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In Solaris there is no sensor fastened passenger belt. There is no Grant either, so Avumka, as always, is too much too much, is wrong, etc. … This is how signs of a disease called maggot. Swearing is when you use any argument in defense of foreign cars. The fact itself is already sewn up. When your argument is built on the absence of domestic superiority over the imported. Not…

Symposium on psychiatry

In Solaris there is no sensor fastened passenger belt.

There is no Grant either, so Avumka, as always, is too much too much, is wrong, etc.

This is how signs of a disease called maggot.

Swearing is when you use any argument in defense of foreign cars. The fact itself is already sewn up.

When your argument is built on the absence of domestic superiority over the imported. No superiority? So we must take imports.

When the argument about the absence of superiority is built on a banal ignoring of the price and related costs. Panamer is no worse than priors? It is necessary to take a panamer.

When you completely forget that money flew to a foreign country for a foreign car, and you will stay here with an increased dollar rate. After all, the Inofirm will transfer your rubles to dollars, before their withdrawal from Russia.

(In 2019, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank can buy currencies for 100% balance of current export/ imported operations. That is, they can buy dollars for the entire export revenue of the country. This will reduce the offer of “free” dollars on the exchange to zero. As a result of the inofirm, this The income, together with maggots with import buyers and riders, will create a deficit of the dollar abroad.

This year in the first half of the year, the outflow of capital was 46 times higher than last year. For the period from January to September – 4 times.

Will Russia refuse the dollar? I will not give assessments to the financial managers of Russia because they do not differ from the majority, so it will not be beautiful and not fair to distinguish them from the total mass. But Russia is a country of rams.

The country does not get off the dollar, but is still sitting on it.

The Central Bank at my expense shoots videos for me, telling that the withdrawal of capital is not so bad. He tells that the purchase of dollars by the population and firms is also the conclusion of capital.

To abandon the dollar, you must stop buying imports, travel abroad and take goods produced by monkating in Russia. And not to withdraw the capital …

Elvira Sahipzadovna has already stood out that the private sector of the external trade balance is negative. What does it mean?
This means that only the state sector pulls the economy of this country … while it is still pulling …
We live due to the export of resources and sales of weapons with high -tech technologies inherited from the USSR (hello uranium centrifuges)

If the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance in 2019 fulfill the deferred plans for buying a currency in 2018, then they can reduce to the zero or drive into the minus the current balance of payment operations.

Sakhipzadovna whimpered that it was 50% of the balance it is $ 35 billion in half a year. Those. for the year 140 billion dollars. (approximately natural)

Moscow. July 9. – The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in 2019 can buy a currency in the domestic market in the amount of 3.4 trillion rubles. This is 50 billion dollars at the rate of 68. It probably seems to you that this is less than 140, so it’s normal.
You forgot that 140 billion is about the first, secondly, it is dollars. Who said exporters will buy rubles for them?

Due to the softening of foreign exchange control in relation to Russian exporting companies that have fallen on sanctions lists, the outflow of capital can accelerate, and the ruble can weaken at least 65 rubles. per dollar over the next year. Such a forecast was given by Raiffeisenbank analysts in a review published on Tuesday.

The amendments mitigating currency control, the State Duma adopted in the third reading on July 12. The bill also provides for the abolition of finatrics of foreign exchange earnings for Russian exporters who fell under Western sanctions. “We are talking about exporting companies, only exporters. These companies fell under sanctions and cannot return the foreign exchange earnings, it is necessary that they are not fined for this as our state bodies, ”said Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance in early July.

An informal requirement for private companies to sell currency revenue in the market appeared in December 2014, when in one day, December 16, the dollar updated the historical maximum, exceeding 80 rubles, and the euro for 100 rubles. A panic began on the exchange, which exporters had to calm down, and President Vladimir Putin personally called them. After that, a directive was published that ordered state -owned companies to bring to March 1, 2015 their clean currency positions to the level of October 1, 2014. In December, five major exporters received this order – Gazprom, Rosneft, Zarubezhneft, AK ALROSA and Crystal

Thus, despite the high oil prices (like 6-7 years ago), the ruble will seem to be very cheap.

