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Without Kevordo with the All -Russian Census of the Population 2010. The continuity of the methodology of past censuses of the population was preserved and international comparability of the results was ensured. Census

Without Kevordo

With the All -Russian census of 2010. The continuity of the methodology of past censuses of the population was preserved and international comparability of the results was ensured.

Census of the population 2010 The trial census, which took place in 2008, preceded. In a number of settlements. This was an important preparatory stage, which was necessary to verify the methodological, organizational and technological aspects of the upcoming census.

Changes and additions were made to the program of census. The difference from the last census was expanded by the block of issues about the sources of funds for existence, and changes throughout the block of employment and unemployment, about the migration of the population were also made. As a result, data on the number of employees in the economy, having more than one job, as well as on the main source of livelihood funds, were obtained.

In the block of issues about education, the steps of higher education were first allocated in accordance with the new realities – bachelor, specialist and master. Those who have a higher and postgraduate education asked the question of the presence of a scientific degree – a candidate or doctor of sciences. Data about visiting preschool institutions under the age of 3 years old were also received for the first time.

Another innovation of this census is the question of the ownership of the Russian brutal language of the deaf. The question of the question is as follows: the All -Russian Society of the Deaf (VOG) turned to Rosstat with a request to keep an appointment of hearing impaired people during the all -Russian census.

In the block of issues about marital status, the demarcation of “divorced officially” and “dispersed” were introduced. First, during the census of the population, data on the age of the women at which they gave birth to the first child were received.

According to the results of the 2010 census. 11 volumes, 9 brochures and the collection Socio-Demographic Portrait of Russia were released. The territorial bodies of Rosstat published a series of collections with census data on the relevant constituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipalities, as well as many other materials.

Publishing Rosstat on Census 2002 and 2010 They are posted in the public domain on the Rosstat website, the results of census on the constituent entities of the Russian Federation – on the sites of territorial statistics.

The conduct of the information campaign was distinguished by a large number of various events. The census has an informal addition to the official emblem – the talisman. Souvenir products with the symbols of the census were also distinguished by diversity.

https: // Kemerovostat. GKS. ru

95 years of the Central Children's Library named after A.S. Pushkin

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On October 28, the Central Children's Library named after A.S. Pushkin was 95 years old. This is one of the oldest libraries of the city.Its history dates back to the distant 20s. In 1925, a children's department was organized at the coal miners' library, which then in 1933 became an independent library.

In March 1937, in the year of the 100th anniversary of the death of A.S. Pushkin, at the request of members of the library activists, by the decision of the Presidium of the Prokopievsk City Council, the children's library was named after the great poet.

In 1998 she became a diploma winner of the regional competition The Best Library of the Year, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the formation of the Kemerovo Region in the nomination The Best Children's Library of the Year.

It serves nearly 5,000 users annually, with more than 109,000 documents issued. Works under the programs: “Education by reading”, “Pushkin is our everything”, “Library landing “Hello! We are to you! (preschoolers), We are together! (children with disabilities), Bibliotusovka (leisure of children during the holidays).

For many years, various competitions for young prokopchans have become her hallmark: Reading Competition (since 1992), Competition for Children's Literary Creativity Test of Writing (since 1996), Connoisseurs Competition (since 2005), Poetry Festival for Special Children ( since 2010), Pushkin Readings.

On November 1, 2020, by-elections of deputies of the Prokopyevsk City Council of People's Deputies of the VI convocation will be held.

Information on registered candidates for deputies of the Prokopyevsk City Council of People's Deputies of the sixth convocation in single-mandate constituency No. 1:

Trushina Marina Viktorovna, born in 1976; place of residence Kemerovo region – Kuzbass, the city of Prokopyevsk; MBOU Secondary School No. 45, director; nominated by the Prokopyevsk local branch of the UNITED RUSSIA Party.
Shirokova Olga Anatolyevna, born in 1961; place of residence Kemerovo region – Kuzbass, the city of Prokopyevsk; retiree; nominated by the political party Regional Branch of the Political Party A JUST RUSSIA in the Kemerovo Region.

Information on registered candidates for deputies of the Prokopyevsk City Council of People's Deputies of the sixth convocation in single-mandate constituency No. 6:

Korobkin Sergey Andreevich, born in 1956; place of residence Kemerovo region – Kuzbass, the city of Prokopyevsk; retiree; nominated by the Prokopyevsk local branch of the UNITED RUSSIA Party.
Pakhomov Maxim Vladimirovich, born in 1988; place of residence Kemerovo region – Kuzbass, the city of Prokopyevsk; JSC Coal Company Kuzbassrazrezugol, driver of a car; nominated by the political party Regional Branch of the Political Party A JUST RUSSIA in the Kemerovo Region.

