The most popular sports in different countries. National sports in different countries. Where to play sports in Europe

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The most popular sports in different countries. National sports in different countries. Where to play sports in Europe

Today, a person needs sport as never before. It not only contributes to the formation of a healthy body and no less healthy spirit, but also to a large extent can improve the quality of life, making a person purposeful and hardy. And in our country this understands how nowhere.

Sports love in our country

Physical culture and sports have always been in the first place among Russians. Well, we are also proud of the achievements of Soviet athletes to this day. Lev Yashin, Valery Kharlamov, Larisa Latynin, Yuri Vlasov – these names are heard by all.

And what are the most popular sports in our country now? Of course, those in which success is achieved command. Moreover, we are equally loved by both summer and domestic schools, created back in the Soviet era, still demonstrate high indicators at the most significant competitions of the international level, whether it be the Olympic games or world championships.

However, not everyone has an idea of ​​what the most popular sports can be distinguished in our country. Let's make up for this gap.

Statistics data

According to paintings, in the territory of the Russian Federation there are more than thirteen million people who are seriously fond of sports. And, as already emphasized, preference is given to team games.

Palma of the championship in the ranking: “The most popular sports” belongs, of course, to football. Despite the fact that our country cannot yet boast of high achievements in this field, interest in this exciting game remains still high. Even in the winter, when snow lies in the stadiums, there are many people who want to drive the ball among the youth. The second position in the top is occupied by hockey, whose adherents in Russia are also very, very many. The most popular sports are also volleyball, and basketball, and water polo.


Of course, domestic football is currently going through far from the best times. Unfortunately, even foreign mentors are powerless in achieving the goal of getting the Russian team into European and world championships. One way or another, but to prepare for the upcoming sporting event, which is scheduled for 2018 in Russia, should be very, very carefully. At the same time, all the conditions for the development of football in our country have been created: modern sports grounds, more than worthy wages, experience and skill of eminent trainers.It is also encouraging that the younger generation is showing great interest in this sport.

The youth team has achieved high results in this spectacular sport.


A list called: The most popular sports in Russia is simply unthinkable without a mention of hockey. In this team game, we have repeatedly proved that our team is the best of the best. What were the Soviet players worth in this bewitching sport! Eminent Russian hockey players are often sent to play overseas, as their high level of professionalism is noted by foreign athletes. Among the youth teams in our country, competitions are regularly organized: Golden Stick, Golden Puck, where coaches select the most talented and promising guys.

Again, a lot is being done in Russia to make hockey even more developed – this proves the quality and quantity of modern ice palaces and stadiums.


With a pole in height, running at various distances, throwing a spear and a hammer – all of the above are also loved by Russians. Many people go in for athletics at the amateur level, thereby instilling in themselves and others a healthy lifestyle.

Winter sports

Russia has severe winters, and there is a lot of snow in some regions. Naturally, at this time of the year one does not want to sit at home, and the desire to move around is simply huge, especially for young guys and girls.

The most popular sports among young people are, of course, cross-country skiing and figure skating.

In our vast country there is an incredible number of mountain slopes and ice rinks, so, as they say, I don't want to ride.

The science

The science that studies such an interesting phenomenon as sports does not stand still. Conferences and symposiums devoted to theoretical issues in the field of sports activities are regularly organized in Russia.

Traditional sports

It should be noted that interest in traditional sports is gradually growing in our country. We are talking, of course, about the game of lapta. Back in the 14th century, during the excavations of Veliky Novgorod, bats and balls, rare for today, were found. At present, lapta competitions in Russia have become regular in nature.

And, of course, it is necessary to say about martial arts, which are part of the culture of Ancient Russia. Athletic all-around, Greco-Roman wrestling – these sports were known to our ancestors, only in a slightly modified form. Well, fisticuffs, which were more positioned as fun and entertainment, have some similarities with modern boxing. Today has become the most popular sport and bandy.

extreme sports

In the XXI century attracts extreme. Teenagers today are accustomed to experiencing a feeling of increased adrenaline and staggering speed.Parkour, freestyle, snowboarding, windsurfing are the most popular sports among teenagers.