Either the Americans are such brilliant psychologists that calculated the multi -income sanctions. (After all, each time their hype provokes an avalanche -like reinforced withdrawal of capital capital from Russia, as well as buying dollars by the population of the Russian Federation)
Either they were just lucky that the Russians turned out to be so stupid maggots that instead of using the 2014 situation for the development of their own industries … They were even more strongly planted on an imported-dollar stake.
Then I am lost in conjecture. I only see that heavy times are waiting for maggots. Love imports will become even more expensive. )

Distracted from psychology.

So, dug is when the domestic origin of the goods is not the best and most important criterion for you.

An attempt to challenge it is to fall.

Any manifestation of doubts about the truth of this statement is scolding.

An attempt to declare propaganda is to fall.

An attempt to accuse of stupid patriotism is scolding.

The slightest doubt or an attempt to make editing or reservation is scolding.

A normal mentally healthy person does not doubt that he himself should put a brick in the wall of his house if he is a practicing mason.

Show me a tile that will be hired by another tile, for laying tiles in your bathroom?

And I hire John, because, Joni puts the tiles as I – Ivan, but Joni takes more expensive, and his name is Johni … so he is better.

Rave? That is how the citizens of the maggot. This nonsense is the basis of your logic and worldview.

Only a mother patient will feed someone else's child on her head and stain her hunger.
Want to argue with this? Tell me that if your child will not be like that, then it does not need to feed him?

For more than 10 years I have been participating in these conversations about quality and handling
The most funny thing in them is that as the real quality of domestic machines fell, but the skills of sales of these machines grades grades … And the costs of advertising grew … the quality of the machines improved in the eyes of the steers. Sensation of quality …

A third of centuries in this country is operating a bike on quality and weakness. She ruined the alliance. She arranged a couple of Maidans. She will ruin Russia into components.

And to hell with him would have ruined, but the conclusions after that should have been made? But no … There are no conclusions over and over again …
Only thieves, krruption, quality … Standard nonsense of the crazy who decided to knock their children with hunger for the sake of strangers.

If the author at least once in your opinion “went too far” to feed his children in his argument – consider you scold. More-less. Maybe a little bit, or maybe all over his head. The degree will be determined by a special medical commission.

By the way, I know so much about you sick morons that I can even tell you where your illness came from.
Its roots go deep to the times of the reign of Peter the Great, when foreign experts had to attract land for the construction of ships earlier. Naturally at that time, “Russians do not know how or cannot” was fair. But it was hell when.

And in the history of Russia rewritten by foreigners, roots are also spent.

(at a speed of 1.5 – 2x will fly unnoticed)

And all this was aggravated in the 20th century.
From the whining of Soviet generals that Soviet tanks by the middle of the war ceased to provide an overwhelming advantage over German tanks. Here they say, our designers of cabbage soup drank naked and now the Germans stopped evading the oncoming tank battle, as it was before.
(I remind you, a large tank battle happened only on July 12, 1943 at the Prokhorovka railway station.)

Through the purchases of Soviet Vneshotorg, who did not buy imported shit, but only normal, high -quality things.What, without suspecting it, formed a conditioned reflex among the rams … imported = good.
And then the squat is fierce anti -Soviet propaganda, we will fall out in the age of 21 ..
This propaganda puts everything upside down and in it Japan buys high -precision Soviet metal -cutting machines not because they are designed for long -term hard work without loss of TTX, but supposedly just in scrap … for metal.

As a result, what is our patient?
Our patient is absolutely sure that the only necessary and sufficient condition for buying import is one fact – import.

While according to his “Justice” system to buy domestic goods, the simultaneous fulfillment of all conditions is necessary.

1. cheaper than imported
2. No worse in characteristics, but preferably surpasses them.
3. Good reviews on the Internet, the reputation is higher than neutral.
4. The design should like.
5. It is desirable that someone already has the same, because I do not want to stand out and are especially scary to be fucked up.
6. It is necessary that the goods be modern, developed yesterday and today made, beautifully packed. Otherwise, this is the definition of the old shit. So taught in advertising.
7. The patient should not see, know, take a single anti -fiction “fact” about the product in serious.
Example: UAZ rusts. UAZ is not safe.

