The weather is storm for 14 days: Weather in the livery rp 5

The weather is storm for 14 days, as in any ancient town, in Livny you can hear about different underground galleries that have been preserved since antiquity. Something finds evidence in the documents: at the end

The weather is storm for 14 days

The Oryol region

As in any ancient town, in the livery you can hear about different underground galleries that have been preserved since antiquity. Something finds evidence in the documents:
At the end of the 70s of the XX century, the Oryol Pravda newspaper published a note in which reported that when the remnants of the church are brand new Nicola, located on the cross of the streets of F. Dzerzhinsky and M. Gorky in the basement, the deepest well was found. There were no water in it, but in the lower part there were horizontal moves. In order to avoid catastrophic accidents, the well was eager for a bulldozer. But this place at the moment can simply be found according to the sculpture of a student of a craft school.

Place under which the underground passage discovered by V. M. Nedenin is located
In the 80s of the past century, the Oryol historian and local historian Vladimir Mikhailovich Nedelin found the plan of the Liven fortress of the late 17th century in the Russian Military Historical Archive. There was an underground passage from the Kremlin (at the moment it is the territory of the city park) to the left bank of the pine. Apparently, the move could serve to supply water for the defenders of the fortress.
In one thousand 600 40, four years old, the Liven governor I. Buturlin, in a letter to Sudar and the majestic Prince Misha Fedorovich, reports that one of the 2-wow in the livery of underground caches fell. But due to the lack of forest, there is no ability to return it.
Bribe takers of the XIX century.

1st station building

Many county towns decorate their history with stories about laying a steel road. Where they gave a bribe and, having made a hook, the road went nearby, and where, together with the hook, even someone else's title of the station appropriated their town. Livnia is a moderate settlement. The railway legend is also moderate. They say that in one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four years, the Livensky Nepenstants and Industrialists found bribes to bureaucrats in the Ministry of Translations of Messages, so that the construction of the Moscow-Kursk metal road was carried out through Livnia. But the Oryol-Mentanese rivals learned about this and bought the royal MPS. Nothing is clear about the return of the Livens in a vain bribe. This legend, if you look at the card, raises severe doubts. The steel road from Moscow to Kursk could pass either through the eagle or through the storm. It is hard to imagine that in a similar situation they do not prefer the provincial city. Well, bribes are still wiser to give at the design stage.
Zhora Dimitrov is a Livensky fellow countryman?

Yurlovskie chickens. Exhibition 6.03.11 Livny.

The open championship of Russia for the singing of the Yurlovsky roosters was held in the city of Livny of the Oryol region on March 6, 2011.
In addition to Jurlovsktikh, chickens and roosters presented a large exposition of birds of different breeds. Geese, ducks, peacocks. As well as rabbits.
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Rumors walked that the favorite of the Comintern and the Bulgarian Communist Party G. Dimitrov was from half a guess, Livensky district. Now this is the Krasnozorensky district. Discussions appeared after the publication of nine hundred and ninety -eight years in the “Oryol messenger” of Kira Kozyakova’s memoirs about the family of his own great -grandfather in one thousand. The subsequent arguments were given:
In June, one thousand eight hundred and eighty -two years in the family of great -grandfather – Misha Petrovich Dmitriev, was born the seventh child – Zhora. He called his home in the house, and in the documents Dmitriev Zhora Mikhailovich. The mountain grew up and, after various ups and downs, in one thousand nine hundred and one year, got a job as a typesetter in one of the printing houses of Sofia (Bulgaria). Here his connection with the half-reference disappears.

Oryol Livna region

Note that Zhora Dimitrov also began to work in the Sofia printing house approximately at the same time.
In one thousand nine hundred 30 years, the village relatives will find out the missing mountain in newspaper photos of Zhora Dimitrov who arrived in the USSR. By the way, the Oryol messenger gives the photo by K. Kizyakova and G. Dimitrov, in which the obvious portrait similarity is visible.
The official biography of G. Dimitrova related to the 19th century is very foggy. It is noted that the ancestors and he himself are refugees from the territories under the Turkish yoke (that is, they came from nowhere). The information about his loved ones is generally very greedy – although “reliable eyewitnesses” are always located for a serious business (for example, each False Dmitry was alternately recognized as a wife and mother). And it means that the version of Livenan origin cannot be exactly the mark.
Apart from the outward similarity, the similarity of the name, time of birth, the general labor principle – the identity of certain abilities, for example, knowing the language of gestures of deaf -mute and, in general, a tendency to languages. The mountain learned to the language of deaf -mute from his own aunt. Regarding G. Dimitrov, there is no information.
The huge placement of G. Dimitrov to the USSR. Namely, communication in his family with children and 2 wives went on Russian.

The article ended with the words of K. Kozyakova: “… I have completely established myself in the thought that photos, letters and various information that had been in our family are right, proving the fact that G. Dimitrov is the offspring of my great -grandfather.”

Festival of folk toy. Report of Olga Chernova

The placed version remained not refuted, although other documents were also not published in its evidence.