The age of high technology and speed dictates its own conditions, and sports preferences, of course, depend on them. One way or another, but some extreme activities, such as parkour, are focused not only on increasing adrenaline in the blood, but also on developing endurance and agility. Therefore, they can be beneficial, but at the same time they require careful and serious preparation, otherwise they can pose a certain threat to life.


In the age of technological progress, a huge number of new and interesting sports appear. Considering the fact that a modern person leads a sedentary lifestyle, the role of sports is of great importance for him. It is to maintain their own health that everyone is simply obliged today to be involved in it.

Sport in Ukraine is quite developed, and our athletes representing their country in the world arenas are direct evidence of this. Ukraine stands for sports and a healthy lifestyle, and this is not a tribute to fashion, but rather an individual choice for everyone.

Many are interested in the question, what kinds of sports are popular in Ukraine? Professionals of masters-bet company tried to figure it out and, based on the clicks to our site, they made a rating of the most popular sports in 2018 in Ukraine according to masters-bet.


If you plunge into the history of the game loved all over the world, then it is worth mentioning that England is considered the ancestor of football. At the same time, it is widely believed that the best footballers are gathered in Brazil, since they do not just play football, they live it. It is not for nothing that the Brazilian national team became the World Champion 5 times, proving their superiority in the game.

Like all over the world, football is the most popular sport in Ukraine. It is a favorite game of children, teenagers and adults. Football is actively developing in the country and such giants of the Ukrainian Premier League as Shakhtar and Dynamo, playing in prestigious tournaments (Champions League, Europa League), are a direct confirmation of this. And in the ranking of the national teams of FIFA (FIFA), the Ukrainian team occupies the 35th place.

Football is among the top 10 most popular sports, and the top five European leagues in France, Germany, Spain, England and Italy are watched with bated breath all over the world. This is proven by the fact that over 4 billion fans follow the game.

The most important competition in this sport is the World Championship, which is held every 4 years. But the largest prize fund is played annually among football clubs playing in the Champions League. European teams are fighting for $1.5 billion.

In addition, in each country there are professional football leagues, divided into divisions.


Boxing is one of the most popular sports not only in the world, but also in Ukraine.In addition to Ukrainians, boxing is closely monitored in America, Mexico, Great Britain, Japan, Poland, Romania, as well as in the Philippines.

In the mid-60s of the twentieth century, boxing began to actively attract the attention of the public. After that, the boats began to collect full halls, the rest of the fans, closely watched battles from their television screens.

The most interesting thing is that boxing is not only a male sport. Boxing among women is also interesting to many, and female battles are the most popular competition in the world.

Huge amounts are spinning in boxing, and the prizes of some competitions simply do not fit in the head. In addition, athletes fight not only for money, but also for 4 champion titles according to WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF versions. Each novice boxer dreams of raising a coveted reward over his head in the boxing world.


Earlier, when asked what the most popular sport in Ukraine could be heard anything, but not tennis. In just a few years, this sport began to gain momentum, and now deservedly takes an honorable third place in our ranking.

The most popular and prestigious competition in tennis is Wimbledon. In 2016 alone, more than 1 billion viewers watched the event, and 17 million people closely monitored the final of the 2017 tournament, and this is only in the UK. Is it not the number of audience that indicates the popularity of a particular sport.

Other tennis events are held around the world annually almost without interruptions, but the audience is noticeably increasing only in the summer.

Prize funds in tennis are also generous as in boxing. Take, for example, all four large helmet tournaments – Australian Open, French Open, USA Open and Wimbledon. The prize these tournaments exceed the mark of tens of millions of dollars.


Basketball has replenished the list The most popular sports in Ukraine and the world. This sport is considered one of the most rated, and the number of its fans exceeds 1 billion.

Game sports have always been in attention, and basketball was no exception. Ukrainian basketball players constantly train and work on themselves in order to present their country at important basketball tournaments at a decent level.

