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– a detailed forecast of maple and weather in Abakan for 3 days and 15 days
Forecast of biting for a week in Abakan, fishing in Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia
The forecast of the bite in Khakassia, Abakan for tomorrow, for a week, for 10 days
Fisherman's Fisherman Forecast – Soviet Khakassia
Fishing – Soviet Khakassia
Forecast Forecast Fish in the village of Sovetskaya Khakassia
Forecast Forecast Fish in the city of Abakan
Forecast Forecast Foreign in Abakan, Khakassia for a week, fishing calendar
Weather for 10 days – Soviet Khakassia

For fishing on the course, you will need a regular boat with two anchors, a mesh for bait and tackle for direct fishing for bream. One, of course, is more complicated in this regard, but with proper dexterity, you can also try to reduce the light flow by hanging over the hole and blocking the falling sunlight with your body. The heart sank painfully, uninvited tears approached the eyes. I also eat on a freebie and it is always advisable to drink pliz, you don’t even have to call the compass is well tuned.
But many fishermen use fry. The mormyshka is so universal that it can be caught not only perch, but also another peaceful fish. I see in the window that our ship is walking along the sand to the shore, puddles around the sea water around are visible.
It does not get confused and has more sensitivity, as it is made of hard material. First you need to choose the optimal weight of the equipment and tightly put the tulle on the hook. Yes, he himself will be in the withers from most of the wall.
The sailing of the boat is very noticeable and it needs more strong and reliable. If the bites for five to seven minutes will not follow, it is worth moving to the next hole.
Soviet Khakassia, the forecast of fish materials, water temperature, ice thickness on Wednesday, February 10. On Wednesday, February 10 in the village of Soviet Khakassia frosty weather. The air temperature will be? 16 ° C. The temperature of the water is uniform in all layers, about 1 ° C. Atmospheric pressure will smoothly increase to the mm Hg. On Thursday, February 11 in the village of Soviet Khakassia frosty weather. The air temperature will be? 20 ° C. The water temperature is uniform in all layers, about 1 ° C. Atmospheric pressure will rise to mm Hg.
The forecast of the bite for fishermen is Soviet Khakassia. Today in Soviet Khakassia, the weather for fishing is not very good – an unstable inconspicuous north wind, the moon decreases the twenty -sixth lunar day. Only a minimum of precipitation, the pressure drops. Fish bite: The middle is the next best: Mon, 8 Feb at night. It can peck: bream, perch, pike perch, pike, rotan, roach, bleak, Harius, burbot.No bite: Carp, Crucian, Asp, Catfish, Tench, Carp, White carp, Silver carp, Rudd, Chub. Dress warmly, gloves and a hat are required.
A detailed forecast of fish biting in Sovetskoye for the next 3 days, taking into account the phases of the moon, the influence of pressure, wind direction and speed, waves on reservoirs. Detailed fish biting forecast for Sovetskoye for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: Today: Sunday Fishing in Sovetskoye and its environs: – Partly cloudy. – There are small waves on the ponds. Wind moderate, West, 4 m/s.
Fish biting forecast for the coming days and week: Khakassia. Fishing and weather forecast for fishermen. Today, February 8, in Khakassia and its environs, in general, a weak bite of fish is expected. Perch, pike and burbot will peck better than others. Less activity will show crucian, carp and tench. Weather: Fish bite forecast. Temperature day / night.
Lamprey, Sockeye salmon, Ruff ordinary, Tench will show low activity, those on the desired line or use the search below to go to a detailed forecast of fish biting for two weeks and evaluate the dynamics of biting on the chart. Today, Sunday, February 7, in Khakassia, the city of Abakan and on water bodies near it is frosty, the air will cool to -5 ° C, there will be scattered clouds. Quiet southeast wind, 1 m/s. Sunday 7 February Scattered clouds -5° 2 m/s mmHg Monday 8 February Light snow -2° 3 m/s mmHg Tuesday 9 February Light snow -4° 8 m/s mmHg Wednesday 10 February Clear skies ° 5 m/s mmHg Thursday 11 February Scattered clouds °.
