Teenage – Youth Center "Dream"

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The Ministry of Youth Policy of the Tula region informs you that students of grades 5-11 of educational organizations of the Tula region have the opportunity to become participants in the shifts of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution “International Children's Center“ Artek ”(hereinafter referred to as the MDC“ Artek ”).

Registration for shifts at the Artek MDC is carried out by registering in the automated information system “Turning” (hereinafter referred to as the AIS “Putevka”), which provides selection under the regional and thematic quota of places for training on additional general development programs based on the student’s achievements rating, on the site on the site “Artek. children” (http: //Artek. children.

When loading into the profile, documents confirming achievements are taken into account no more than the last 3 years.

Step -by -step instructions for work in AIS “Puthevka” (Appendix) is posted on the website of the ministry in the section: “Activities / Children's Centers of the Russian Federation”. This section contains relevant information about the planned shifts and quotas for the Tula region to children's centers of the Russian Federation.

Additional information can be obtained by phone:-8 (4872) 33-80-93 (Dob. 210) Contact person-Kalinina Olga Gennadievna Specialist for Social Work with the youth of the Tula Regional Center for Youth of the Tula region.