Then, when fulfilling all these conditions, the patient can buy such a product.

However, the purchase will not lead to the patient’s samojet. Buying domestic – does not eliminate the cause of the disease (a striking example – Floley).

Cases of somi -healing, when the patient is aware of himself that it is his pre -producing policy, double standards and other assumptions and compliments in favor of imports – which is what is the cause of the disease. Such cases are extremely rare.
More often, even the patient receiving therapy for a long time does not show positive dynamics.
Yes, with pills

You can achieve remission of the disease. But she is not persistent. You only have to interrupt or weaken therapy, as the disease rolled into the patient with renewed vigor.
Resistance to antibiotics may also develop.
Patients who developed resistance do not perceive any terrible stories about imported quality, regard them as black PR.
And in all the achievements of Russian science and technology, they seek to find a foreign trace.
In such cases, it is recommended to resort to physiotherapy, however, the imperfection of Russian legislation prohibits resorting to such very effective methods of treatment.

Import lovers if you look from the side:

For them … this is normal … And all the rest are sectarians.

By the way, this is on the topic of your other superstition, according to which you think that you are not able to harm yourself.

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Sorry – out of topic! Tell me, come here from Izhevsk? Today I threw in IGGS information about the cartridges of the takata and about the reviews of the car with them with Zarule

Three BMW models recalled in Russia for various reasons

In August, regulators from the NHTSA issued a US recall of about 1,600 m-fifths due to a fuel level sensor misrepresenting the amount of gasoline in the tank. We have yet to face this problem.

The service action affected 85 charged BMW M5 (F90) sedans, which were sold at once – in April of this year. Probably, the explosion in demand is explained by the replacement of the “m-fifth” with the M5 Competition model. Be that as it may, the emka can suddenly stall. Rosstandart says that the reason is the fuel pump, due to which the pressure drops. In the US, 846 units were “affected” by the same in June. Programming and coding are prescribed as treatment.

The one and only crossover BMW X5 of the first generation E53, sold in 2002, needs a software update. Otherwise, if you turn off the ignition and apply the parking brake at the same time, the airbag will deploy. In Australia, 781 vehicles have been recalled for this reason.

A defective sensor, unable to keep track of the position of the crankshaft, has already dragged 192 “sevens” and 23 Countrymen to the service. Today, 82 fives (G30) have become its victims. The consequences are not original: the car stops, the risk of an accident increases. In the States, the September call touched 5309 of the most diverse BMWs and MINIs (the list of models is simply huge), so the ill-fated sensor will come back to haunt car owners in Russia more than once. So far, three lists of VIN numbers have been published for them.

Konstantin Bolotov, three hours ago. Photo: BMW

That is, on d1 you don’t sit in a bastard?)

That is, I can not open the drive 2 site and copy the texts, flip through the records of the unbreakable, not rotting ones?

Well, you’re Grish, there are all the bastards, etc., etc.)
Not the point.

Everything is available without registration. Before, yes, you could read a little, and then a window appeared, register and use the full version of the site with the ability to comment, etc.

I xs, how can I explain even more accessible .. Immediately, fuck, neither Solaris, nor Kalina, nothing becomes uninteresting. Kindergarten is everything.
Periodic therapy therapy, yes, still a necessary thing)
I recommend making a post about the jump in China's economy in 2008, when they greatly increased consumption in the domestic market during the crisis. It will also be an argument.

Specifically, a post about specifically China specifically in 2008 right here on wp? Did not have.
Okay, fuck it, I'll do it myself. Don't give a fuck about being a sissy

Dima, domestic consumption helps in any crisis anywhere… even in the USA.

@don't give a fuck about being a sissy@
Maybe, after all, behave like Chizhev?))

You can even be Lev Nikolaich, but you still write garbage, just like that))

You're wrong. US consumption will not help.