In addition to Ukraine, basketball is loved in America, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, China and Argentina. This sport is developing very quickly, so it can easily compete in a few years with football.

By the way, in terms of the number of professional leagues, basketball is second only to football. In European countries, leagues also consist of several divisions. As for the salary of basketball players from the NBA, the top 40 players in the American association earn more than $ 15 million a year.


Biathlon is a seasonal sports discipline, but, nevertheless, in Ukraine it is a popular sport.Winter competitions are collected during the Olympic Games.

In addition to Ukraine, Biathlon is interested in Russia, France, Germany, Italy and Norway. Despite the fact that this sport is interested in many countries, it is difficult to say that Biathlon is the most popular sport in the world, and it will be difficult for him to overtake football.


A review of the most popular sport in the world and Ukraine, like hockey, will be interested in a large audience.

Such a priority sport as hockey is popular among young people and not only. Yes, the Ukrainian hockey league can not be compared with the NHL and the KHL, but this does not mean that Ukrainian fans do not follow it. Many Ukrainian hockey players perform in famous hockey teams in the world, which proves the professionalism of players.

The National Hockey League is rightfully included in the five largest professional leagues on the planet, and the annual income of the NHL is $ 4.5 billion. Many novice hockey players dream of raising Stanley Cup above their heads.


Athletics belongs to the global sport, as it includes many disciplines. In this sport, all disciplines are represented by male and female views.

In Ukraine, the most popular sport is not athletics, but this does not mean that it does not have its amateur audience.

The popularity of sports is mostly common in Europe: France, Germany, England. Athletics is also the most popular event on the Olympic. And in 2012, the final sprint of 100 meters became the most anticipated sporting event in history. Therefore, athletics is rightfully included in the list of the most popular sports across the planet.


It would seem, handball, is such a sport that few who know in Ukraine. But no, the male team of Ukraine in handball shows a good game. Yes, the Ukrainian team did not go to the World Handball Championship 2019, but this does not prevent it from training further and reach new victories.

In addition to Ukraine, handball is developed in Russia, Norway, Germany, Spain. The popularization of various sports, including handball, is gaining momentum every year, and specially created for this federation contribute to development.


It is not surprising that volleyball is a popular sport, in open areas and in sports halls both children and adults like to play.

According to the number of Olympic awards, this sport is still ahead of other gaming sports disciplines. However, most of the awards were won back in Soviet times. Now there are no significant achievements, but this does not mean that volleyball has lost its position in the ranking of the most popular sports in Ukraine.

Thanks to the simplicity of volleyball, he is loved in many countries of the world – Brazil (according to local media, volleyball in the country even bypassed football), Turkey, Poland, China and Thailand.

And by the number of national federations, Volleyball went around other sports, since more than 200 national federations are registered in FIBV.


Eystroms are gaining more and more revolutions every day, it is possible that very soon it will be considered one of the most gym sport not only in the world, but also in Ukraine.

After e-sports was called sports, many misunderstandings arose, someone agreed with this, and someone in full voice stated that e-sports had nothing to do with sports. But no matter how it was, to the question of what sport is most popular, many answer e -sports.

Also, this species is popular in Russia, China, South Korea and America. The prize fodes of Cybersopt is also difficult to bypass, as gamers fight for tens of millions of dollars.


Golf originated in Scotland, and there are rumors that ordinary shepherds invented a game for the rich. Then they started talking about the game in the Netherlands, and thus it began to develop, and gain attention all over the world.

Golf is the sport that has gathered millions of fans around him, and some of them are in Ukraine. Golf is also a rating of the most popular sports in countries such as the USA, Japan, Great Britain and South Korea.


Over 550 million people are monitoring the formula 1. For the first time, the “royal races” were started in the 1950s, since then interest in them has not faded, but only has become more.

The racing season consists of 20 stages that take place in 20 different countries, hence the wide audience of this sport. At the same time, the races are considered the most profitable motorsport, every year its income is from 1.5 to $ 2 billion. And this is not surprising, since expensive cars require expensive care.


