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The composition of the Russian national team for four nations tournament

The coaching headquarters of the main hockey squad of the country identified 18 hockey players to participate in the international tournament in TrollHettan

November 25, 2016, PT

Four Nations in TrollHettan

From December 9 to 11, Sweden will host an international tournament with the participation of the Russian National Team of Russia

November 24, 2016, th

Young Nizhnyogords in Sandwiken

November 4 in Sweden starts an international tournament among 13-year-old hockey players

November 2, 2016, cf

Russian arbitration

Two Russians will go to Sweden to serve the World Cup matches in Sweden

October 31, 2016, Mon

Haparanda: Changing the name, but not the winner

In the Swedish city of Haparanda, the traditional international hockey tournament with the ball, which is called “Remium Cup” this year, has ended

October 24, 2016, Mon

Lomanov started in Elitseria from the victory

On October 21, the first matches of the Sweden championship were held

October 24, 2016, Mon

Pavel Franz: I could not say no

Six -time world champion about its work in the national team of Russia

October 19, 2016, SR

Alan Dzhusoev: I want to go to visit Lomanov

Sandwiken midfielder and the Russian national team about the failure in the semifinals of the World Cup, tasks for the season and Sweden

October 18, 2016, Tue

Leave but stay

A series of playoffs started in Sandworm

October 15, 2016, SB

Pavel Bulatov: It is unusual to leave Sandwiken so early

Defender of the Russian national team and Venuservorg about departure from the World Cup, the formation of a team and adaptation to a new country

October 15, 2016, SB

Scandinavian breakthrough

SKA-Neufyanik broke Venuservor and went into the playoffs of the World Cup

October 15, 2016, SB

In memory of Bobo

Christoffer Edlund revealed the secret of the inscription on the sleeve of Sandwiken's game sweaters

October 15, 2016, SB

Swedish superiority

The best moments of matches of Russian clubs at the 2016 World Cup on Friday

October 15, 2016, SB

Second day. Set aside until Saturday

The fate of the SKA-Neftyanik in the 2016 World Cup will be decided on October 15

October 14, 2016, PT

Second day. Star disappointments

The day of joy and disappointment came in Sandwiken

October 14, 2016, PT

Alan Dzhusoev: Yenisei – Favorite of the World Cup

The midfielder of the Russian national team about the main applicants for victory in the World Cup, adaptation in Sandwiken and the study of the Swedish language

October 14, 2016, PT

The first day. Russian premiere

Overview of evening matches of the World Cup in Sandworm

October 13, 2016, th

World Cup. Adrenaline non-stop

In Sandworm, in the eighth year in a row, the most prestigious international club tournament launched

October 13, 2016, th

Talisman from Krasnogorsk

The organizing committee of the 2017 World Cup determined the hero of the main tournament of the season

October 13, 2016, th

Start loses leaders

The Nizhny Novgorod club announced the parting with two leading hockey players

13 October 2016 , thu

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