Stadium; Feyenoord; (The Feijenoord Stadion), Rotterdam, Netherlands (Holland) – description, photos, оn the map

Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam (photo)

Stadium Feyenoord (The Feijenoord Stadion) is located in Rotterdam (Netherlands (Holland)). Photo, description, what to look for when visiting. Feyenoord Stadium on the map

Stadium Feyenoord (The Feijenoord Stadion)

Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam (photo)

The Feyenoord Stadium is the largest football stadium in the Netherlands with a capacity of 51,577 spectators. The stadium got its name from the football club of the same name. The second, unofficial name of the stadium is De Kuip or Barrel, which the stadium received due to its appearance similar to a barrel.

The stadium hosts not only football matches, but also athletics and speedway competitions, as well as boxing matches and world music concerts. Several times the stadium hosted the final matches of European Cups and the final of the European Football Championship in 2000.

The stadium was built in 1937. Since then, it has been repaired several times and even threatened with demolition. It is now open for tours.

Location: Van Zandvlietplein 3 3077 AA Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Coordinates: 51.89402000,4.52639900

Feyenoord Stadium on the map

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