After the appearance of the UFC, mixed martial arts gain more and more popularity. In Ukraine, they are also interested in this sport. And it all started with Brazil and the USA, and gradually migrated to Europe.

A little more and financially MMA can overtake boxing. As in any other sport in mixed martial arts, there are prestigious tournaments that collect the public. Prize funds are practically no different from boxing, since large amounts are spinning in MMA.


About such races as the tour de France are known all over the world. In Ukraine, every year the number of cycles of cycling is increasing, moreover, cycles are constantly held, in which not only professional athletes, but also amateurs participate.

Most of all, cycling is developed in Europe, there are millions of fans. The prize funds of the competition are also not deprived of a good money reward.


Many people remember mainly during the Summer Olympic Games, but at the same time they are engaged in this sport all over the world. There are different types of swimming that every athlete chooses for himself.


Table tennis originated at the end of the 19th century, and today the most popular sports are included in the list. By the way, most still think that ping-pong is table tennis. But this is not so, although they are quite similar in terms of the rules and the organization of competitions.

To date, the International Table Tennis Association includes 226 countries. In addition to Ukraine, this sport is actively interested in Asia, up to 5 million people are professionally engaged in table tennis, according to some source there.


Rugby originated in foggy Albion in the 19th century, and became popular in many countries of the world.

There is a legend that Rugby appeared after during playing football, one of their players took the ball in his hands, and after running through the entire field, brought it into the gates of his opponents. There is also an opinion that thanks to Rugby, American football appeared.

To date, there are about 5 million players in Rugby.


Cryakket is the sport that uses bats and ball. Often they play a cricket on Tarva.

Most of all, cricket is popular in Australia, India, Wales, England, South Africa and other countries.


The command of sports as baseball is somewhat reminiscent of Russian bast shoes and cricket. Baseball is very popular in America, Canada and Cuba.


American football is another most popular sport in America, which has its fans in Ukraine.

In America there is the most profitable sports league in the world – NFL, which earns more than $ 10 billion per year a year. And the superbol is considered the most rating sporting event in the United States, which is attended by 200 million people.


20 years ago, hockey on the grass was especially popular in India. Later it spread on the territory of Pakistan and Australia, and then came to taste in other countries.

It is difficult to say that hockey on the grass develops, since this is not entirely true. But at the same time, the number of fans of this sport is constantly increasing.


Badminton appeared in China. Then he smoothly moved to Korea and India, but after that he found his audience in other countries of the world.

As for the professional plan, in this sport there are not many competitions, mainly badminton is developed at an amateur level, including in Ukraine.


Rhythmic gymnastics always attracted the attention of the public. This sport is part of the Olympic Games program.

Gymnastics is popular not only in Ukraine, but also in America, Russia, Japan, the USA and Germany.


Skiing is a favorite occupation of many, and all over the world. Therefore, such a discipline as skiing is very popular. Most of all the winter sport is common in Scandinavian countries.

The ski sports are included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games, and with the onset of the Olympics collects thousands of fans from television screens.


Snooker is a rather specific game that also has its fans. Snooker is most popular in England and China.

As for Ukraine and other European countries, this sport is more developed there at the amateur level.


The road racing championship is an interesting and exciting competition that thousands of MotoGP fans love to watch.

These races belong to the premium class, which has its own audience. MotoGP is especially popular in Spain, the Netherlands, America. However, it has recently begun to develop in England, Germany and the countries of the Middle East.


Another winter, but, nevertheless, a popular sport – snowboarding began to develop relatively recently. However, it has already been included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games.

Previously, snowboarding was seen more as a hobby, but over time it has evolved and won the love of the public.


An incredibly beautiful and at the same time complex sport – figure skating is also as popular as other sports. There are athletes in Ukraine who represent their country at the Olympic Games, as well as at the World Championships.

Figure skating is well developed in Russia, America, Germany, Japan and other countries.

