The most prayer sport bar is a bar. How to start your sportsbar or create a network of bars or wounds: art_afrodiziak – LiveJournal

It all started with the World Cup in the summer of 2018. In Istra Sport Bar

The most prayer sport bar is a bar. How to start your sportsbar or create a network of bars or thematic restaurants

The benches from the back room, etc. were used. Drunk and violent visitors then did not find in the main hall and the youth atmosphere sport the bar was quite fascinated, and it was as it was stated your atmosphere of sports
Istrinsky sport bar 2×45 st. Bosova, 11,
Monday-Sunday: 12: 00-01: 00
Friday Subbbot: 12: 00-04: 00

Having examined the institution, the menu, the Crazy proposals., Having felt the atmosphere, looking at the visitors in the first five minutes, I happily retired,
Having promised myself, maybe then I’ll come to see the final or semifinals of a major international competition.
So “later” turned out to be a hot May evening, and after a week of starvation on juices and honey, I would not interfere with the “atmosphere of sports” or just a large company of enthusiastic, joyful people.

Everything that evening turned out to be quite joyful, then I looked with a light excitement at the Sweden -Finland hockey match, where the finns (future world champion 2019) hardly pulled out the game from -1 V of +1 in the Over Time (I predicted who would win). During the game, I met three builders who were resting in the bar, then we also “attacked” in 2 establishments., Riding around the town and surroundings. On the same day, at the bartender, I asked about the opportunity to order a table for the final of the Champions League (the conditions of the menu, or mandatory orders for the amount), to which he received an affirmative response and a clear confirmation of reservation on the couch, opposite the large screen. Then I visited the Sports Bar 2×45: the final of the Hockey World Cup, the final of the Europa League, and came to the final of the Spanish Cup (Barcelona-Seville), where I participated in the Tournament on the training darts, played 10 players, I got Alexander , he called himself the manager of the project (such as the manager of the Bar programs)., The Auchan Darts for Darts was so focused that they struggled with difficulty, and to lose the drunken young participants was not a big sports tragedy.

. I always leave tips, 50 or 100 rubles (%) and ordered tea (240 rubles), or frash (200g. 200 rubles) orange, apple, carrot-Yobloko, vegetable salad, or squid ring (1 time, for testing) ., it was surprised that the very unfinished juice left on the table was immediately removed, and at the request to “return”, a very cute and charming waitress suggested, at that time, to buy a new one. I forgive, and I am not happy that I am gossiping. Then everything was corrected, before that I came there several times.
And then the cherished day of the final of the League of the Totenchm-Liverpool Champions League, going to the full room of the sport of the bar, I went to the rack and asked the reservation ordered in advance in advance, to which I received a loud sharp answer, -we did not book the tables for one !! And Alexander looked contemptuously at me, hinting you went.-Do look for yourself a free place, I am busy with an important thing. During the break, I put 50 rubles. Under the full glass of squeezed juice, but when I returned it, I did not find it. Then it began that I finally prompted me to write this note and share my feelings with you Instead of the darts tournament, Alexander announced a contest of drinking a glass of beer at speed, he did not beat the record, the swallowing speed of this poison was 4.51 seconds. Then someone repeated this one in the hall
Alcohol blow by itself in 4.2 seconds and 3.9, and then there was also a competition for the night speed eating of proprietary hamburgers and hot dogs. And exactly a week later, with a small Bar of 2×45 suddenly was very surprised, it turned out that the main founder is called Sergey, and he had plans for creating a network near Moscow, and then there can be one trumped venue in Moscow., I believe that he has everything here It will turn out. In the last visit (June 14, 2019, birthday, the sport of the bar 2×45, the anniversary) did not ask me to pay an account., But insisted – but Ilya Barten was adamant, not a tipple did not need to pay the bill. We played in the darts, trampled the songs, there were dancing and the massive joyful fun. We fixed a lot., I am glad and happy. I now think this is the best bar in Istra, and a promising project for the development of the Sports Bars network. The kitchen is like a high-quality bar in a bar, but because of the ANSHELA you have to wait for an order, but for that, everything is very consistent with the business lunch, 300 rubles and a week-manager, delicious and cheap.
. You can make a sports bar (or a network of bars) truly a sports club, support and motivate regular visitors, keep a Tim-clerk on high vibration, sometimes make concerts, a program show, take 200-1500 rubles for entrance. With the ON. with a drink, or to conduct various sports tournaments, to bet not on the volume of sales of beer with food, but for a real atmosphere of sports.
I do not want to offend anyone, they can create an atmosphere all the same, in such an institution, many residents of the Istra near Moscow and the environs will want to spend their birthday, another holiday or simply brighten up the evening. I thank this bar for the familiarization with Darts., I acquired prof. Darts, target., I train, I plan to participate in the future, possibly in tournaments (schedule at the Darts forum), other light tournaments in pubs and sports bars of Moscow, for a change and with small funds or just play for the pleasure of playing and themselves.
I am learning to love people, to accept as they are, and gradually the world around is changing.
I am glad that he became a regular visitor, and my photo, with professional darts darts and a Brazilian T -shirt, from the 90s, with the inscription Roberto Carlos, is now hanging among all photos of the bar.
Go to the match, the next event (see scheme) or just on the weekend., See you in 2×45.
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