Weapons for Lego-human-an entertaining toy for children

Weapons for Lego men

Many children, especially boys, love to play war, having built a battlefield from the Lego, putting warriors there. They themselves come up with all kinds of weapons for Lego-Gloves. And they can be made a huge number of species.

Weapons for Lego-human-an entertaining toy for children

Children have always loved and will love various kinds of designers.

At first there were iron designers with nuts, bolts, keys and so on. Then plastic. But when the Lego designers appeared, the children were just crazy. And not surprising. After all, this is a bright-beautiful, exciting and useful toy.

When assembling the designer, children develop fingers, quick wits, perseverance, color perception, patience. The designer reassures the child, taking it for a long time.

Lego is a favorite designer for all times

These designers are diverse. Depending on the age, the gender of the child, they are divided into several types.

From this designer, you can build an amazing world, build buildings, structures, houses, various modes of transport. They can be populated by men, aliens.

Weapons for Lego men

Many children, especially boys, love to play war, having built their own battlefield, putting warriors there. They themselves come up with all kinds of weapons for Lego-Gloves. And they can be made a huge number of species.

Weapons for Lego-human

Mini -weapons are offered by Brikarms and Brikmania. Their assortment has guns, grenade launchers, pistols, rifles, grenades, machine guns, swords, daggers, axes, swords and so on.

It is not difficult to make weapons for Lego-human. The designer’s box has many small varied details: round, oval, rectangular and others. They are attached to each other, inserted into available holes. A variety of types of weapons are obtained. A small size allows you to easily place it in the hand of a human warrior. Having learned to do it, the young technician will be able to create more complex forms of weapons.

How to make a weapon for men from the Lego, instructions for the constructor will tell. But, if it is absent, parents will easily figure it out and help their child collect the necessary thing.

how to make weapons for men from Lego

Weapons for Lego-human can also be done with your own hands. For example, from cotton sticks you get swords, tomahaws. First, the stick is cleaned of cotton wool, then a piece of the required size is cut off (the length of the sword). Next, the workpiece warms up. While it is warm, it needs to be flattened. The unnecessary part is cut off with scissors, turning the workpiece into the shape of a sword. Lastly, the handle of the sword is made: wound with tape in several layers.

You can make weapons from plasticine: we sculpt the desired shape of the weapon. If the plasticine is ordinary, it must be varnished after the weapon is made.

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Today, perhaps, there is not a single child who dreams of a colorful multifaceted and multifunctional toy – the designer of Lego. One of the popular species of lustful fun is the Lego City series.

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