Sports broadcasting is growing in popularity at a steady pace, with companies like HBO earning millions from broadcast sales. But people love sports and willingly buy. True, each country loves its own sport and it is quite difficult to determine the most popular on the planet. For example, Americans love baseball, but in Russia this sport is not popular. Either way, this list gives a clear idea of ​​the most popular sports for 2017.

The material was prepared with the support of the rk-sport website. Rk-sport is one of the leaders in the production of custom-made sports uniforms in Russia.

1. American football.

From the name it is clear that this sport is popular only in the USA. Nevertheless, one country is enough to make the sport one of the ten most popular in the world, because in America it has almost 400 million fans.

2. Basketball.

Basketball has over 400 million fans worldwide. And although it is part of American culture and was created in the United States at the end of the century before last, this sport is popular in many other countries.

3. Golf.

Although considered by many to be an aristocratic sport, golf has 450 million fans in Europe, Asia and the United States.

4. Baseball.

The bat, ball and two team game has 500 million fans and the number is growing.

5. Table tennis.

The main reason for the incredible popularity of table tennis is the availability and simplicity of equipment. 850 million fans, mostly from China, have gathered this sport.

6. Volleyball.

Despite its simplicity, from inventory to rules, the game has 900 million fans and is an Olympic sport.


With legendary athletes such as Andre Agassi, Marat Safin, Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer, tennis has gained worldwide popularity. It has 1 billion fans, and tennis players' fees are also huge.

8. Field hockey.

You will be surprised, but this sport has overtaken tennis and has 2.2 billion fans.

Russian society in relation to professional sports is ambiguous. If a quarter of the population goes in for sports at an amateur and semi-professional level, about half follow the developments in the world of sports on TV and the Internet (and sometimes even go to competitions), then about a third do not understand at all why there is such a fuss. If they care about anything, it is only the budget funds spent on professional sports.

Let's leave the last category aside and focus on the first two. What kinds of sports do the inhabitants of the Russian Federation like the most? The answer is in top 10 most popular sports in Russia . The rating is based on Yandex search query statistics.

The most intellectual sport has always been popular in Russia, and the Russian school of chess players commands respect all over the world.

Education Minister Olga Vasilyeva said that in the next two years, compulsory chess lessons could be introduced in Russian schools. Similar experimental lessons are already being held in schools in 40 regions of Russia.

However, this will not affect all classes, but only elementary school students. This program allows children to develop strategic planning skills, promotes the development of spatial and systemic thinking, and also comprehensively develops the personality. And perhaps it will help grow a whole generation of future champions.

Spectacular and popular sport, especially women's championships among the male population. They love tennis for its speed, dynamics, intensity of the game and elegant and strong strokes. There are fans of this sport even among astronauts – Russian and American astronauts promised to arrange a tennis match at the International Space Station.

In Russia, the largest tournament is the VTB Kremlin Cup. Previously, it was simply called the Kremlin Cup, but in 2017, VTB Bank became the sole sponsor of the tournament.

The prize fund of the men's tournament is over 823 thousand dollars, and the women's – over 790 thousand dollars.

This sport has a very long and colorful history. He was known during the reign of Peter I. It was he who brought samples of skates from Europe and figured out how to attach them directly to boots.

The first textbook on figure skating, pompously titled Winter Fun and the Art of Skating was published in Russia in 1838. And a little later (in 1865) figure skating was recognized as a sport in our country.

In Soviet times, figure skating, thanks to its spectacularity and beauty, riveted millions of men and women to television screens no worse than popular films.

And the increased popularity of figure skating in modern Russia is largely explained by the numerous triumphs of Evgenia Medvedeva – she wins all the personal tournaments in which she participates. Along the way, the athlete sets new world records. Let's hope that the injury will not prevent Eugene from performing at the Olympics in Korea as brilliantly.

Among the folk Russian entertainments have long been fist fights. Even in the days of Kievan Rus, a variety of fist fights-“Sam-on-sam”-was not only an interesting sight, but also one of the methods of trial. From here came the name Fist Law.

