The pneumatic revolver of Borner Super Sport 708 4.5 mm – buy in Moscow and St. Petersburg at a price of 12390 rubles. In the Air-Gun weapon store

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Pneumatic revolver Borner Super Sport 708 4.5 mm

Pneumatic revolver Borner Super Sport 708 4.5 mm Part 2

Pneumatic revolver Borner Super Sport 708 It is a copy of the Smith and Wesson combat gun.

The case of the revolver is made of a metal alloy, and the handle is made of plastic. The length of its trunk is only 2 inches, which makes the revolver very compact. The handle of high -quality plastic with corrugation does not slip and lies comfortably in the hand. On the front of the handle, there are subpalz recesses, which also contribute to the comfortable use of weapons. Revolver Borner Super Sport 708 Massive enough. The weight of 1.1 kg increases its similarity with the combat analogue and makes shooting more realistic.

This model differs from many other pneumatic revolvers by charging – false patrons are used that simulate combat, into which steel balls of the explosives are inserted. One at a time in the drum you can place 6 steel balls with a caliber of 4.5 mm. On the left side of the revolver frame Borner Super Sport 708 There is a convenient drum emission button. Falter pantrons are inserted into the drum alternately, similarly to combat. This gives shooting even more realism. The revolver allows you to shoot both self -premise and with the preliminary cure of the trigger. The kit includes a loading accelerator, which greatly facilitates reloading. Revolver Borner Super Sport 708 Refers to the gas -tank pneumatics. The CO2 spray can be inserted into the tank in the handle, which is hidden by a plastic lining mounted by a clamping screw.

The kit also includes the Vivera plank, with the help of which a flashlight or LCA can be attached to a revolver