Supplier No. 1 delicious and fresh food. Delivery!


The supplier of food with delivery to restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, office and home. Online orders through our online store.



We sell what we eat ourselves. If you are not satisfied with the taste or quality, we will return the money.

One of the main directions: delicious fish and seafood from different parts of our planet. Unique products of the north of Russia, wild venison, canned food and stews, rare types of jam, herbal fees from environmentally friendly places. We constantly expand our assortment, maintaining quality.

Quality control

Before starting to sell the product, we try it several times, visit production. And only if the product is delicious, it contains the ingredients safe and useful for humans, and production complies with standards, we begin to sell the product. If the buyer is not satisfied with the products, we return the money and check the party.

We work directly with manufacturers and procurers. Our prices are open on the site and are the same for all buyers.

Private individuals, joint purchases, products in the office

You get wholesale and retail prices (buy at the same price at which shops and restaurants buy) and high product quality. We deliver in Moscow and the Moscow region. We accept orders through the site and by phone.

Supplier of HoReCa products

For the HoReCA segment (restaurants, cafes, shops), we provide a deferred payment, make delivery, provide samplers. Fish, seafood, delicacies of the north, venison and many other quality products at wholesale prices. The presence of products all year round.


The company has its own fleet of automotive equipment specially designed for the transportation of food.
Delivery is carried out daily from 11:00 to 18:00 and from 19:00 to 23:00, all conditions on the delivery page.

Orders are accepted 24 hours through the site (processed from 9:00 to 21:00) or by phone +7 (495) 374-65-11.

Managers of the company Supplier No. 1 will provide you with a detailed consultation and help you understand the large assortment of the goods by choosing the necessary products.

The warehouse staff will quickly gather and carefully immerse your order, and the delivery department will deliver products to your restaurant, cafe, shop, hotel, bar, office, apartment as soon as possible.

Reputation for us is above all. We value each client, so cooperation with us will be accompanied by an excellent service.