The Russians met with English boxing (in the form of “international matches” for the fun of the English ambassadors) during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. And as a sports discipline, Boxing began to develop in Russia only in the 19th century.

The popularity of boxing has grown significantly in recent years. What is this – the desire to lose steam, drive your aggression into the framework, learn to protect yourself or just the pleasure of moving and feeling your own strength?

Probably, next year, the fame of this sport will grow even more – the head of the boxing Federation promised to work on his “advertising”. And Kadyrov has nothing to do with it.

The honorary sixth place of skis in the heart of sports Russians (unlike foreign ratings) is apparently explained by the characteristics of the climate. Winter in our country is long, it is necessary to somehow fill in the time.

There are many interesting “branches” in skiing, such as supporting (skier tugging), ski tricks, high -speed descent of the skier and a motorist, and even skiing from an airplane without a parachute.

The Soviet ski school was very strong, and Russian continues its glorious traditions. Even the story of doping could not prevent Russian athlete Sergei Ustyugov to win five victories in a row by the end of last year.

The “Queen of Sports”, leading its beginning from ancient Greece, is not as popular in Russia as all over the world. If it takes first place in it, then in Russia it barely hit the fifth.

In Russia, athletics have developed a very difficult fate. For some, “saints”, and for the majority, the “dashing” 90s of the twentieth century were massively closed by sports schools where future athletes were preparing, stadiums turned into markets, and coaches and athletes either went abroad or engaged in more profitable business than sport.

However, despite all the difficulties, Russian athletics managed to survive, and brought her country many awards. In 1996, the team was no longer at the Olympics in Atlanta, not the USSR, but Russia (for the first time since 1912). She won 26 gold medals, 21 silver and 16 bronze awards.

In recent years, this sport in Russia has greatly subsided doping scandals. Fortunately, there is still something to be proud of – the Russian jumping jumper Maria Lasitzkene has taken more than 18 first places over the past year and hopes to set a new world record.

This game was once invented by one of the teachers of an American university to entertain students in physical education classes. Since then, it has not only rapidly stepped outside of America, but has also become a new sports discipline.

In Russia, the first basketball teams appeared in 1906, on the basis of the St. Petersburg sports society Mayak. In 1947, Russian basketball players received the right to participate in FIBA ​​competitions. In the period from the 50s to the 80s of the twentieth century, the USSR basketball team was considered the strongest in the world.

Perhaps the secret to the popularity of this game, as the coach of the basketball team once said, is that it is human nature to jump for joy – or to enjoy jumping.

In third place among the most popular sports among Russians is volleyball. It is spectacular, gives a charge of vivacity, brings up a team spirit, and in addition, it is non-contact, which means it is not too traumatic. What else do you need from a good sports discipline?

Among the highlights in Russian volleyball history are:

  • the victory of the men's national team of the USSR at the European Championship in 1950;
  • the victory of the USSR men's team in the World Cup in 1965;
  • the victory of both the men's and women's teams at the European Championships among youth teams in 1966.

The results of 2017 were extremely favorable for volleyball fans of the Russian Federation – 32 medals were added to the treasury of the Russian team, more than half of which were gold!

The victory at the World Championships in Krakow, where the Russian team opposed the German volleyball players, looked especially impressive.

Traditionally considered one of the Russian sports, along with figure skating and chess. However, the dark times for domestic hockey came in the 90s, when the lack of stability in domestic sports forced eminent athletes to try their luck in foreign clubs. Having won the 1993 World Cup, the Russian team remained without a single medal for many years.

And only in recent years, Russian hockey is regaining its former glory. In 2008 (precisely for the century of hockey), the Russian team beat the Canadians, winning the title of world champion. And in 2014 she became a five-time world champion.

But according to the results of 2017, the situation for the Russian team is disappointing – recently the Swedes and Canadians rule in the hockey kingdom.

In the first place among the most beloved sports by Russians is football. Even the eternal swing from hope to disappointment during the performances of the Russian team seems unable to make the fans stop loving the green field and the white and black ball.