Domestic consumption – when they buy their own, sort of. I was mainly referring to the times when American production was American and not Mexican, Brazilian or Chinese.

about quality and its units of measurement

A resident of Chechnya, Turpal Khasiev, who threw a can at the passengers of one of the Moscow buses, found a job in Grozny, said the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, in his Telegram channel.

So that he does not bother with the search for work, the issue of his employment was resolved on the spot. The head of the Sursad of the Terrible arrived on TV and took him to a new workplace. From that moment, Turpal will work, landscaping the city, removing the streets and squares, planting flowers and seedlings, pouring them in time.

… Ramzan Akhmatovich in Russian president

Moreover, genetically the Chechens are closer to the Russians than to any other peoples of the North Caucasus. Yes, this is even visible in appearance.
If they shave, you will not distinguish them.
This is the same Turpal Khasiev … a typical Ryazan mug …
So all sorts of Russian nationalists can sit on the pope exactly … Chechens, the same Russian, only proud, because from the mountains 🙂

The problem is that those who should be competent are on shit. What can we say about glamorous TP.

At work, he talked on the topic of cars to the current and former head of the design department. The former cars are not particularly interested in and drives on a 10-year focus (wounds only 4-5 thousand per year-nah is he all a car?). He took it new and they told me that a year after the purchase there was a fuel pump bent there – he put a new gasoline pump for 35 thousand! The head of the design department did not realize the motor from a vase or gas! But the other colleague (supplier) also bent down on the focus of the new gasoline pump and he put the motor from the pelvis for a penny.

The current chief of the design department travels on Jett (took a new one) and fingering on VAG. To my question why VAG does not put a beam of a titanium alloy instead of a very complex multi -leaf, from one drawing of which the seasoned service will be convulsed, it began to talk about its advantages, supposedly it does not give parasitic strokes and it is better for the relief of the road (I am a Merce of English -language from the English -speaking The video remembered where he was driven by the pits). I asked for the numbers how “independence” and “multi -link” suspension gives an improvement in adhesion and whether it gives at all, but he does not know them. He says that once they produce, then there are advantages! But at least it recognizes that for small cars and speeds less than 200 km/h there is no meaning in a multi -link. But he does not want to admit that the clutch with the road decisively depends on the non -restricted masses and the suspension course, and not on the kinematic trifles, i.e., that at the price of the multi -leaf, the beam will be from space materials and a multi -link will surpass the small weight.

One electronic colleague travels to Golf with the same independent suspension, but does not share the opinion of her cunt. Because in the winter he hit the skid at low speed, but strong bumps on which this suspension does not hold a constant width of the track, and divided the car into ~ 100 thousand rubles. The benefit was CASCO.

Now, to be honest, all this is such a dick and shit, which is already disgusting.
What are the fucking parasitic steering?
Who does this care about in real life? In real life, the owners of these buckets are sick of 30 km/h on the rings.

Rall suspension of the Fighter rally.

What is the Fayiter rally?

So what? Where is the independent rear suspension in the carport car?

And even if it were, then this is such a petty garbage against the background of what is happening with the country ….
They ask me to agitate more tenderly here … but which fuck is more tender? What are the pendants in the pussy? Bitch people, look around you will not have 5 minutes of the country without 5 minutes. And they are discussing steering …

The only competence that is needed is the understanding that buying imports now is a cross in your future tomorrow.
Who the fuck will need your domestic X -ray? Just like your colleagues of morons, your buyers will find and invent 150 moronic reasons to buy imported ….

Because of my colleagues, the reasons for buying imported are becoming not invented. Only public procurement policies are saving – in a cheap segment, priority is given to Russian manufacturers, which is apparently related to the lack of oil bax. Since most of the time I am engaged in the modernization of products, I know a lot and would love to write an article with examples of the “competence” of my colleagues, in particular, designers, but you can’t take out the IA from the hut. I can only say that in comparison with their crafts, Lada Kalina is the creation of an alien mind.

