanced groups where the entire five players are ready to score goals. And there are teams that work for one or two hockey players.

Matches usually end with large numbers on the scoreboard. The winning team often has an advantage of 6-8 goals. In hockey for the blind, it is clear that in each match the teams are laid out in full. It is safe to say that at the next All -Russian festival of adaptive hockey there will be moreaboutthe struggle with baboutthe number of participants. This sport in Russia is developing very rapidly.

– For me, hockey for the blind in a novelty, – Recognized Marina Larionova, The first to see a hockey match for the blind. – When I only found out about this form of hockey, I did not understand how these guys could play, how to build a game and rules for it. Players are already heroes for me. Indeed, having less than 10 % of vision, they need to give passes, throw goals. I think for hockey players and their parents an exit to the ice is a great achievement. Children sat in four walls, and now they have the opportunity to somehow realize themselves, to feel full.A low bow to parents who were not afraid to give their children to hockey. A little lacked the fans in the stands. I think the players would be pleased if the support were more powerful.