If on voting day (November 1) you will be absent from your place of registration for a valid reason, you can vote early from 16:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 14:00 on weekends:

– from October 29 to October 31, 2020 at the precinct election commission at the place of registration.

In the event that for a good reason (illness, disability) you will not be able to personally arrive at the voting premises on the voting day, your written or oral application for the provision of the opportunity to vote outside the voting must be transferred to the precinct election commission no later than 14:00 hours on November 1, 2020.

The State Duma took place the first reading of the draft Federal Law “On the federal budget for 2021 and the planning period 2022 and 2023”.

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Dmitry Islamov: “To relocate citizens from housing from the parties, an additional 6.7 billion rubles will be required for the next three years”

On October 28, 2020, the State Duma took place the first reading of the draft Federal Law “On the federal budget for 2021 and the planning period of 2022 and 2023”.

As part of the discussion of the draft budget, the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, the deputy from Kuzbass Dmitry Islamov said that the resettlement of people from barracks from the parties is the pain of all mining cities and villages. The current financing of the program is not enough, relocation will end only by 2030. However, in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to complete these measures until the end of 2024.

Answering the question of Dmitry Islamov, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov noted that this is really a very important question and promised to find resources in the amount of 6.4 billion rubles to the second reading to close this issue until 2024.

According to the program of restructuring of the coal industry, the resettlement of residents has been going on since 1994. As of 01.01.2020, it remains to relocate 9873 families (mainly in the Kuzbass and the Rostov region).

Recall that the problem of relocation from the parties was repeatedly discussed by the governor of Kuzbass S.E. Tsivilev at meetings with the President of Russia V.V. Putin, following which instructions were given to strengthen work in this direction.

For the resettlement from houses located in the parties of liquidated mines in the federal budget draft for 2021-2023, 1.9 billion rubles were provided for 2021, in 2022-2023-2.4 billion rubles annually.

In 2020, 1.9 billion rubles were allocated from the budget, including 1.15 billion rubles to Kuzbass.

In 2019 – 1.9 billion rubles, including Kuzbass – 1 billion rubles.

The popular vote for the best projects of the competition Volunteer of Russia started

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On Tuesday, October 20, a popular vote was launched as part of the All -Russian competition of volunteer initiatives “Volunteer of Russia – 2020” – one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia is a country of opportunities».

Voting is an important part of the last stage of the competition, the results of which are taken into account when determining the winners.

«A resident of any region of Russia until 23:59 (Moscow time) on November 13 will be able to give a voice for the best project.You can choose a favorite in each nomination in all age categories. In total, of the 1557 semi -finalists who defended projects in the framework of the district forums, 210 finalists were selected, – said the General Director of ANO Russia – Country of Opportunities Alexey Komissarov.

The results of the popular vote will amount to 30% of the total project assessment, and the remaining 70% will depend on the choice of the jury.

“To become a volunteer of the year is honorable and not easy, only the most daring, professional and enthusiastic leaders behind which the team stands reach the final. A popular vote allows us to identify the preferences of the audience, to evaluate the strength of the team, and most importantly, to inspire our participants with the support of thousands of caring people. These days, which remained until December 5, they especially need this support. This year, 210 participants took place to the final of the competition. I wish you all good luck! , – outlined the chairman of the Council of the Association of Volunteer Centers, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Artem Metelev.

Why vote?

· Inspired by art. Projects aimed at promoting culture, creating an atmosphere of openness and accessibility of cultural spaces;

· Around me. Unusual, but effective options for improvement of cities and villages, as well as the preservation of ecology;

· The volunteer says. Projects to improve the content and popularization of vulgarity with the help of social networks and media;

· Good deed. Well, the exhausted stories of people who can safely be called exploits. This year, participants in the nomination also talked about those who helped during the All -Russian Promotion of Mutual Assistance #Meduvet;

· Little Homeland. Solutions for social problems and volunteering in small settlements;

· Young soul. Nomination for projects to improve the living standards of older people and the development of silver volunteering;

· Guy with heart. For the same, projects can be supported about improving the quality of medical care and donation.

· Organizer of volunteering. Projects are represented by the heads of volunteer projects, NPOs and those who form the volunteer community;

· Help for children. The authors of initiatives in this nomination presented projects on the upbringing and teaching of children, including in difficult life situations;

· Assistance to animals. Projects aimed at protecting animal rights;

· Equality of opportunities. And the nitiates of strong people who not only cope with a difficult life situation (disability, disabilities, developmental features, forced move, etc.), but also help others;

· Born to help. Nomination for projects that help the most unprotected segments of the population: disabled people, elderly single people who need attention and constant care, etc.;

· Bold heart. Here you can vote for projects devoted to emergency eliminations, improving security knowledge among the population;

· Confident in the future . The nomination presents projects for the preservation of historical memory, care for veterans and the development of patriotism.

