What is an offside. The rule of determination of the offside.

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What is an offside?

Offside (“Position outside the game”) is a rule in playing sports, in which the position of the attacking player regarding defenders is evaluated as unacceptable. In football, offside it is counted if at the time of the transfer, the attacking player was closer to the opponent’s gates than the defenders of the defending team. When determining the position outside the game, the game stops, and the ball is transmitted to the defending command.

In hockey, to determine the offside there is a special blue lines on the site indicating the zones of rivals. At the entrance to the opponent zone, the hockey player should not cross the blue line before the puck does. When determining the offside, the game stops and the washers are checked in the middle zone.


From myself, as a former football player and a furious fan, I can add that in football there is such a thing as “an artificial position outside the game or offside”. This is that the entire defensive part of the team goes forward sharply, leaving opponents during the pass behind themselves.

A very important and fair rule, without which it is already impossible to imagine football. Otherwise, the attackers at the gate of others would always stood and waited for casting