Weather in Leipzig in March 2023

Find out on the tour-calendar detailed weather statistics in Leipzig in March in recent years

Weather in Leipzig in March

What vacation in Leipzig in March? What is the air temperature, the probability of rain and how to dress? Leipzig in March-Read on the Tour Calendar!

What is the weather in March in Leipzig

Compared to February in March in Leipzig, the weather is warmer. The thermometer in the day in the city is about +7.6 ° C during the day, at night -0.1 ° C. The snow goes in Leipzig for about two days in March, the rain is thirteen.

Air temperature in Leipzig in March

The air temperature in Leipzig in March reaches +8 ° C, at night: 0 ° C. The maximum value after March was marked on 31.03.2021 and was +23 ° C, the minimum 03/01/2018: -5 ° C.

How many sunny days per month

During the month, 10 sunny, 5 cloudy and 15 cloud days are noted, so the weather in Leipzig in March is quite friendly.

Leipzig in March. Things to do?

The tour-calendar appreciated the possibility of recreation types from a scale from 0 before 5.