Students of the Feodosia College of Construction and Resort Services won the International Media Project Competition (photo report) – News of Feodosia on the site.

News from 2019-11-17 – Students of the Feodosia College of Construction and Resort Services won the International Competition for Media Projects (photo report). Watch and read this and other latest Feodosia news on the site –

Students of the Feodosia College of Construction and Resort Services won the International Competition for Media Projects (photo report)

In 2019, projects from 13 countries of the world were awarded: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Croatia and Estonia. These are corporate and public projects, youth projects, as well as those aimed at a healthy lifestyle and developed by students. The project of the Feodosia College of Construction and Resort Services took 2nd place in the nomination for students Social and digital media project.

The students, together with the additional education teacher Yana Kolba, submitted the media project “VTsely!” for the award, which was implemented during the 2018-2019 academic year. He found reviews in the hearts of a demanding jury. The goals of the student project are self-realization of the individual through work with modern formats for presenting information that is intended for its audience and must hit the target. That is why the project is called “VTsely”!

– In short, our project is a student television, organized by the students themselves to express their creativity and convey important information to their viewers. Expanding outreach tools is a topic that has been interesting to work on. We did it with pleasure! We filmed student news for our channel on YouTube and VKontakte, participated in a series of republican competitions, winning prizes: the republican competition of social cinema and television, the republican competitions of social advertising, the republican stage Art-Profi-Forum, – the students said, – Success student project is primarily due to its format, which is convenient and understandable to everyone, the significance of the information, as well as the fact that the project can be scaled up and continued. And it is also important that each student-participant has the opportunity to develop his personality, improve his communication skills, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on self-presentation skills, – added the winners of the competition.

During the implementation of the project, students filmed news, films and videos, wrote articles and made photo reports. Some student programs, in which they talk about their profession and give master classes, were broadcast on local television. All the works filmed as part of the VTsel media project were posted by students in groups on the FTSKS and ProTechnar social networks.

Since 2011, the Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards has been awarded the best regional and international projects implemented by global brands and leading corporations in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, and is the largest communication prize in the region. The Nonentiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2019 nominees were chosen by the international jury, including representatives of the IPRA GWA, which evaluates applications for the following criteria: compliance with international standards, the innovation of the approach, the quality of training, planning and implementation, the quality of the results and their evaluation.

IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) is the largest global prize, organized since 1990 by the International Public Relations Association, which has been forming communications around the world since 1955.

It is worth noting that active participants in the media project “VCEL!” There are college students Sergey Deryugin, Midat ​​Khairlaev, Alena Potapova, Alexander Verkhoturova, Anastasia Yukhno, Tatyana Che, Polina Kalashnikova. The curators of the media project are a teacher of additional education Yana Kolba and the teacher-organizer Olga Lagovnik.