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Multifunctional tables – transformers


Shurovyrt will be useful for assembly. It is very problematic to turn the upper table to one over the tubes from football. Ballard balls are quite small. From one of the Chuers, a soft present flew off the tip. The legs of the table are made of pressed cardboard, something like a floor laminate. In general, everything is fine. You can buy.


Good afternoon. For a long time I chose a game table for the office, so that it would be compact and multifunctional. This model was just like that. Now we are holding a tibilding playing football, basketball and billiards, air hockey and table tennis. We will even organize team tournaments. Game table 5 in 1 is just a find in terms of price ratio and number of games in the kit. I want to thank the consultant who advised such a wonderful table.


A great option was taken to play the cottage. To see the evening games that are brightened up, family leisure is the same! A multifunctional model that includes three games, a quality product from which the table is made, fast delivery. All that was needed, thanks!)


A great option for conducting family leisure for the whole family. In addition to unusual design and excellent gaming qualities, he has another important advantage – a constant opportunity to choose. There is a complete set of accessories in each game. For our large family, this game is a real entertainment! Thanks to the store, it's very cool!


The good mini-game that we purchased for a summer residence is a cool option for family time. It does not take up much space, affordable price, good quality, does not take up much space. What we needed to supplement our cottage, thanks.

Transformer game table: billiards, air chocks, table tennis and more

The billiard table takes up a lot of space, and often it cannot be put in a house or in a cafe. There is a way out: a multifunctional gaming table transformer, hiding green cloth for billiards.

Billard transformer table

A similar table is useful for those who episodically playing billiards and more often use this furniture for lunch. This big table for twelve people will take a worthy place in the living room or in a restaurant. In addition, such furniture can also be useful as a desk.
The dimensions of the transformer table vary from 3 feet (small table) to 12 feet (large table). The number of the sections of the countertop depends on the size of the table. For small tables, a single -section countertop is used, for large ones – a countertop with three sections.

Transformer table for mini-billard

Sometimes it is not possible to visit the gamer, where there is a wide selection of games – chess, checkers, backgammon, card games, table tennis, billiards, air chubs.However, it is quite possible to give yourself and your friends your game and have fun with the heart, playing both billiards and table tennis.
A billiard table is used to play mini-ballars. If there is a desire to play table tennis (this game is also called a ping-pong), then a special field for table tennis is put on top of the billiard cloth, and then the net is installed.
If you wanted to play other board games, another playing field with appropriate markings is used for this. For those who decided to play a game or two in checkers or chess, a playing field with black and white plaid markings, as well as white and brown sets of chess and checkers, is used.
I wanted to play card games – you need to install a special playing field, and then it will be possible to play preference or “slide”.
And you can also install a playing field for such an exciting game as air hockey.

The transformer table is collapsible

Anyone who loves to play several parties in billiards from time to time may face serious difficulties: to bring a transformer table with non-leg’s legs into an apartment or in a country cottage. What to do in such situations?
There is a way out, and very simple. It is enough to purchase a transformer table with removable supports. Such a table can be brought into the room without unnecessary problems, and then proceed to its assembly. It will take only a few minutes for the assembly.
Thanks to the countertop, this furniture can be used both as a dining table and as a desk. When the time comes to play with friends in billiards, the countertop can be carefully removed, and then start the game.
In addition, it is possible to carefully install a table tennis to play on top of a billiard cloth. Playing a party or two in a ping-pong is fun. And even more fun, if you manage to install a field for playing air -hockey.

Transformer table for 8 games

This convenient table with collapsed supports is easy to install in almost any room – the office, the living room, in the room of the country house. The table can be either lunch or written, thanks to the countertop, or to be used for certain board games – such as billiards or air hockey.
It is enough to remove the countertop, and you can play billiards with friends. And if someone wanted to play table football, then it is enough to place a special game field over a billiard cloth.
You can also play backgammon, practice in front of future competitions on chess or checkers, play in a miniature version of the bowling, checking your accuracy. You can also invite friends to play table tennis or very gambling and fascinating air hockey.

What the price of the transformer table depends on

Prices for transformer tables vary widely.You can choose a budget option for several thousand rubles, or elite, the cost of which will approach 100 thousand rubles.
The cost of this furniture is poorly dependent on the complexity of the design. You will find a multifunctional transformer for 5 – 7 thousand rubles, the price is influenced by the following components:

  • The materials from which the table is made
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • The prestige of the manufacturer

Tables from valuable wood are more expensive than those in the production of which used chipboard. But even more, the price depends on the brand. Production technology on prestigious firms provides for the perfectly even and horizontal surface of the billiard field, perfect stability and strength.
On elite tables, a cloth made of natural wool with a smooth surface is used. Cheap tables can have a coating of high -quality synthetics.

The specialist can choose the right table. If you doubt your knowledge, use the help of a consultant.