In connection with a large drop in sales of our products, a permutation began in the leadership, a new director, responsible for research, was appointed (he has already agreed with him to modernize some shit). Intelligence say that they are going to discharge one fierce shit-chief of the department, which cannot but rejoice (he has long wanted to modernize his shit and turn it into candy, but he did not allow). My boss walks in fear, as I work alone in the department effectively. And we would buy any shit from us, so those who have no place were sitting there until they die.

The day before yesterday I learned that in one of the divisions of the company where I work, the Assembly of Tomographs Philips has already been deployed. Philips bought the rights to a tomograph in Chinese development, modified a little and sells under his brand. Tomograph is 100%produced in China. But due to the fact that the state requires localization, Philips decided to act according to the Peugeot-Sitro system, only two other details are screwed instead of bumpers and wheels and final testing. As the production director said, we are used as stupid monkeys.

Fuck … how are you right …
And about the IC from the hut too. I am writing a kind of diary. To the table. For yourself. About the jambs, sophumism and otkatya at work. There is darkness.
Incompetence. Unwillingness to correct even obvious jambs. The constant football in the mode There are no complaints about buttons.
And and, interestingly, errors are far from only technical. Often, even in the order of passage of products through my stand, they cannot understand.
For example, the stand is assembled and calibrated for the product A. The assembly/calibration sometimes takes a shift.On the stand there is a product A. We set it up, sometimes everything is ready, only it remains to take it on PZ (this is a maximum of 2 shifts). The authorities come running, with screams, what the hell you have a stand busy, urgently (urgently, fucking!) You need to put the product B.
We sort out the stand for the product B. This is a change or so. We put the product B. The bosses of the saliva run around with cries, faster, in the second shift, on the night, on the weekend! We do everything possible and with the ass in the soap we set up and hand over the product B in 4 days, despite the fact that the regular time is only for tuning – 2 weeks. After that, an urgent product is sent quietly covered with dust in some secluded corner of the workshop. Record of failure – six months. On average, after me, no one even approaches the urgent product for about a month … And what is the two days that I needed to finish with the product A, which I still have to return. Once again, sorting through the stand …
And the competence of ITR? What the hell am I (also an ITR, with a tower, from to. The so -called), but nevertheless acting in its official duties as a super -closed, capable of a creative approach, but still a traffic controller, should dictate the product designer that he I must write in TO or D53 for this product and how do I configure and hand over this product. Fuck, he must explain to me. Why does he get a salary then?
Only mass executions … The people have already finally lost fear and the conscience has lost …

Py. SY. Andrei very accurately noticed in one of the topics. People always judge by themselves. And 95% of these colleagues-dollabobes drive to Ino. He does not even in thoughts that Russian heads and hands are able to create something good. Precisely because they themselves are incapable of it …

Among us there is such a hand driver)))

We also have …
A very interesting example. Grew from the host, to the deputy. gene. Director for promising developments. When the presenter was an adequate strong specialist, one of the few with whom you can do. As they put the boss – as if they had taken out the brain. Durak fool …

I meant among us))

Who it??
Name, brother! Name.

Among us there is a comrade who is not at all comrade at all.

The beam is also hearing, including on the VAZ-2108. The feature of the beam is that with the simultaneous collision of the rear wheels on the pit/hillock, the back axis does not change the width of the rut (more precisely, it will express that it changes much less), unlike multi -link, so the beam is more stable at speeds.

By the way, I reduced my currency assets to a minimum back in 2011 …
I have $ 5 left on the currency deposit of Warming up in Sberbank
And 10 euros in the nightstand …

Sometimes, as a lyrical digression, I tell students what a good car VAZ 2108 and VAZ 2109 … And it is really good – it goes well, it is easily steaming, and without any amplifiers – the driver really feels the road with wheels …. And the information that your wheels is probably more expensive than ABS is worth it …

It is interesting to listen to the arguments in favor of foreign cars …. (Yes. Students are maggots in your terminology. All signs)

It will be necessary to tell how once upon a time (in the early 90s) some uncle in a foreign car came to the garage to change the oil. Naturally, he bought an imported oil filter (then I first learned that the imported and our filters are the same in terms of connecting dimensions …)
So, the imported filter was fake! The anti-drainage valve did not work in it (so that the oil would not drain back). I personally installed it by blowing it out – the filter is clean …. Then, through the holes, I even examined the hall on the valve plate … .. But! Unshakable faith in the quality of imports overpowered – the man put in a defective filter! Although he showed everything what and how ….

