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Mayor of the city Sergey Vasilievich

May 9, 2022



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Voting takes place on the official portal of State Services. Each brother, aged 14 years, will be able to vote for the territory that he considers necessary to improve the national project “Housing and the City Environment” of the federal project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”. The territory, which has received the largest number of votes, is subject to mandatory improvement next year.

Voting on the choice of territory for improvement in 2023 in Bratsk (MEMO FOR VOTING)

30 fraternal schoolchildren passed entrance exams at the First University Lyceum named after N.I. Lobachevsky

On April 29, entrance tests were held for nonresident students. Immediately on one day, exams were passed in Bratsk, Shelekhov, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan and Ust-Labinsk. Schoolchildren of grades 6 and 9, based on the results of a whole set of tests, apply for enrollment in grades 7 and 10 of the first university lyceum in Ust-Labinsk (Krasnodar Territory).

30 fraternal schoolchildren passed the entrance exams to the First University Lyceum. N. I. Lobachevsky

In Bratsk, preparations for the main holiday are in full swing – Victory Day. It is planned that on May 9, more than 8 thousand people will take part in the Central District of the city in the procession.

The rehearsal of the Victory Parade took place on the main square of Bratsk

As of 4 mA, in total, since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 in the territory of the Irkutsk region:

– confirmed cases of infection 292 061 (+49), including:

– hospitalized 482 (+11)

– recovered 286 969 (+38)

As of 4 m MA, in total, since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 in Bratsk:

– Fixed 21,244 sick (per day 7)

– Tedged analyzes 154 447

86 people. Treatment undergoes in medical institutions of the city, 1 6 people. Located self -isolation.


May 9 from 09.00 to 17.00 in all areas of Bratsk will be held the thematic fair Victory Day. Bratsk people will be able to acquire the attributes of the Great Victory, various sweets and confectionery products, children's toys, products of folk art crafts.

On May 9, the Victory Day fair will be held in Bratsk

Information of the operational headquarters on the current situation on the fire at the facility for the placement of Korothevsky waste belonging to the branch of the Ilim group in Bratsk.

The place of burning is localized, there is no threat to life and health for the residents of Bratsk

The road service tidied up the first roads in the layer – on the streets, along which festive processions will be held on May 9.

The current repair of roads in Bratsk is proceeding at a high pace (PHOTO)

A letter from the front addressed to all of us: the author is Nikolai Nikolai Nikolaevich Chupin, who heroically fought in the fields of the Great Patriotic War and gave his life for the freedom and independence of the Motherland in 1944. Victory Day: the Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev, the Mayor of Bratsk Sergey Serebrennikov, the chairman of the City Duma Larisa Pavlov, the city council of veterans, and the newspaper talks about the most significant solemn events congratulates. The time is not powerful over this accomplishment: what did the “lights” wrote about the Brothers who participated in the Great Patriotic War in the 60s and 70s? We are not from childhood – from the war: three stories that no one will leave indifferent.When tears cannot be held back: former prisoners of fascist concentration camps gathered. With a song through life: the results of the festival-review Veterans do not grow old in soul are summed up. The final page of the issue: a photo gallery from the citywide subbotnik and May Day at the Bratsk-ART shopping center “Mir! Work! May! Bratsk!

Newspaper Lights of the Angara, No. 17

Planned work on cleaning the roads of the city from anti-icing material has been carried out by the Road Service since April 5, as part of the current road maintenance. Traditionally, these works begin in all areas with the onset of favorable weather conditions for this work.

Vasily Lukiyanchuk: Cleaning the roadway of streets from de-icing crumbs is on schedule in Bratsk

Sergey Serebrennikov: When people dial the number 01, they ask for help. Thank you for saving lives! (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Fire Protection Day was celebrated in Bratsk on April 30. Active employees of the fire service, as well as veterans and pensioners of the Ministry of Emergency Situations gathered in the hall of the Bratsk-ART shopping center. On the square near the theater and concert center, an exhibition and display of fire and rescue equipment of the Bratsk fire and rescue garrison was held.

Sergey Serebrennikov: When people dial the number 01, they ask for help. Thank you for saving lives! (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The Spring and Labor Day was held at the theater and concert center Bratsk-ART. Representatives of the labor collectives of enterprises and institutions of the city – metallurgists, wood chemists, builders, workers in education, healthcare, government agencies, as well as activists of political parties gathered with flags, posters and balloons. On the stage, creative teams presented bright dance and vocal numbers.

800 people took part in May Day celebrations in the Central District of Bratsk (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Work continues to eliminate the fire at the bark and wood waste disposal facility of the Branch of the Ilim Group in the city of Bratsk

A permanent fire extinguishing headquarters has been set up, which includes representatives of the Ilim Group, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the administration of Bratsk, and the environmental prosecutor's office. The situation is under constant control of the mayor of Bratsk Sergey Vasilyevich Serebrennikov and the Governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Ivanovich Kobzev.

Work continues to eliminate the fire at the bark and wood waste disposal facility of the Group Branch' илим'='

On this day we say to our first builders: Thank you! It is with your hands that the legendary Bratsk was built. You laid down the glorious labor traditions, which today continue at the enterprises by the dynasties of brothers.