Volga State Academy, Physical Culture of Sports and Tourism of the Grebnye Wicent in Kazan

Grebnye weekend in Kazan

The rowing weekend in Kazan saturated with sports events was the last weekend for the center of rowing sports. Three student tournaments immediately accepted this object of the Volga Academy:

Grebnye weekend in Kazan

Grebnye weekend in Kazan

Saturated to sporting events, the last weekend was obtained for the center of rowing sports. Immediately three student tournaments adopted this object of the Volga Academy: the final stage of the Student Rowing League, the All-Russian competitions among students in academic rowing and the traditional student regatta-2020 with the participation of teams of Tatarstan universities.

The competition was attended by more than 400 athletes consisting of 31 student teams from 14 cities of Russia.

Within the framework of the student regatta, races were held on boats-“dragons” with the participation of 11 teams (only 130 people). The national teams of the academy (specialization and the department) were competed with Kazan crews from students of the medical university and two national research technological universities (KAI and KHI). The rowers of the Volga Academy logically leaded, and doctors went around the struggle for silver awards, a team of academicians studying skiing on specialization.

In the framework of the All -Russian competitions in the rowing sports of Tatarstan, students represented students of the Volga Academy of Sports. In the small classes of victory on the account of Alexandra Fomina and Tatyana Rybalka (Two Parny), Polina Mukhorcheva and Amir Shigapova (loners, light weight), as well as Andrei and Alexander Melnikov (two steam lightweight). The second place in the discipline of the steam room was taken by the student of the Academy Inna Krupina.

The main event of the rowing weekend in Kazan was the final stage of the Championship of the Student Rowing League with the participation of the Eights crews at a classic, Olympic distance of 2000 meters. Before the decisive stage, the leader of the general offset were students of the Volga Academy. The first two races triggered in St. Petersburg, truncated due to Pandemia of Coronavirus, season-2020. In Kazan, luck turned away from the academicians. In the final swim, they lost not only the main competitors, the national team of St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMOs), but also the team of the Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G.I. Nosova. It would seem that having won two victories in St. Petersburg, the “academics” created a good detention and not miss the advantages in the overall standings. But, as it turned out after counting the glasses, bursting into the pedestal of the “steel hearts” of their Magnitogorsk, influenced the final arrangement of the teams in the table not in favor of the hosts of the finale. The national team of the Volga Academy surrendered the powers of the champions of the SGL. The winners Cup left Kazan to St. Petersburg. At least for a year.At least and. about. Rafis Burganov, rector of the Volga Academy of Sports, referring to the final participants, assured that the academicians will try to make sure that the trophy in the northern capital would not stay for a long time:

– Of course, we are worried that the Cup leaves Kazan. This is an indicator that no one stands still, everyone is preparing, training. And the next year we will devote to return the cup to ourselves in the next season.

The Chairman of the Council of Trustees, Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Alexander Konovalov, in his welcoming word to athletes, especially noted that he had to compete in difficult conditions:

– Completed the most unusual season of SGL. All of you are heroes, because you overcame not only a regular set of circumstances, but also went through an extreme situation that the whole world is experiencing. At the same time, they did not quit training, and when the opportunity appeared, they went out into the water, prepared and reached the end of the difficult season. Kazan, who again received us, pleased with good weather, and I thank the hosts of the final – the Volga Academy, the magnificent center, the government of the republic for managing to accommodate this wonderful unpredictable ending in the interval between the two waves of coronavirus. But good rowers are not the first to take their place between the waves.

Nevertheless, the circumstances that made this season unusual influenced the performance of the academicians. A group of students from Kazakhstan who played for the “eight” in the victorious season was unable to return to Russia after the end of quarantine. The coach of the Academician national team Vladimir Gogolin had to urgently form a new composition.

“We were a little late with the finish jerk and allowed the rivals to come off,” said the undergraduate of the Academy Vladislav Carfik. – Despite the fact that these are teams of technical universities, their composition contains rowers who did not go peace and Europe. They were not ashamed to lose.

Of course, rivals do not stand still. Academic rowing is becoming more popular in universities and the ranks of the League participants are growing. Among those who today cannot compete with leaders, for example, a team of Russian National Research University named after N.I. Pirogov (32nd in the ranking). According to the university student German Berngardt, it was created only three months ago:

– We train in the Borisov ponds, the university rents a boat. Only our captain was rowing in the past, and a master of sports of international class, a former steering team of Russia, trains us.

If this goes on, who knows, maybe the Kazan fans of rowing have a chance to see the famous eights of Cambridge or Yale on the water of the center of rowing in Kazan.