On this topic. The seatbelt sensor is not needed! If a person is an idiot, the sensor will not save! (idiots fasten belts behind the seat or insert plugs …)

I would say that its presence is even insulting ….

I forgot to buckle up a couple of times – the squeaker reminded

I remember a bike: He smoked Parliament cigarettes, but did not get into parliament. He ate President cheese, but did not become president … And only Kozel beer worked well …
AND ALSO… More than 80% of ethyl alcohol, from which vodka is produced in the Russian Federation, is imported from China. This is not a secret, there is data from the State Statistics Service in the public domain.
In China, alcohol is not made from grains, potatoes, or grapes.
In China, alcohol is made from sewerage. Yes Yes. And they don't make a secret out of it. It becomes secret in Russia, where the vodka mafia and their patrons are in the government.
The President and lobbyists in the State Duma hide this information, and the corrupt media, licked by lobbyists to the point of a pig squeal, are pursuing frantic propaganda of drunkenness, debauchery and national degeneration. But the fact remains: everyone who drinks vodka can safely imagine a Chinese defecating. Alas …

…. Can't we make our own alcohol?
…although if we import manure…

As a maggot would say: We have manure – shit.

Again japonei reliable and not breaking
I signed up for an inspection and went to the guys in the service to wash the car and at the same time look at the chassis (so as not to pay for the inspection 2 times). As a result, I did not go to the inspection. The front calipers are tired (leaking, it was decided to change the pistons and all the rubber bands, and also change the brackets so that they don’t knock), steering tips, front silent blocks, so the front levers are to be replaced.
Well, to this (once I put it to repair), they added a timing belt, a generator bulkhead, and oil with filters.

And also, the engine, body and everything else))))

wow you fucked up here)

it’s written … a symposium …

And again, you can remember about Mikhail Lomonosov

Watch from 6 minutes 43 seconds and at the end remember what is said with a vicious circle!

Damn, otherwise the person who ate antidepressants in packs does not know about intoxication personally))

What for are you writing such sheets of text in the comments?

He understands a lot of drugs, but he does not care …

I'm not like you scoff. Looking for among the crowd of those who will think. It's better than not looking at all and then whining

You are not the first source who posts this text of Tolstoy on the net. Those who seek will find and save themselves. The rest don't want to. I have read it in full. He only confirmed my assumptions about drugs. And antidepressants – personal experience)


When trying to figure out why people get intoxicated, the author comes to the conclusion that there is a more compelling reason than so, for fun, everyone does it, etc. And that reason is conscience. It is conscience that oversees everything that a person does, and correlates this with how it should be done. With a significant deviation of the fact from the norm, if, for example, a person does not act correctly, does evil instead of good, the conscience begins to indicate to the person that he has gone astray. And then a person has two options: he either corrects his behavior, or tries to drown out the voice of conscience and continue to live the way he likes without remorse and self-criticism.

Tolstoy notes that some do the first, others do the second. To achieve the first, there is only one way – moral self-improvement, movement along the path of goodness. To achieve the second, there are two ways – external and internal. The external consists in activities that divert attention from the dictates of conscience; the internal consists in obscuring conscience itself. For people with a limited moral sense, the external path is enough, but for people who are morally sensitive, this is not enough. Therefore, people often resort to the simplest method – intoxicating the brain with alcohol.

“Not in taste, not in pleasure, not in entertainment, not in fun, lies the cause of the worldwide distribution of hashish, opium, wine, tobacco, but only in the need to hide from oneself the dictates of conscience.”