In parallel with the popular vote on the contest portal, an absentee evaluation of the works by the federal jury will take place. Each project will be evaluated by 3 jury members from among representatives of NGOs, opinion leaders in the field of volunteerism and charity, the media and top management of socially responsible business.

Among the members of the jury: Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Alexander Bugaev, General Director of ANO National PrioritiesSofia Malyavina, Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank (VEB), General Director of the non-profit organization Fund for the Development of MonotownsIrina Makieva, Deputy Director of the Roscongress Foundation, Director of the Social Platform of the Roscongress Foundation–Innosocium FoundationElena Marinina, Russian actress, director of the charitable foundation House with a lighthouseKaleria Lavrova, Program Director of the Charitable Foundation Art, Science and SportMaria Melnichenko, Director of the Charitable Foundation LifestyleElena Beregovaya, First Deputy General Director of the Publishing House Komsomolskaya Pravda Roman Karmanov, Chairman of the All-Russian public movement Volunteers-Medical Pavel Savchuk, President of the Charitable Foundation Equality of Opportunities Elena Ulyanova other.

The full composition of the jury and the projects of the contestants themselves can be found on the DOBRO.RU portal, and then you can choose your favorite initiative in any of the nominations and vote for it at the link: https://dobro.ru/vote

The names of the winners of the contest Volunteer of Russia – 2020 will be announced on December 5 on the National Day of the Volunteer (Volunteer).

In 2020, the Volunteer of Russia contest turns 10 years old. In the anniversary year, 53,219 initiatives were submitted for the competition. This is almost 2 times (52%) more than a year earlier.

The “Volunteer of Russia” competition is implemented within the framework of the federal projects “Social Activity” and “Social Elevators for Everyone” of the national project “Education”.

Information sheet:

Autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) Russia – a country of opportunities was created on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The key goals of the organization are: creating conditions for increasing social mobility, ensuring the personal and professional self-realization of citizens, as well as creating effective social lifts in Russia. The Supervisory Board of ANO Russia – the Land of Opportunities is headed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

ANO “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” is developing a platform of the same name that unites 26 projects: the competition of managers “Leaders of Russia”, the competition “Leaders of Russia. Politics”, student Olympiad “I am a professional”, international competition “My first business”, all-Russian competition “Big change”,All -Russian project “Career Time”, All -Russian Competition “Volunteer of Russia”, project “Topblog”, project “Professor Stepsteps 2.0”, project “Cultural Code”, festival “Russian Student Spring”, All -Russian competition “Masters of hospitality”, “Grant competition of youth initiatives , The competition Digital Breakthrough , the professional competition Teacher of the Future , the portal of the business navigator of the SME, the competition Best Social Project of the Year , the All-Russian project RDSh-Territory of Self-Government , professional skills among people with disabilities Abilimpix , All -Russian Youth Management Cup “Manage!”, Russian National Prize “Student of the Year”, Movement “Young Professionals” (WorldSkillsrussia), the charity project “Dream with me”, the All -Russian contest “League of counselors”, the competition “My country is my Russia” , international engineering championship Case-in and Olympiad of the Little Movement of NTI.JUNIOR.

Within the framework of the ANO “Russia – Country of Opportunities”, in February 2019, an educational center was created – a workshop of the Senezh Management. It is designed to form the generation of active citizens, including competent civil servants who have undergone modern professional training and united by the value of responsible service to the country and society.

Competition Volunteer of RussiaIt is held by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Russian Center for Civil and Patriotic Education of Children and Youth” and the Association of Volunteer Centers with the support of the ANO “Russia – Country of Minuses”.

For ten years, the All -Russian competition Volunteer of Russia has been collecting authors of the best social initiatives and projects that receive grants for further development. Participants and finalists gain valuable experience in self -presentation and public speaking, as well as communications with representatives of the public, business, authorities, NPOs and caring people involved in volunteering. They draw attention to real social problems on the example of the implementation of their projects and thereby help to make life in the country better. The grant fund of the competition at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2020 doubled – up to 90 million rubles.

The annual rewarding ceremony in December is not the end point for the contestants, but the beginning of a new and rich stage. Throughout the year, leaders of social initiatives will be able to work with mentors within the framework of the acceleration program for acceleration of the competition projects. They get the opportunity to improve their projects and master effective tools for personal and professional growth.

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