Football was brought to Russia along with English engineers ordered by the industrialist Savva Morozov. On the pages of pre-revolutionary newspapers and magazines there were heated discussions about the meaning. In expressions, many did not stand on ceremony and called football a fight with their feet and an extremely rough sport.But all these conversations did not prevent the national team of the Russian Empire in 1912 to win the fourth place at the Olympics in Sweden. And in 1923, the first championship of the USSR football was held.

There are many glorious victories on the Soviet football team, including a victory at the Olympic Games in 1988. She three times-in 1964, 1972 and 1988-became the vice-champion of Europe. The Russian team cannot yet boast of great successes, but fans are waiting and hoping that the best moments in the history of Russian football are still ahead.

When it comes to world -famous sports, it is quite difficult to say which one is the most popular, because there are 7 billion people in the world, and each has their own tastes and preferences. That is why in the world there is such a variety of sports. Be it football, tennis, hockey or something else-every game has its own fans.

But the most important parameter is their fame and number of spectators. The more fans have, the more popular it is. By the way, in countries such as Spain, Australia and India, sporting events are often held, which fans from around the world are happy to follow.

Golf is one of the most common sports . Thanks to 600 million fans around the world, Golf occupies high positions among official sports. Golf is also known as the game of the rich, as he is one of the oldest and expensive sports. You can imagine the cost, given the size of the golf site! By the way, the highest paid player is Tiger Woods.

This game has become very popular over the latter of more than 200 million viewers. Rugby is one of the most common games in South America, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. There are two types of game:

  1. rugby lig (or rugby 13),
  2. Rugby Union (or Rugby 15).

By the way, Great Britain is considered the actual homeland of Rugby.

Table tennis is another no less interesting and popular game. In addition, it is considered the fastest game. The most popular table tennis is among young people. Throughout the world, there are more than 300 million fans of the game, which allows it to stay in the ranks of the most common. Invented table tennis in the United States, and in China it is the second most popular.

The national game of most northern countries, including Canada, the USA and Russia, ranks second in terms of fame in the subcontinent. Gradually, hockey won the attention of people around the world, conquering the hearts of billions. The most common playing formats are puck hockey, grass hockey and air hockey.

Fifth place in popularity in the world is occupied by basketball. This game is most loved by adolescents in America. Basketball took possession of the attention of more than 500 million spectators throughout the planet. By the way, personally, I am also a fan of basketball and have been doing it since childhood. And the most important achievement of any basketball players, of course, remains participation in the National basketball association (NBA).

Another way of spending time for Americans. Apart from the United States, this sport is also common in Japan and Taiwan. This game has over 600 million fans in 11 countries. And baseball players are among the richest athletes.

The number of volleyball fans reaches 900 million people, which allowed this sport to take the fourth place in the ranking of the most popular. Volleyball is most common in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. Athletes from over 100 countries take part in the competition.

Tennis rightfully ranks third among the most popular sports, because the number of its fans exceeds 1 billion people! The most popular venues for tennis competitions are Australia and the USA, where the beloved tournaments are held annually. Rafael Nadal, Mahesh Bhupati and the Williams sisters are the most famous and talented tennis players.

Cricket is not widespread in many countries, but this does not prevent it from being one of the most popular games and having more than 3 billion fans around the planet. A crazy number of cricket fans live in Pakistan, England, India and Australia. The different forms of cricket play add to its popularity and appeal. Interest in this sport does not fade away, especially in the T-20 style game.

Topping the list of the most popular sports is, of course, football, which has over 4 billion fans around the world. Many football players are also the highest paid athletes in the world. Therefore, often, when buying players from various clubs, we are faced with. Undoubtedly, this is the most exciting game and the best sport in all categories.

This is not only the most spectacular, but also the most popular sport, because everyone can play football. Therefore, it is not even necessary to explain why football attracts people so much. The most famous are the English and Spanish Premier Leagues. And every four years, the World Cups are held, which are a significant event not only for fans, but also for people who are not even particularly interested in football.