Tolstoy rightly summarizes that most crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol. Everyone knows this, but, strangely, when terrible crimes are not the result of alcohol consumption, many believe that alcohol consumption no longer affects the conscience. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to understand that the use of intoxicating substances in large or small quantities, periodically or constantly, in a higher or lower circle, is caused by the same reason – the need to drown out the voice of conscience, so as not to see the discord of life with the demands of consciousness.

According to the author, human life consists of solving moral issues. A person feels that he must resolve issues that require a great effort of his physical and mental strength, labor. He wants to evade this by clouding his brain with intoxicating substances. And whenever he again faces the need to resolve these issues, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. come to his “help”.This leaves issues unresolved for months, years, or forever, and the need for a solution weakens or disappears altogether.

Fragments of an article-reflection Why do people get intoxicated:

Wine ruins the bodily health of the people, ruins the mental faculties, ruins the welfare of families, and, worst of all, ruins their offspring, and yet every year the use of alcoholic beverages and drunkenness resulting from it spreads more and more.

A contagious disease captures more and more people: women, girls, children are already drinking. And adults not only do not interfere with this poisoning, but themselves, drunk, encourage them. It seems to both the rich and the poor that it is impossible to be merry otherwise than to be drunk or half-drunk; it seems that at any important occasion in life – a funeral, a wedding, baptism, separation, a date – the best way to show one's grief or joy is to become intoxicated and, having lost the human form, become like an animal.

And what is most amazing of all is that people die from drunkenness and ruin others, without themselves knowing why they do it. In fact, if everyone asks himself why people drink, he will never find any answer.

It is impossible to say that wine is tasty, because everyone knows that wine and beer, if they are not sweetened, seem unpleasant to those who drink them for the first time. Wine is accustomed to, like another poison – tobacco – little by little, and wine is liked only after a person has become accustomed to the intoxication that it produces.

To say that wine is good for health is also impossible now, when many doctors, doing this work, have recognized that neither vodka, nor wine, nor beer can be healthy, because there is no nutrition in them, but there is only poison, which harmful.

It is also impossible to say that wine adds strength, because not once or twice, but hundreds of times it has been noticed that a drinking team, with as many people as a non-drinking team, will work much less. And on hundreds and thousands of people you can see that people who drink water alone are stronger and healthier than those who drink wine.

They also say that wine warms, but this is not true, and everyone knows that a drunk person warms up only for a short time, and then freezes faster than a non-drinker.

To say that if you drink at funerals, at christenings, at weddings, during dates, during partings, when buying, selling, then you’d better think about the business for which you have gathered, is also in no way possible, because in all such cases you need not to go crazy from wine, but with a fresh head to discuss the matter. The more important the case, the more sober, and not drunken, one must be.

It cannot be said that it is harmful to give up wine even to those who are accustomed to it, because every day we see how people who drink get into jail and live there without wine and only get healthier. It cannot be said that there was more fun from wine. It is true that people seem to get warm and cheerful from short wine, but both are not for long.And just as a person warms up from wine and becomes even colder, so a person cheers up from wine and becomes even more boring. You just have to go in and sit in the tavern, look at the fight, scream, tears, in order to understand what a person’s wine does not amuse.

And what? And wine is not tasty, and does not nourish, and does not strengthen, and does not warm, and does not help in business, and yet so many people drink it, and what comes next, then more. Why do people drink and ruin themselves and other people? “Everyone drinks and treats, it’s impossible for me not to drink and treat,” many answer this, and, living among drunkards, these people imagine that everyone is drinking and treating everyone around. But that's not true. If a person is a thief, then he will associate with thieves and it will seem to him that all are thieves. But as soon as he gives up stealing, he will associate with honest people and see that not all are thieves. The same with drunkenness. Not everyone drinks and treats. If everyone drank and treated, then life would become hell, but this cannot be, because among the erring people there have always been and now there are many reasonable ones; and there have always been and now are many and many millions of people who do not drink and who understand that drinking or not drinking is no joke. If drinking people clash hand to hand and step on other people and want to make the whole world drunk, then it’s time for reasonable people to understand that they also need to grab hand to hand and fight evil so that their children are not drunk by erring people.