Sunny world

Get the delicious ones with home delivery!

Sunny world

Without Kevordo

Get the delicious ones with home delivery!

Great natural alternative to sweets!

There is no delicious much

Useful sweets

Fresh homemade nuts

Natural dates

We selected only the best and most delicious dried fruits. Our dried fruits are completely natural – they do not contain preservatives and dyes, and are also dried without adding sugar. The taste and benefits created by nature itself!

Black raisins to buy

5 useful properties of nuts, dried fruits and spices

Advantage 1

Advantage 2

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Advantage 4

Benefit 5

When packing our products, we use vacuum packaging, which allows you to maintain all the beneficial properties and vitamins without processing by preservatives


Blooming Sally



St. John's wort


Seedless raisins for baking

Raisins without baking bones

Easter is approaching, and many housewives are wondering: Where to get a good raisins for baking? 🍇

Sunny Uzbek grapes without bones of the Alikant variety was dried in the sun without any processing, then washed on modern equipment.

Magic mango drink

Magical drink from mangoes

When you need to get up very early – not only the alarm clock helps, but also the excellent motivation in the form of a magic drink of fragrant ripe mangoes waiting in the kitchen 😇🍹

Mango is called the king of fruits – and it justifies its name! Divine sweet and sour taste and rich, bright aroma will not leave anyone indifferent. Mango is also a richest source of antioxidants and endorphins, so important for health and good mood! :))

In one kilogram of dried mangoes-about 10-12kg fresh !! Can you imagine? Thin slices soaked at night by morning turn into a real tropical fruit, as if just torn from a tree 🙂

Urgently looking for an order picker to join our warehouse team

Urgently looking for an order collector in our team in warehouse

In the first week of work, we received the same number of orders as almost a month last year! This is very pleasant and at the same time requires great efforts from our entire team.

And our team is small, and it's time to expand :))
Especially lacking working hands in the warehouse. To have time to send a huge number of orders, the guys work every day until 9 pm, and also worked on Saturday. But there were no more orders – more and more new ones appear in the queue! :))
Everyone wants fresh dried fruits of a new crop – and they do the right thing

Therefore, we are urgently looking for an order collector in our team in the warehouse! The warehouse is located at Moscow, Stupinsky passage, 1rer13. The nearest m. Prague or station Krasny Builder.
Work from 9 am to evening. Payment for piecework – depending on the number of orders collected. You work according to opportunities, and you also get it according to opportunities. No hourly socialism.

Hiking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Walking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Juniper forests growing on the slopes of the picturesque mountains of Kyrgyzstan – this is just something :)) And the water from the mountain river is a real elixir of life :))