Abakan and the Republic of Khakassia – an accurate FORECAST of PICKING fish for three days. Fishing forecast for today, tomorrow, and a fisherman's calendar for a month in Kostroma. Forecast of fish biting in the Republic of Khakassia, Abakan. Weather forecast and fish biting. Abakan, from to
Forecast for biting fish in the city of Chernogorsk, Khakassia. Find out what kind of fish bite Chernogorsk expects one of these days. The forecast takes into account water temperature, ice thickness, pressure, humidity, moon phases, wind direction and other weather parameters. Your region: Russia, Chernogorsk, Khakassia ? Show forecast Show on map (If this is not your region, select your location in the search). Choose a fish: – choose a fish – White Amur Bersh Bystryanka Goby Vobla Vyrezub.
The forecast of the probability of a good bite for Abakan is displayed in numerical value from the % of the level of excellent fish bite for different times of the day. Pay attention to the icon located to the left of the name of the settlement. By clicking on it, you have the opportunity to print and take with you on a fishing trip the biting and weather forecast for the next two days for Abakan.
Daily weather and fish biting forecast for Abakan (Republic of Khakassia). – detailed biting and weather forecast in Abakan for 3 days and 15 days – lunar calendar of the fisherman for a year (fishing by months).
Fisherman's lunar calendar. Fishing calendar. Select fish Dace Ruff Carp Carp/Carp Rudd Bream Tench Burbot Perch Minnow Roach Trout Grayling Pike.Weather forecast provided by GISMETEO. Cloudy, light snow.
Detailed weather forecast for Sovetskaya Khakassia for today, tomorrow, week, 10 days, month for Weather forecast for Sovetskaya Khakassia accurate to the area. ? Precipitation map online and other weather maps. Air and water temperature, pressure and humidity, wind speed, magnetic field and UV index. 0 Sunrise and sunset time. Information about the climate of regions. Weather forecast in a mobile application.
Weather forecast for 10 days in your city on The most accurate weather forecast, as you know, is a forecast for tomorrow or the next few days. The weather forecast for 5 and especially 10 days is often corrected. But we still publish the weather forecast for 10 days, maybe it will be of interest to someone.
forecast for the day after tomorrow February 10. Unstable bite of fish. Fishing forecast for 7 days with all analyzed data, from to (Abakan). Below is a fishing forecast for biting in an open form, including all the data analyzed by the system, with certain knowledge, you can independently predict your fishing forecast using your own algorithm. The system also gives the reasons for determining the result of the bite forecast for each day for a specific type of data, pay attention to them. Tomorrow Fishing forecast for biting on Tomorrow 09 February (Abakan). Temperature: .8° – -3.6°.
Fishing in the Soviet Khakassia region. Cool places map with over 22 points. Fishing reports with photos and videos. Come in and find out where it bites! In this section you can find the current weather forecast for the coming days in the Sovetskaya Khakassia region. You need to understand that our tips are based on well-known facts about the relationship between weather and fish activity, so they do not give a 100% guarantee for one or another outcome of fishing. A little rain does not greatly affect the bite. If you like this weather, then you can go fishing.
Frost pressed for several days, during the day, and at night at the place where I fished, the temperature dropped to. When the night came, the biting stopped, but I couldn’t go to bed.

The box is made of decent durable plastic. Paint, primer, sandpaper, polythene, etc. Sometimes it was carried through the yoke of the latter and stuffed with a lanyard under the forcastel. It seemed to me that it was the foot in the water that was slowing down. The rotation of the body around two mutually perpendicular axes leads to the fact that it becomes possible to receive energy as much as you like, while spending much less energy on the rotation of the body.
On the colors of mormyshkas, many anglers simply do not bother, because the color does not have a special effect on the bite. The rod should be with an inertial reel so that it is possible to accurately throw the tackle and pull it out as soon as possible.
Sometimes information about the location of the thermocline is useful when looking for fish. Reliable protection against rust and corrosion.
Prefer to be on the water. In the second tune, a dotted rhythm appears in the main melody, passing in the alto part, and leaps of fourths to the first beat in the soprano part, acting as an undertone, all this creates a feeling of elasticity.If the fisherman uses special silicone worms, then it is best to use hooks that are designed for this purpose. Even on a picker, sometimes you have to install heavy kormaks and catch carp or carp. For many years, our owners of many of the smallest boats have had to make do.
And one more very valuable advice. The doctor gave you three tablets and told you to take one every half an hour. Would you like to catch sable in winter. When cleaning transparent or white cases, sparing compounds are used that do not contain large abrasive impurities.